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Expert Chris De Diego Shares Foods To Eat To Stay Calm & Energized Before Public Speaking

Expert Chris De Diego

Chris de Diego is a professional public speaker and entrepreneur. His entire career revolves around engaging audiences and delivering amazing speeches. This means he has to nail every aspect of public speaking.

This includes preparation. Whether it’s rehearsing a speech or eating breakfast beforehand, Chris de Diego knows exactly what to do in order to prepare himself for a big talk. People never think about just how much food impacts our ability to give engaging speeches, but it actually has a huge impact on our mental state.

I wanted to figure out what the pros like to eat before delivering their speeches, so I talked with Chris de Diego and interviewed him about his favorite foods. 

Water is usually pretty important when we’re looking at performance. In sports, at least, athletes are supposed to stay hydrated. How about public speaking?

Chris de Diego: Water is the most important part of your diet, whether you give speeches or not. There are many reasons to keep a water bottle around. 

First of all, it gives you a chance to pause during your speech, which helps pace it out and lets the audience digest what you say. Secondly, it prevents dry mouth and dehydration, which I’m sure you know would make the speech much more difficult to deliver. 

I recommend room temperature water since it’s easier on the vocal cords and just naturally goes down smoother. 

How about food-food? What’s something solid you enjoy eating before a speech? 

Chris de Diego: Usually, I’ll eat a light snack. Cashews, almonds, and any kind of nut are really good. They are full of fat, which keeps you full longer and actually increases your brainpower. 

Cashews actually help your brain produce serotonin, which is a vital chemical when it comes to presentations and public speaking. You obviously don’t want to be so full that you’re sluggish, but you also don’t want your stomach rumbling and cramping during your speech, so nuts are the perfect snack.

How about beyond snacks? What if you have to grab dinner before your speech? What would you recommend? 

Chris de Diego: If I need to eat a full meal before a speech or presentation, say with a client, or just because I haven’t eaten all day, I’ll eat something pretty light. Most of the time, I’ll have salad and salmon.

Trust me; you’re never going to get a stomach ache from eating a nice, healthy piece of salmon. I go light on the dressing with my salad as well, you don’t want your mouth feeling sticky or your stomach feeling like it’s going to pop.

Can you talk more about drinks? Is there anything you recommend that’s not water? Or anything you don’t recommend?

Chris de Diego: Let’s see, if you’re not into water, then Gatorade would be the next best thing, especially if you can get a low-sugar version. Other than that, I’d avoid things that will leave your mouth and throat sticky. Things like orange juice and soda. 

Alcohol too, is a big nono, at least until your speech is over. I also avoid over-caffeination. Nothing is worse than being jittery on stage. 

How about foods to avoid?

Chris de Diego: Well, my rule of thumb is, if you haven’t eaten it, don’t eat it before a presentation. You never know how your body will react. This is a good rule when you travel a lot, and there are a lot of local goodies to try out. 

Other than that, I just try to keep it healthy; avoid burgers, pizza, and fries.

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5 Easy Meal Ideas to Eat After a Long Day of Upgrading Your Car

After spending a long day upgrading your car, you don’t feel like doing too much work in the kitchen when you are done. You will be hungry for a good meal after all of your hard work, though. Below are five easy meal ideas to fill you.

1. A Slow Cooker Meal is a Good Option

If you want the food to be ready as soon as you are ready for it, then a slow cooker meal is a great option. You can put all of the ingredients into the slow cooker and turn it on in the morning before you begin your work. When you come in for your meal, you can just make sure that it has all come together, add any last-minute ingredients to it, and enjoy.

2. Make a Delicious and Filling but Easy Sandwich

A sandwich is one of the simplest meals to make but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can put on all the meats, cheeses, and vegetables and even make a hot sandwich. Try a different style of bread or a new sauce to change things up or make it in a panini press for an extra delicious sandwich.

3. Pull a Casserole from the Fridge

A casserole is great when you want an easy meal. You can prepare it the night ahead or even months ahead and put it in the freezer. Keep it in the fridge before you want to bake it and it will be ready for you when you get home from working on the car. All that you need to do is turn the oven on, stick it in, and wait for it to bake.

