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4 Snack Foods to Keep On Hand When Appearing in a Court Case

You know you want to be the best witness you can be in court. But how do you make sure that your words are firm and confident? The first step is to take care of your snacks. We’ve compiled a list of four relatively healthy snacks that will help keep your energy up while also helping keep your blood sugar levels stable.

1- Granola Bars

Granola bars are a great choice, better than most other snack foods. Granola bars are good because they’re packed with fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients that help keep you healthy and energized during your trial. Topping off a granola bar with some nuts or dried fruits can also keep your blood sugar levels from getting too high or too low.

They are a delicious and healthy option for snacking. Try to find low-sugar bars with lots of fiber and whole grains. A granola bar will also help you feel full while you wait for your case to be called.

2- Fruits and Dried Fruit Bars

Fruit is an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants, but you’ll want to focus on dried fruit over fresh. The calories from fresh fruit add up quickly, and dried fruit will keep you from getting too hungry during your case. Try to choose fruits that are lower in sugar for a healthier snack that will help keep you at the top of your game.

You will want a carrot or pear on hand for your court appearance. Pears are excellent options when eating before trial because they don’t need to be peeled. Fruit also helps lower blood pressure and helps calm your nerves.

Carrots are high in fiber and low in fat, which will help keep your blood sugar and insulin levels from spiking. They are a great healthy snack and will help give you the energy you need to prepare for your court appearance.

Dried fruit bars are a great way to get your daily serving of fruit with no added sugar. These are also a great option that you can take without any preparation as they’re available in a wide variety of flavors. They come in many different types, and you shouldn’t have to worry about sugar or sodium! Their high fiber content is just what your body needs for boosting energy levels and lowering blood sugar levels.

3- Tea

Tea is a delicious way to wake up and prepare for a stressful day. It’s also a healthy alternative to soda that can help keep your blood sugar and energy levels stable. There are lots of great options, from herbal teas to fruity blends. We recommend trying a variety of different flavors. As law firms like Thomas Family Law help out with your case, you too need to be at your best form.

4- A Bag of Chips

A bag of delicious chips is a refreshing snack to have on hand. But it’s also important to choose snacks that will keep you from getting a severe case of hunger. The best chips are low in fat and high in fiber, ensuring your blood sugar stability and keeping your energy levels high.

Find healthy snacks, to keep you energized, grounded, and focused on your case. Food is a powerful force that can significantly influence your body and mind when it comes to giving you the energy you need for a trial. Snacking on the right foods is key to making sure you are ready for your court appearance.

Who Can Benefit from Ketamine Treatment in West Virginia

No matter what sort of health problem you suffer from in West Virginia, there are generally a number of different treatment options to consider. Some treatments may be more suitable and effective than others, and often it is a case of trial and error to determine the most effective one for your specific needs. This is also true when it comes to conditions that can affect your mental well-being such as severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

These are all conditions that can have a huge negative impact on your life in many ways. They can lead to even poorer mental health over time and can also affect your physical health. In addition, they can have a negative effect on your home life, your work life, and your life quality. In fact, they can even adversely affect your loved ones and colleagues because they have to burden a lot of the stress of your illness. One thing that can help many people suffering from mental illnesses like the ones mentioned is ketamine therapy.

Can It Help You?

So, who can benefit from ketamine therapy in West Virginia? Well, there are many benefits that come with this treatment, so many may find that it is ideal for them. You may find ketamine therapy is ideal if you:

Suffer from Certain Mental Health Conditions

One thing to remember about ketamine treatment is that it can prove effective with a range of mental health conditions. Among the ones that it can be used to treat are bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and moderate to severe anxiety. Of course, it is important that you get an official diagnosis from your healthcare professional before you start considering treatment options. Once this is done, you can then consider ketamine therapy for conditions such as these.

Struggle to Find a Suitable Treatment

If you have struggled to find a suitable treatment for your condition, and you have not responded well to the ones tried so far, ketamine treatment could be a good choice for you. It is worth noting that this treatment has a very good response rate, and many people who have not managed to get relief from other medications find that this actually does work for them. So, if you have struggled to find a suitable and effective treatment, you may find that you respond well to ketamine.