4. Put Together a Big, Filling Salad

If you want to eat a healthy meal at the end of the day, then you might want a salad. The easiest way to eat a salad at a time like this is to have all of your ingredients prepared ahead of time. Put all of the vegetables in separate containers and find the nuts, seeds, croutons, and all the ingredients that you want on the salad and put them out. You could even put together a premade salad such as a pasta salad so that it is ready when you are hungry.

5. Make a Homemade Pizza for a Delicious Meal

A homemade pizza is simpler to make than you might think, and you can buy a crust that is good to go or use flatbread or a loaf of french bread for it. Then add some sauce, cheese, meat, and whatever you like on top of your pizza. It will bake up quickly and you will have a delicious meal to eat.

Use any of these ideas for a quick meal at the end of a long day working on your car’s upgrades. It will be nice to relax and not have much work to do in the kitchen at the end of the day. Any of these meals will satisfy you.

8 Party Food Ideas for Planning a Birthday Party for Your Dog

Party food ideas are trendy these days, and there is probably a perfect party food idea for your dog. You do not need to know how to cook a meal or be a master chef to throw the perfect party; you need knowledge of your pet’s likes and dislikes. A dog’s birthday party is also an excellent opportunity to introduce your dog to new people and get to know some of your neighbors. The following article will provide you with a list of fun and creative dog party food ideas that will please all of your canine friends at the B-day party, including dogs of all walks of life.

1. Carrot Dogs

Dogs love carrots, and the dogs love the look of their carrots, not how they taste. Carrots are also a good source of many nutrients for dogs and are very healthy. You can give your dog lots of treats by serving it some carrot sticks with ketchup or peanut butter.

2. Doggie Pizza

The dogs will love pizza, and since they probably can’t eat the same toppings that we can, there is no need to buy and serve human food. The dog will also love a plain cheese pizza that is much safer for them. Dogs may not like all of the toppings found on human pizzas, and you should consider the potential effects on their health before giving them any new food item.

3. Dog Cake

Your dog can celebrate a birthday in style by having his favorite dog bakery make him a cake. There are so many different bakeries nowadays, and the choices are endless. The dogs will not only receive a present for the day but also have their favorite treat.

4. Frozen Dog Treats

Frozen treats have been popular for many years now, especially peanut butter and cheese, strawberry banana, and blueberry frozen treats. Frozen treats are an excellent choice for dogs that do not like to eat vegetables, they are much more attractive to the dogs than vegetables, and they taste like ice cream with a little more than just a little bit of peanut butter.

5. Steak

Many dogs love steak, and it is a treat for them even if they don’t get steak every day. You can buy some sirloin steak and cut it into pieces suitable for your dog, and you can even purchase raw meat and make it steaks yourself. Any leftover meat that the dog does not eat should be placed in the refrigerator until you are ready to eat it yourself or give it to another family member.

6. Fruit

Fruit is an excellent choice for dogs, most of them love fruit, and you do not have to buy it very often for the dog. Bananas are very popular in most households and are excellent for birthday parties. You can also get your dog fruits like apples, oranges, strawberries, and peaches which would be an exciting treat. However, fruits like cherries, grapes, and raisins are not suitable for dogs since they can cause significant health problems with the dog.

7. Bacon

Bacon is an excellent treat for dogs, and many people cook it in their own homes. You can buy bacon and cut it into pieces suitable for your dog. Bacon can be cooked with vegetables in the oven; the bacon will be ready in no time flat. You can even buy frozen cooked bacon and put it in the microwave to heat up.

8. Chicken

Chicken has been a popular food item for many years now, and there are a lot of chicken dishes to choose from. You can get your dog some bite-sized chicken pieces, they will love it, and you can even buy frozen cooked chicken, which can be heated in the microwave.

Planning activities is the next step to throwing a great party; there are a lot of great planning ideas on the internet to choose from, including dog games and dog birthday party themes. The activities you choose and plan will play a significant part in your dog’s experience at the B-day party, and you should consider their age and interests.

4 Snack Foods Perfect to Have in the Car on a Cross Country Move

Lots of planning goes into a road trip or a move. Other than simple logistics, it’s a good idea to plan out your stops ahead of time. Nearly as important is the need to know what types of food you’ll be taking with you. You want to get things that everyone likes, something that will last a long time, and items that don’t need refrigeration.