Want Something without Serious Side Effects

Naturally, nobody wants to have to cope with serious side effects when taking medication, but many find that they have to. If you are looking for a treatment for mental health conditions but you want to reduce the risk of serious side effects, ketamine therapy could work well for you. This treatment does not come with major side effects like many other treatments for this type of condition, which is one of the reasons it has become so popular.

So, if you fall into any of the above categories, you may find that ketamine treatment is an ideal choice.

3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Kitchen Pest-Free

When it comes to making food, the last thing you want to have in your space is a pest. But since bugs and pests love to eat just as much as we do, it can be hard to keep them away from your kitchen or other places where food is known to be. But luckily, there are some measures you can take to keep pests out of your kitchen and away from the food that you want to be eating.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three things you can do to keep your kitchen pest-free.

Don’t Leave Any Type Of Food Out

While most food will stay fresher for longer when it’s properly stored, another reason to keep food put away in your kitchen is to keep the pests away.

Keep in mind that it’s not only the food that gets left on the table or on your counters that need to be taken care of. While it’s important to put this food away or properly dispose of it, you also want to make sure that your dishes get clean after eating, too. The food and scents left on your dishes can attract pests, even if there isn’t food there for them to eat. Additionally, you’ll also want to clean out your sink and empty your kitchen garbage can so that pests don’t try to get close to any food left here as well.

Clean Those Harder-To-Reach Places

There are some places in your kitchen that likely get cleaned multiple times a day. But on the other hand, there are also probably some places that you only clean very rarely. Sadly, those are some of the dark and hard-to-reach places that pests love to live.

Knowing this, you should try to clean those harder-to-reach places much more often. This might mean moving out your larger appliances so that you can clean beneath them, vacuuming out your pantry, and wiping down your fridge more often. If you have your home treated for pests, you might want to do this deep cleaning about as frequently as your pest control services.

Use Proper Pantry Storage

For many people, bugs and pests get into the kitchen from the food they bring home from the grocery store.

To combat this, you should commit to using proper pantry storage options for all food in your pantry. This means taking food out of paper or cardboard containers and placing them in glass or plastic, air-tight containers instead. This will ensure that no pests or bugs get into the food and will ensure that any pests you might have brought in won’t spread outside of their own container.

If you want your kitchen to be as clean and safe as possible, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you keep it pest-free.

4 Tips For Healthy Eating For Seniors

Making healthy dietary choices can make a positive impact on your life regardless of your age. However, as you get older, it’s more important than ever that you nourish your body with plenty of healthy meals. For one, your metabolism starts to get more sluggish as you age, and as such, you may hang on to calories more than you did in your younger years. 

The foods you eat can also have an enormous impact on your brain health. So, the more you can feed your brain full of plenty of healthful choices, the more your body will thank you for it. Here are some of the best tips for senior citizens when it comes to making healthy food choices. 

Plan Ahead 

One of the most common reasons for making less than healthy choices in the kitchen is being in a rush. However, if you do just a little bit of planning, and think ahead when it comes to what you’re eating, then you can avoid eating unhealthy choices out of pure convenience. Before you go shopping, try to create a menu. If you have a menu in mind, then you have more foresight and intention with your food choices. If you’re really feeling motivated, you could batch prepare your meals. Many people find great success cooking everything they plan on eating for the week on a Sunday, and either storing it in the fridge or freezer to be consumed later. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

One of the most practical and straightforward ways to stay healthy is to drink plenty of water. When you drink water, you keep your body hydrated, which is particularly important during the warmer months of the year. Water also helps you to regulate your appetite. In many cases, we’re convinced that we’re hungry, when in fact our bodies are actually telling us we need hydration. Try to keep a glass of water near to you throughout the day, and sip as needed. 

Eat a Variety of Vegetables and Meats 

While it’s ok to eat some carbohydrates in your diet, the main focus of a healthy diet should be a wide variety of meats and vegetables. Rather than eating one type of vegetable every day, or one type of meat every day, a varied diet is the best way to go. 

Go Easy on Salt 

Believe it or not, even though you think your food needs to be salted, chances are it doesn’t. As we get older, our sensitivity to salt increases. Unfortunately, at the same time, our ability to taste salt also decreases. The problem with too much salt is that it can increase your blood pressure, which in turn can lead to serious issues like heart disease. Keep your sodium levels down as much as possible, and if you feel like your food lacks flavor, don’t automatically assume that it needs salt. There is a whole world of spices out there that don’t have sodium!