1. Almonds and Other Nut Products

Protean is hard to come by when you’re on the road. It’s not a wise choice to try to keep meat in the car during a long drive. That makes almonds and other nuts a perfect choice. Even better is chocolate-covered almonds. They’ll provide you with two things, sugar, and protein. It’s exactly what you need to keep your energy levels up during a long drive. The fact that they are healthy is just another added bonus.

Another great source of protein is peanut butter. You can make sandwiches for the whole car with just a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated either, so it makes the perfect road trip meal.

2. Dehydrated Fruit or Fresh Fruit

You’d be surprised how short a bag of apples or mandarin oranges last with a car full of people during a cross country move. Fresh fruit does often need to be refrigerated to last a long time, but it will be gone long before you need to refrigerate it during a long trip. Fruit is delicious, healthy, and offers lots of variety, making it the perfect snack for a cross country move.

Alternatively, dehydrated apples, bananas, and strawberries are always delicious. They are a great alternative to fresh fruit, and you won’t have to worry about them spoiling during the long drive.

3. Beef Jerky

Beef jerky comes in a variety of flavors, so it’s easy to find something for everyone. Pick up a few bags of beef jerky before you set off, and you and your family will never be hungry on the road. There are many brands to choose from, and they all offer different qualities and flavors. Some of the most popular types of beef jerky are sweet & spicy or teriyaki. Aside from the high salt content beef jerky is pretty healthy too. It’s a great alternative protein source if you don’t want to pack nuts or peanut butter.

4. Chips and Similar Snacks

The chip industry is at its most innovative point ever. Everyone loves chips because they are versatile and there is a flavor for everyone. They’re also relatively easy on the wallet, especially when compared to something like beef jerky. A cross country move is a perfect time to try something different. Pick up a few flavors you and your family have never tried before and pass them around the car. You might find a new favorite snack, and variety goes a long way in keeping your family satisfied.

7 Power Foods to Eat When Preparing to Give a Court Deposition

Maintaining good physical and mental health is good when preparing to give a court deposition. A healthy body and mind will prepare you for the deposition process and help you tackle anything thrown your way. Fortunately, you can boost your health by eating certain meals rich in vital nutrients. The following are seven power foods to eat when preparing for a court deposition.

1. Berries

Berries top the list of the seven power foods to eat when preparing for a court deposition. They contain multiple compounds like anthocyanin, which increase mental performance and aid memory. Since the deposition phase involves making discoveries and providing evidence, eating berries will help you remember facts about the issue in question. Berries include blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.

2. Green, Leafy Vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables, such as broccoli, kale and spinach, have high levels of brain-healthy nutrients, including beta carotene and vitamin K, which boost brainpower. Eating these plant-based food items can improve your focus and concentration throughout the deposition process.

3. Tea and Coffee

The breakfast you take on the morning of the court deposition day should include tea or coffee. The caffeine in your tea or coffee will significantly improve your concentration. Moreover, caffeine also helps to improve memory and will help you remember details when giving a court deposition.

4. Lean Meats

Lean meats are rich in proteins. Protein provides energy necessary for staying active and can help reduce anxiety. Studies have proven that the protein in lean meats increases tyrosine levels in the body. Tyrosine promotes the production of dopamine and norephedrine. These two chemical messengers help keep the body alert and energized. It is recommendable to eat lean meats low in fat, including beef, pork, lamb, turkey, fish and other lean meat products.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts are other power food items to eat when preparing to give a court deposition. That’s because they are significant in staying alert and remembering details. According to research, consuming walnuts may boost cognitive function, concentration, memory and increase the speed at which a person processes information.

6. Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are a significant building block of the brain and are critical to normal brain function. They are responsible for sharpening memory as well. Oily fish also contain unsaturated fats that keep the brain healthy. That said, eating fatty fish is a great way to prepare for a court deposition. Include salmon, mackerel, sprats, tuna and sardines in your diet.

7. Eggs

Closing the list of the seven power foods to eat when preparing to give a court deposition is eggs. Eggs have many vitamins and are considered nature’s multivitamin. Some nutrients like choline, selenium and vitamin B12 improve brain function. Choline promotes the secretion of acetylcholine, which enhances memory storage. B12 helps to improve overall neurological health, while selenium is responsible for coordination, cognition, motor performance, and memory. The good thing is that you can incorporate eggs in your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Court deposition is a daunting process that requires enough preparation to succeed. Part of the preparation should include eating these seven power foods to increase energy levels and boost brain function.

3 Food Ideas Perfect to Help Recover After Having a Baby

Eating well and staying healthy isn’t just important during pregnancy. New mothers who have just had a baby should concentrate on nourishing themselves. A proper postpartum diet can help with the recovery from childbirth. But being a new mother can be overwhelming, and many new parents don’t have the time to properly research or plan for a nutritious postpartum diet. Here are a few ideas to help parents of newborns with a proper meal plan that can help with recovery after having a baby.

1- Lean Protein

Lean protein is one of the most important nutrients new moms can add to their diet. Protein is essential in the recovery process, especially to help with the growth and repair of cells. Lean cuts of meat like chicken, turkey, lean beef, and fish are all excellent choices. Fish, especially salmon, also contains DHA, which is found in breast milk and helps with the development of the baby’s nervous system. Other good sources of protein include eggs, Greek yogurt, nuts, and tofu. Nuts especially are an excellent addition to a new mother’s diet since they’re so nutrient-dense and contain healthy fats and protein. Eggs are easy to prepare, long-lasting, and can be prepared in a variety of different ways, from hard-boiled to scrambled.

2- Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone probably remembers hearing their own mother tell them to eat their vegetables during dinner time. As a new mom, it’s more important than ever to heed this advice. Getting multiple servings of fruits and vegetables can help mothers get enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which are all especially important when breastfeeding. But keeping fresh produce may be difficult while caring for a newborn, so new parents may opt to shop in the frozen or canned section. Frozen fruits and veggies are especially good for making smoothies. Canned produce like tomatoes and beans is easy to add to meals for a nutritional boost. For fresh produce, choose vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots or fruits like apples and citrus that have a long shelf life.

3- Whole Grains

Carbs are especially important to new mothers to help them get enough calories during recovery and for breastfeeding. Complex carbs are the best choices here. Oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, whole-grain bread, and cereal are all good choices for a new mom to add to her diet. Complex carbs like these are rich in fiber and protein. Choosing options like instant oatmeal and pre-sliced whole wheat bread that can be kept in the freezer until it’s needed will make adding whole grains to a new mom’s diet a little easier.

As an added bonus, families with new babies can stock their freezer with nutritious, homemade meals before the baby is born. Options like chili, casseroles, meatballs, soups, and stews all freeze well and provide an assortment of nutrition for a new mom. Having a few meals like this stocked will make the first days after the new baby comes home much more manageable.

4 Brainpower Foods Perfect Ideal for Scientists

The human brain is a complex, intricate organ. To maintain its health and function at its best, your brain needs specific nutrients as well as some time for rest between studying or processing information. The good news is that many foods are loaded with brain nutrients, making it easy to eat right and boosting your powers of reason and memory. Here are a few of the best brainpower foods.

1. Greens

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, arugula, and romaine lettuce have high levels of iron and calcium, both of which you need to keep your brain working properly. They are also packed with folate, a nutrient necessary for the formation of healthy red blood cells your brain needs to maintain its energy supply. Greens also protect your brain cells from free-radical damage, providing you with a great source of antioxidants. This helps to prevent age-related loss of memory and mental function. Scientists can rely on these foods to keep their minds sharp and focused.

2. Fatty Fish

Fish is a staple of the brainpower food list, providing the omega-3 fatty acids essential for the proper functioning of your brain’s neural circuits and neurotransmitters. These fatty acids help keep those synapses in good condition, improving cognitive function and keeping your mind sharp. They also help your brain convert the fats you eat into energy, enabling you to concentrate better and stay alert longer. Tuna, salmon, herring, and other cold-water fish are all great choices, including cod liver oil and flaxseed oil.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts are high in a type of omega-3 fatty acids called alpha-linolenic acid. This is good for brain health as it helps reduce inflammation in your brain and boosts blood flow to the brain, which improves energy levels and can also help with thinking. Walnuts are also high in antioxidants, which protect your brain cells from damage and help to keep your brain functioning at its best. They are also linked with a reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, making them a wise choice for any brain foods list.