7 Natural Ways To Preserve Food

Now might be a good time to learn the best ways to naturally preserve your food. Sure, canned goods are convenient, but are filled with preservatives. A better option instead is to learn how to preserve your own food. Not only is it healthier, but doing so could also save you money in the long run. 

Preserving your food naturally gives you more control over what you eat. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize naturally preserving your food with the help of using the right food packaging also adds more flavor to your dishes.  

With that said, here are seven natural ways to preserve food. 

1. Apply Lemon Or Lime Juice 

One of the best household ingredients you may have that can help you preserve your food is lemon or lime juice. It contains both citric and ascorbic acid—natural antioxidants and antibacterial agents. These components also make lemon or lime juice a good natural preservative, especially for fruits like apples and avocados. 

Along with fresh fruits and vegetables, lemon or lime juice is also great for preserving homemade juice or smoothies. The juices you buy from the store already have preservatives. For natural juices and smoothies you make at home, however, do not, so they won’t last as long. A good way to keep them fresh and avoid spoilage is to add some lemon juice to slow down the chemical aging process. 

2. Use Garlic As A Natural Preservative 

By now you may have known that garlic is a natural antibiotic. But, did you also know that garlic can act as a natural preservative? Garlic’s antiviral properties make it great not just for making your dishes healthy but for also preserving them. 

The best types of food to preserve with garlic are sauces, soups, and dips. All you need to do is to toss a glove of garlic or minced garlic to help the food stay fresh for longer. 

3. Root Cellars 

If you have a basement in your home, you can use a part of it to act as your food storage preservation room. The area, kept at room or cold temperature (depending on what you’ll store), is one of the easiest ways to preserve food.  

Some of the best food ingredients to preserve in your root cellar include: 

  • Potatoes; 
  • Garlic; 
  • Carrots; 
  • Onions; 
  • Cabbage;

4. Fermenting 

If you love Korean food, you’d know by now that kimchi is one of the most popular fermented food along with yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut. Fermenting is one of the oldest methods of food preservation, a practice observed for over a thousand years. In the fermenting process, the food’s sugars are converted into lactic acid, a natural ingredient that stops the growth of harmful bacteria. 

While cabbage as seen on kimchi is famous, basically any vegetable can be fermented. It takes a lot to learn at first. But, there are loads of resources you can study to figure out how to ferment food the right way. Fermented food is one of the healthiest dishes you can eat regularly as a part of healthy eating for good self-care. 

5. Rub With Salt 

In the absence of freezers many years back or in off-grid areas without electricity, one of the oldest ways of preserving food is salt. When you rub salt on meat, fish, and vegetables, the salt absorbs the moisture. By doing so, the amount of water in the food is also reduced. The lesser the moisture, the fewer the chances for bacteria to have a ‘home’ to grow in. 

6. Soak In Vinegar 

Like salt, soaking food in vinegar is also one of the oldest, most primitive but also equally effective methods of preserving food. Vinegar, itself, is an outcome of fermentation. Sugar and water solutions are fermented, creating vinegar as an effective natural preservative. Vinegar has high acetic acid content which can kill microbes. In effect, spoilage is also inhibited. 

The process of preserving food with vinegar is also known as pickling. There are so many pickling recipes you can try out. 

7. Canning 

In the canning process, food is boiled while inside the jar to kill all the bacteria. During the boiling process, heat removes the air from the jar. A vacuum seal is formed once it cools, preventing any bacteria from getting in. Because the food inside the jar is already completely sterile, it won’t spoil. There are generally two types of canning process you can do at home: 

  • Water bath canning, a shorter process that is best done on highly acidic food like relish, fruit, chutneys, and jams; 
  • Pressure canning, a process best used on meat, stocks, poultry, vegetables, and fish. 


The list above may seem like a lot to take in, but you don’t have to do everything all at once. Take it one preservation tip at a time, so you can slowly master the different food preservation techniques. It’s also up to you to choose which food preservation method applies the most to your needs at home. You may now have more nutritious and healthier meals ready at any time. Soon enough, your dependence on preserved, canned food may be lesser. 

5 Tips to Heal Skin Inflammation

If you’ve ever experienced skin inflammation, then you know how uncomfortable it is. Skin inflammation, or skin dermatitis, is typically a rash and red patches. However, sometimes it also shows up in the form of pimples and blisters. 