4. Berries

Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are all rich in compounds that protect brain cells from damage. These compounds include astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant that is beneficial for all stages of aging but particularly beneficial for preserving memory as you age. Brain-healthy foods also contain anthocyanins, which protect your brain cells from free-radical damage. Scientist can improve their laboratory work and classroom performance by ensuring they get their daily intake of berries. In addition to eating berries as a snack, you can add them to cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal. These compounds lead to improved cardiovascular function as well as improved brain function.

Mental health is equally important, and scientists are no different from any other profession in needing to maintain good mental health. These foods for brainpower can help you make sure you have a healthy brain and the best mental health possible. A healthy brain means you can concentrate and focus on the task at hand and enjoy better problem-solving skills.

6 Party Food Ideas to Include at a Military Theme Party

When you are putting on a military theme party, you want everything to go with the theme. You need to pick the right foods to go well with it and make the party fun. It doesn’t hurt to think beyond the food and give challenge coins as party favors or have everyone dress in military outfits or camouflage.

1. Serve Cookies Decorated For The Occasion

Sugar cookies are a great option for any themed party because you can decorate them in endless ways. Do the cookies yourself and make simple military hats or something like that, or have a bakery make more elevated cookies for you. No matter how they are decorated, if they fit with the theme, then everyone will love them.

2. Create Some MREs For The Party

MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat, are a part of the military. Those serving take these meals when they are on the go because everything is convenient and ready for them to consume. You can put a fun spin on this and have plates prepared with a tag labeling them as an “MRE.”

3. Put Together A Camo Veggie Tray

Many veggies are the perfect color to create a camo tray, and you can put them together in a fun way to go with the theme. Cut up broccoli, celery, and a variety of other green veggies to go on the tray. Throw in some pretzels and use a green dip to go with them so that everything will fit together nicely.

4. Make A Camo Popcorn Mix

Camo is a great way to bring the military theme to the table, and you can use it on all kinds of foods, including popcorn. You can use colored chocolate over plain popcorn and mix it up with some caramel corn. Add in some colored candies and peanuts and it will be a great camo popcorn mix.

5. Serve Foods With Fun Names

If you want to keep the theme going even for foods that don’t look special, then you can come up with some fun names for those foods. Think of various military terms and items and label all the foods with those names. It will make the food table more fun and keep the theme going even with your main dishes and random snack foods.

6. Have A Military-Themed Cake Made

A beautiful military-themed cake will bring everything together at the party. You can display it on the food table for everyone to see as they are getting their plates. You can have an elaborate cake made to fit your theme, or you can even just have some camo cupcakes or something simpler like them made so that they will look great and be there for everyone to eat at the end of the meal.

Your party will go well when you consider all the foods you can serve at it. With the right food options, it will have a great military theme and everyone will enjoy what they can eat. Choose some of these ideas for your military theme party for a fun time.

4 Simple Meal Ideas to Eat After Moving to a New House

When moving into a new house, there is a process that you will need to follow so that you can make a smooth transition into your new living space. As well as using a shipping company to transport your vehicle, you will also benefit by packing all of your belongings in advance and transporting them ahead of time. This will ensure that you have fewer items to transport when moving into your new home. As well as shipping your vehicle and packing items earlier, you will also want to prepare some meals in order to make the move easier.

1.    Canned Soup and Vegetables

When moving into a new house, one of the best meal ideas that you can consider is canned soup and vegetables. Canned soup comes in a variety of different foods that include noodles, pasta, chicken, and vegetables. With canned soup, you can get a filling portion of your meal. Along with the soup, you can also eat frozen vegetables such as green peppers, onions, carrots, and broccoli. This meal provides you with an excellent combination of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins. It is otherwise a very filling and nutritious meal to eat when you first move into a new house.

2.    Sandwich and Fruit

Another meal that you can prepare when moving into a new house is a sandwich and fruit. This makes an ideal lunch if you move into your new home during the afternoon hours. There are a variety of different types of sandwiches that you have including turkey, roast beef, salami, and ham. Along with a sandwich, you can also have fruit such as an apple, an orange or pineapples, peaches, and pears. With this meal, you can eat nutritious food and fill yourself up with ease. Since it can be prepared quickly and without the use of an oven or microwave, it is an ideal one to have before you get settled into your new house.