Skin becomes inflamed due to many reasons. For example, you may have an allergic reaction, an infection, or a disease affecting your skin.

Whatever the cause may be of your skin condition, there are ways to combat it. Keep reading to gain insight on how to heal skin inflammation and, in the process, improve your skin.

1. Spend Less Time in the Sun 

Being outside and enjoying the sunshine is good for you. You soak up much-needed vitamin D from the sun’s rays that way! But, unfortunately, being out in the sun too long is not always good for your skin. 

Not only can too much sun exposure result in skin cancer, but it dries out your skin. In addition, skin that’s irritated from the sun isn’t fun to deal with.

The next time you spend time outdoors, don’t leave without a hat and sunglasses. And, if possible, stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Usually, UV is strongest at noon and between 10 am and 4 pm. 

2. Use Fewer Skin Products 

If you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup and facial products as of late, that could be the cause of your inflamed skin. The solution is simple: Use fewer products. 

All the makeup and lotion you’re applying could be causing skin issues. So for a few weeks, you may want to try wearing less makeup or only using the essentials. 

It could be that your skin is super sensitive, and you’re allergic to some ingredients. If that’s the case, try applying only a few products at a time to see how your skin responds. Doing a skin test, so to speak, should help you narrow down what may be giving your skin grief. 

See if trying these tips clears up your skin and makes it less inflamed. It should, given that sometimes having too many ingredients on your skin can irritate it. 

3. Take Oral Medications 

There are various oral medications you can take by mouth to combat skin inflammation.

A few oral medications include: 

  • Antihistamines – treats allergies 
  • Dapsone – relieves itching and redness from dermatitis 
  • Prescription medications – helps with skin conditions like psoriasis

If you’re already taking other medication, it’s best to consult with your doctor. Even over-the-counter allergy medication can conflict with medications. Ask your pharmacist or doctor before taking something new to be on the safe side.

Besides oral medication, you may also want to consider using a topical cream or medication. Again, consult with your doctor to determine what’s best for you.

4. Give Your Skin Extra Moisture 

Even if your skin doesn’t like you at the moment, applying moisturizer can offer protection. 

While your skin is healing, lotion can act as a protective barrier. You’re less likely to get a skin infection when there’s a layer on top of the broken skin. 

So that you don’t further irritate your skin, look for a gentle lotion. The last thing you need is for your skin to break out, so stick with something that’s calming.

If it has ingredients like aloe vera, that’s even better. Aloe vera is an excellent natural ingredient that feels great and can also treat your skin. 

5. Go the More Natural Route 

Besides aloe vera, there are more natural ways to reduce skin inflammation. A few different natural methods are essential oils and the use of cannabis. 

Essential Oils 

Many people swear by natural oils to treat their skin. A few favorites are tea tree and lavender, which may calm and heal the skin.

If you have scars from acne and other skin issues, tea trees can reduce scarring. Plus, it may combat bacteria and infection. 

Similarly, lavender is another oil that people like. People love lavender oil not only for its smell but for its positive effects on the skin. 

Lavender reduces skin inflammation and, like tea tree, it can aid in the skin’s recovery, as well.

Cannabis via CBD and Green Dragon Tincture

Another natural treatment is using CBD cream or Green Dragon tincture. You take Green Dragon tincture orally, and it combines cannabis and pure grain alcohol. 

Many people take edibles to relieve pain and discomfort relating to physical ailments, which include skin issues. But edibles can take too long to ease your pain. Since it takes a while, making Green Dragon tincture is an excellent alternative. 

If you do end up making or trying Green Dragon tincture, you may want to consume it with a food or beverage. Otherwise, even having a few drops of it can be pretty intense. 


Skin inflammation is a common condition that affects almost everyone. While it’s uncomfortable and can make your skin dry and itchy, there are ways to heal your skin.

Follow these tips, and it’s also wise to consult with your doctor for more pressing skin issues. Depending on what’s going on, they may suggest a specific form of treatment. And in some cases, they may prescribe you a prescription medication. 

In closing, always continue to look out for your skin health, and your skin will thank you!

F.H. Cann & Associates Inc. Shares The Best Foods To Stay Energized While Working At A Call Center

FHC Shares The Best Foods To Stay Energized While Working At A Call Center

What goes into your mouth largely determines the level of your daily performance at work. The right diets provide the energy and strength needed by your body to function. In fact, the more thinking you do and the more intellectually demanding your work, the more energy you are expected to use.

Working at a call center, especially with a daily direct contact with customers can drain one’s energy easily. So, what do you do?

The answer to that question isn’t far fetched. Of course, you have to eat. The truth is, you can be eating as much foods as possible and still lack the energy you need.

What that means is that you don’t just have to eat, you have to eat right. Eating the right type of food will get you equipped with the strength you need to attend to your customers in the most pleasant way. 

It can be concluded that there is no productivity without food. This is because food is needed to run day-to-day business activities effectively.

It is to this effect that F.H. Cann and Associates Inc, has taken it upon itself to share the best foods that you need to stay energized while working at a call center.

F.H. Cann and Associates Inc. is a national leading organization. It is committed to providing customers with loan servicing, contact center, business process outsourcing (BPO), and financial recovery solutions.

  • Grain Toast and Almond Milk: These are the best food option to begin your day. This is because these substances are high in fiber with a little protein and a little fat.

    A smoothie made with almond or soy milk can get you the right energy that you need. Having your omelet with a fresh fruit or low-fat yogurt with whole grain toast can also be helpful. 

    Try This Recipe: Homemade French Toast with Almond Milk

  • Veggies, Nuts, and Fresh Fruits: The energy supplied by these food groups cannot be compared. Vegetables like carrots are healthy choices of foods because they provide the brain and the whole body with a steady stream of strength rather than sugary valleys and peaks.

    Studies have shown that individuals who eat fresh fruits daily appear to be happier, more creative, and more engaged with their work. This is due to the nutrients contained in them which increases the rate at which dopamine (a neurotransmitter that fosters engagement and motivation) is produced. 

Leafy green veggies are also good at protecting the brain against loss of memory and eroding of intellectual functions. 

  • Green Tea: This improves focus and memory, and helps the brain to stay relaxed. It is also known to contain a large amount of antioxidants that can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of brain signals. 
  • Eggs: You should have seen this coming. Yes, eggs are quite good for consumption especially if you want to gather some strength and improve the rate at which your brain works. Eggs contain vitamin B that enhances reaction time and memory. 

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4 Healthy Foods to Eat When Trying to Fit Into a Dress

So you were randomly window shopping the internet or at a storefront and stumbled onto the perfect dress. This particular little number has everything you could possibly want…except for the size. Sensing that the opportunity is too good to pass up, you make the purchase anyway and decide to use this new addition to your wardrobe as a “thinspiration,” something that will encourage you to shave some pounds and keep them off. If you are looking for foods to favor while you work off the weight, look no further!

1- Nuts

Yes, nuts are known to be rich in fat, but not to the point that having them as a snack will stop you from fitting into something nice. More importantly, nuts are a great way to get protein, fiber and healthy fat into your diet; studies have shown that nuts help metabolisms and even contribute to weight loss. The key thing to remember with nuts is to only eat them in moderation.

2- Whole Eggs

While an excess of eggs is going to raise bad cholesterol levels for some, they are also more filling than refined carbs and rich in protein and fat. Multiple studies have shown that relying on eggs for protein helped people to lose weight. One of the most valuable things eggs have to offer is the yolks; almost all of the nutritional merit in an egg is found in the yolk.

3- Salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish that offers a surprisingly high amount of health benefits for its caloric content. A single serving of salmon contains notable amounts of protein, good fat and many nutrients. Seafood of any variety is also a notable source of iodine, a nutrient that is crucial to a properly working thyroid; a good thyroid means an optimal metabolism. The omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most promoted health benefits of salmon and this is because they do wonders for combating the inflammation that influences obesity and metabolic issues. If you are concerned about the tiny bones of salmon, you might want to consider herring, mackerel, sardines or trout to fill the same niche.