3.    Frozen Meals

When looking to prepare a meal during the day you move into a new house, you will also benefit by eating a frozen meal. There are plenty of options that you can eat and purchase at a grocery store. Some frozen meals include pasta and meatballs, pasta, chicken and vegetables, and other meals such as chicken with rice and vegetables. While these meals may not be a nutritious as the other two, they are still healthy and can fill you up. They can be heated by a microwave so as long as you have that available you can eat this type of meal.

4.    Ramen Noodles, Chicken and Vegetables

Anytime you move into a new house, it is important to find a meal that can be prepared within a matter of minutes. When looking for a meal that is easy and fast to prepare, you should consider ramen noodles with chicken and vegetables. To prepare this meal, you can heat up the noodles in a boiling pot, heat canned chicken, and cook vegetables. Within 10 minutes, you can have a healthy, nutritious, and filling meal for dinner during the day of your move. If you are looking for a quick meal, this option is ideal as it can be prepared quickly and give you a sufficient amount of nutrients.

8 Reasons Why Dairy Milk Matters to the Food Industry

Dairy milk is an obvious staple and critical player in the food industry. The dairy industry employs thousands of U.S. farmers and ranchers who, in turn, support the rest of the food industry. They do this by supplying a product that is safe, reliable, and useful in countless foods. At the same time, they create rippling economic impacts and even more downstream jobs.

From the process of milking a cow to selling a gallon of milk in stores, dairy milk plays an important part in the food industry. We can consider the importance of dairy milk in two overarching categories: its economic impact and its use within other food products. Here we will outline eight reasons dairy milk matters to the food industry within those two veins.

Economic Importance

1) Dairy Creates Jobs

According to the U.S. Dairy Export Council, 2017 data shows that the dairy industry supported approximately 1 million direct American jobs. Even more impressive, it was also responsible for nearly 2 million indirect jobs in related industries, making that 3 million American jobs total.

2) Dairy Contributes around 1% of GDP

The overall estimated impact of dairy products produced and sold in the United States was estimated from the same data to be around $628 billion, or 1.09% of U.S. GDP. A lot of the benefactors of this productivity are businesses throughout the food industry. And as much as domestic dairy milk production and distribution create jobs and boost the national economy, exports of dairy milk add even more to U.S. prosperity.

Dairy Milk’s Pervasive Presence in Many Foods

We already know that dairy milk gives rise to tons of other beloved dairy products such as cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, and coffee creamers. We also know that those products are necessary or flavorful additions to an infinite variety of other foods.

But dairy milk might surprise you with just how many other foods include it. For the remainder of our reasons why dairy milk matters to the food industry, we submit the following food categories as examples of how other seemingly unrelated businesses are reliant on this one ingredient.

3) Dairy Milk Is in Bread and Crackers

Manufacturers often add lactose to bread and crackers as a sweetener. It also acts as a preservative, helping to keep the bread moist.

4) Dairy Milk Is in Baked Goods

It might seem obvious, but if you think about it, there is almost no baked good product that can go without milk or some milk derivative ingredient. Cakes, cookies, frosting, and all the rest essentially garner their iconic flavors from the lactose in the food. Vegan alternatives do exist now, but they struggle to match in taste.

5) Dairy Milk Is in Hot Dogs and Sausages

As with bread, dairy ingredients frequently turn up in the unlikely food group of hot dogs and sausages. That is probably also for taste and texture reasons.

6) Dairy Milk Is in Canned Foods

Canned soups, boxed soups, vegetable broths, even canned tuna contain elements of dairy milk. It might be in the form of milk solids or milk protein like hydrolyzed caseinate.

7) Dairy Milk Is in Butter Alternatives Like Margarine

Yes, many margarine brands supplying the supposed alternative to butter contain lactose as well.

8) Dairy Milk Is in Salad Dressing, Chips, Instant Meals, and More

Hundreds of other foods contain lactose, milk protein, or some other derivative of dairy milk to enhance their flavors and structures. These include many kinds of salad dressings, flavored chips, and dried products like instant mashed potatoes.