4- Boiled Potatoes

While white potatoes seem to be unfashionable, they contain a lot of health benefits. It is worth mentioning that potatoes contain at least a little bit of every nutrient the human body needs to grow; numerous accounts exist of people subsisting on nothing but potatoes for a prolonged period of time to little nutritional detriment. One of the highest nutrients found in spuds would be potassium, one of those nutrients that the average person fails to acquire in sufficient quantities and a known influencer of blood pressure. A system known as the Satiety Index was created to judge how filling different foods were to the human palette; boiled potatoes ranked at the top of its findings; i.e., eat some white boiled taters and you will get full much more quickly than you would with other foods. Now if you want to add even more nutrition to your serving of boiled potatoes, let them cool a bit; as the potatoes cool, fibrous starch will develop-starch helps with weight loss. If you are not too keen on potatoes or would like some variety, other options include sweet potatoes, turnips and any other root vegetable that you can think of.

How to Cook Food That Promises to Leave You in Zen

You may not have heard about CBD till now, but very soon you will. This popular food supplement has been making rapid inroads on the health scene, just about everywhere and especially in cooking. CBD is made from the cannabis flower and stands for cannabidiol oil.

CBD oil should be used in small amounts at the beginning. Stick with the hemp seed varieties as they have little or no CBD content but are still rich in nutrients that are beneficial to health. You can buy the product online or through numerous outlets where you can find CBD hemp oil in the UK without impurities or chemicals. Here are some mouth-watering CBD-infused recipes that you can try during your next cooking session.

Salads and beverages

The best way to start off with your CBD cooking course is with something you are familiar with, like CBD oil as a salad topping or adding a few drops to your favourite coffee or to a smoothie recipe. These are all simple ways to nourish the body. Some popular CBD oil recipes are:

  • CBD fresh mint tea.
  • CBD mango smoothie
  • CBD Mezcal Margarita
  • CBD Camomile Tea Latte
  • Iced tea with CBD
  • CBD oil hazelnut hot chocolate

Snack recipes

These snacks are perfect for an afternoon titbit along with all the benefits of CBD oil:

  • CBD Bliss Balls
  • CBD brownies
  • CBD Caramel Sauce
  • CBD chocolate mousse
  • CBD peanut butter cookies
  • CBD Semifreddo

Savory recipes

Another way of incorporating CBD oil is by applying on toast with butter, or in your cooking in:

  • CBD oil pizza
  • CBD on toast with honey and cashew ricotta
  • CBD infused butter
  • CBD guacamole
  • CBD brown butter with burnt carrots

With the expansion in the cannabis market a wide range of comfort foods are available. The heady combination of the two makes for the ultimate recipe which has numerous health benefits such as:

  • Makes you feel good
  • For self medication
  • Special occasions
  • Counter depression and anxiety

Comfort foods

When attempting to create comfort foods infused with CBD it is important to use the best and fresh ingredients, as poor quality foods will not offer the same nutritional value. Some awesome CBD infused comfort recipes are:

  • CBD infused Mac & Cheese: Ingredients include, macaroni 1lb, 2 tbsp CBD oil, 2 tbsp flour, ½ cup green onions (sliced), 1 tsp salt, ½ tsp ground pepper, 2 cups whole milk, 5 cups grated cheddar cheese.
  • Cook the macaroni as per directions.
  • Heat the CBD oil and add the onions and saute till soft in the skillet.
  • Warm the milk over medium heat
  • Add milk and flour to the skillet and whisk thoroughly
  • Add four cups of cheese and whisk continuously
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Add the cooked macaroni to the mixture and stir thoroughly
  • Sprinkle the remaining cheese and bake in the oven at 375°F for 25 minutes.
  • Garnish and serve.
  • CBD infused chicken soup: 
  • Ingredients include, 2 tbsp CBD oil, 8 oz dried egg noodles, 10 cups chicken stock, thyme sprigs, 3 sliced carrots, one bay leaf, 2 celery stalks, 3 garlic cloves, one white onion chopped, 2 cups shredded chicken, and spices to taste.
  • Heat the oil in a pot and add bay leaf, celery, onions, carrots, and garlic. Stir over medium heat for ten minutes.
  • Add spices and stir occasionally
  • Once the mix is soft remove the thyme and bay leaf.
  • Add chicken stock and bring the mix to boil. Add noodles and cook till soft.
  • Add chicken and stir for 3 minutes
  • Enjoy the homemade soup.

Top 6 Healthy Travel Snacks for Your Next Adventure Trip in 2021

Traveling is all about exploring unexplored terrains and unwinding after days of a busy schedule. If you’re a travel enthusiast, you realize the importance of embarking upon the adventurous trails. From the water sports packed with adrenaline-rush at a beach to the hiking spree that recharges your mind, you must try it all. But, make sure to take care of your nutrition while exploring your favorite destination. You must pack healthy travel snacks beforehand to avoid future hassles. 

Here are the nutritious and delicious snack options to carry along with you on the journey. 

1. Fresh Fruits 


Traveling involves hours of endless walking and crazy hikes to the mountain peaks. If you’re in for an adventurous trip, you must keep durable and nutritious travel snacks. One of the best options to consider for a wholesome snacking regime is fresh fruits. You can pack the fruits that are both preservable as well as delicious in your travel box. Also, try to go for the hydrating and fiber-rich options like apples, berries, and bananas. It helps in initiating the satiety signals and maintains adequate digestive pathways. 

Along with the raw fruits, you can add a layer of protein nut butter over the fruits. Not only will it enhance your body’s protein reservoir, but it also improves the taste of your snack. Pack your fruit box and place it on the land rover discovery roof rack along with other essentials for safe and efficient transportation along the way. 

2. Trail Mix 

Another go-to snack for all the hikers out there is the trail mix that contains many nutritional components. You must pack at least 3 to 4 packets of the trail mix to beat the hunger on your way. Also, the mixture contains the perfect blend of nutrients like proteins and fibers. It is pretty easy to eat and doesn’t require any preparations. With a wide range of options like the unsweetened mix, dried fruit infusions, and fruit flavors, you will likely enjoy the snack. If you don’t want to take a packed one, you can prepare one on your own.

All you need is the ingredients like seeds, roasted nuts, dried fruits, and cacao nibs. Also, try to fetch the coconut and chocolate chips to add that extra crunch to your travel snack. Munch on the crunchy and delightful snack while enjoying the view of snow-capped mountains. 

3. Energy Balls


Do you want a snack that’s easy to consume and comes packed with the essential nutrients? Energy balls are the ideal snacks for an adventurous hiking excursion to your favorite hilltops. You can prepare your version of the energy balls or get some from the market. It contains the constituents like nuts, dried fruits, and healthy seeds. Hence, the snack is rich in proteins, fiber, and some carbs essential to develop energy. 

You can add other ingredients like dates and cacao nibs in your energy bites for top-notch tasting notes. When it comes to packing, you can carry the energy balls in a cooler and eat on the way.

4. Nuts & Seeds 

One of the best travel snacks that are both preservable and durable is the nuts and seeds. It is a nutrient-rich option to curb your sudden cravings and keep yourself full on the way. Also, you can store the nuts and seeds for as long as you want at room temperature. Pack the nuts like walnuts, cashews, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds to boost your metabolism. Along with this, it enhances your heart functions and might reduce the raised blood glucose levels.

5. Unsweetened Yogurt

Travel journeys are incomplete without some healthy and delicious snacks. You can boost your nutrient reservoir and maintain energy levels with a few bites of unsweetened yogurt. The snack works as a breakfast option when you can’t find any good place to eat. Also, it is rich in essential vitamins like vitamin C, A, and B12 that maintain metabolic activities. You may include additional ingredients like berries, nuts, and seeds in your yogurt for a complete meal. Not only will it satiate your hunger, but it also provides a handy snack option on adventurous trips.

6. Veggie Soups 


Every person likes to sip on hot and savory chicken soup while enjoying the breathtaking views in front. If you’re all set to embark upon the journey, you must carry the portable and veggie-infused soup packets. It requires minimal preparation and might help you meet your daily nutrient requirements while hiking. Along with this, you can choose the ideal flavors like chicken and veggies for the utmost delight. 

Try out the organic soup options for a fresh and enjoyable snack option. Get your hands on the right soup packs before heading out to explore and experience the desired adrenaline rush. 


When it comes to traveling, you must sit back and plan to avoid future hassles. You need to pack the essentials and take care of your nutrition as well. That’s where the role of healthy snacking creeps in to meet your nutrient demands. You can pack the unsweetened yogurt and top it up with your favorite fruits. Also, keep the nuts and seeds to munch on while hiking your way through the rough terrains. Other options to consider are trail mix and energy bites for a rejuvenating experience. Not only will it keep you full, but it also maintains your health.