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Get the Skills – How to Get a Waitressing Job

So you’re interested in learning what it takes and what skills you will learn by working as a waitress at a local bar.

Maybe you need a part-time job to help make some income while you attend college.

Perhaps you’re interested in starting your own bar one day and want to gain experience in the meantime.

Whatever the case may be, it can be a very rewarding position that’s perfect for those that enjoy meeting new people. You’ll be tasked with making sure everything holds up to their expectations.

Here’s how to get a waitressing job for those of you looking to land your first position.

1. Be a Team Player

As a waitress, you’ll be the one that makes sure all the drinks and/or food your customers order are up to their standards.

In order to do that, you and others on staff need to work together as a team to make sure all customers leave as happy as they walked in.

Bars look for qualities like being a selfless team player as a key factor in who they hire for their waitressing positions. 

For example, you may be busy serving your customers and notice that the customers at a table you aren’t overseeing haven’t been greeted since sitting down.

Their table’s waitress might be tied up in doing things like returning an order for another customer or spreading the bill among several credit cards. Regardless, you should take their drink orders and let them know who their waitress will be.

2. Excellent Communication

As the one catering to your clients’ every need, you’ll be the one tasked with relaying key information among several different people.

If a customer has an allergy to something on the food they ordered, you need to be able to communicate that to the kitchen staff.

There’s also the trick of getting your point across as fast as possible and in as few words as possible. You have several tables to attend to, so wasting too much time explaining is burning valuable seconds.

More importantly, your communication needs to stay positive. Anyone can take orders and update the kitchen staff on changed orders. But the most valuable waitresses are the ones that can do so in a positive tone.

The bar scene demands a lot of hustle and bustle from all its workers, especially the waitresses walking around to service customers.

3. Knowledge of the Product

As a waitress, you’ll be asked the question of “What comes with the (insert entree here)?” thousands of times.

Because of that, you need to be knowledgeable about every drink and food item on your bar’s menu. You’re the face of the franchise to your customers, so saying “I don’t know” isn’t an acceptable answer.

Make sure you’re always up to date on things like what beers are currently on tap, the type of cocktails you offer, appetizers and entrees you’d recommend, etc.

The more understanding that you have of the menu, the more customers will trust your judgment and see you as a valuable worker.

In time, this can lead to you climbing up to becoming a bartender. Do you need a license to bartend? Take a look at the attached link and see.

4. Prioritization

On any given night you could be tasked with serving hundreds of different clients. 

All of whom will come in different waves and will need to be serviced based on the order that they came in. However, if an order is up, you’ll have to drop everything to get the order to that table.

it’s useful to develop an internal clock in your head of how long it’s been since you last checked in on customers. Things like checking in for refills, extra orders they want to place, etc. will lead to a higher tip when they go to pay.

Don’t worry too much about having this as a skill before you get a waitressing job. 

It’s one of those things that comes with time and repetition. You’ll figure out a system that works with the pacing and clientele you work with at your specific bar.

5. The Ability to Multi-Task

Rest assured: this isn’t an ability that comes naturally to most people, but it can be learned!

As a waitress, you’ll be thrown in a thousand different directions each night. The good news is that your shifts will fly by due to your staying busy.

At any given point you could have orders that need to go out, new customers that just sat down at a table, or drinks that need to be refilled.

The customers don’t realize how much you have on your plate, so you’ll need to deliver as soon as you can. The key is to not get discouraged. While it can be a bit stressful, as long as you’re doing your best, everyone will be happy.

Most importantly, don’t try to take on too many things at once. There’s a difference between multitasking efficiently and setting yourself up for failure.

Knowing your limits will ensure that everyone’s food and drinks arrive with few or no setbacks. That way you aren’t forced to backtrack, thus adding even more to your plate.

How to Get a Waitressing Job: Be Eager to Learn

The most important factor in how to get a waitressing job is expressing your passion and eagerness to learn.

Bars are happy to take on first-time waitresses as long as they’re excited about the opportunity and open to experiencing a learning curve.

Be sure to read our other articles pertaining to helpful information on topics like this and others just like it. 

The Safety and Trustworthiness of Argireline

When you turn on the TV or read through magazines, you might feel bombarded by images of photoshopped and airbrushed models. You may even wonder how they get such supple, smooth skin although you realize they’ve been altered for the screen or magazine pages. 

However, there’s no need to wish you could look like them. You can embrace and flaunt your own natural beauty with the help of Argireline, a trustworthy anti-aging peptide. 

Why Botox And Surgery Are Not the Answer

It’s natural for skin (and hair and everything else!) to change with time. Aging is a part of life, one to be celebrated and enjoyed. However, many people, including some of the models and celebrities you might look upon with envy, go to drastic lengths to try to keep their skin young-looking. Some of the methods people use to try to look young can be downright dangerous. 

From Botox to facelifts to plastic surgery, people are undergoing risky procedures to look youthful and healthy. In addition to this, there are droves of skincare products on the market that contain harsh chemicals. These can dry out your skin, making it red and uncomfortable. 

What’s more, these precarious approaches to skincare can be very expensive. 

However, there’s no reason to use dangerous or costly methods to keep your skin looking gorgeous. There is a safer, less expensive way. 

What is Argireline?

Peptide and neuropeptides are naturally-occurring proteins in the skin. In fact, your skin is made up of them! Peptides make the skin strong and help it to regenerate week after week. Peptides work together to formulate collagen, and collagen defends your skin from the harmful effects of aging. Because collagen is to difficult for your skin to absorb topically, superior-quality skincare products will contain peptides since skin can absorb peptides fairly easily. 

Argireline comes from a peptide called Acetyl hexapeptide-3. That’s the same as the peptide used in Botox. 

The Benefits of Argireline

By adding Argireline to your skincare regimen, you’re joining countless people who have come to trust it for its ease-of-use, potency, and safety. Here are just a few of the benefits of using Argireline:

  • Because it’s made up of peptides that are found in your skin naturally and is easily absorbed, Argireline actually seeps into your skin. This is contrary to many over-the-counter skin creams, which simply sit on the surface of the skin. 
  • It has the same benefits as Botox. It inhibits the nerves that cause the muscles in your face to make those lines and crevices you see in the mirror. In other words, it helps your muscles temporarily freeze, thereby minimizing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • It does not require needles. While Botox and surgery require the use of long and terrifying needles, Argireline is massaged into the skin. There’s no pain and no fear! 
  • Argireline is not a toxin. Although it’s known to have the same effects as Botox, unlike Botox, it’s not poison. There is no need to worry or fret about putting dangerous toxins into your skin when you stick with Argireline. 
  • It has a reputation for being trustworthy. Time and again, people who use Argireline express feelings of trust towards this product, which is known to be safer than surgery or needles. 

There’s no question about it: Argireline offers its users a highly effective alternative to Botox and plastic surgery. It’s a less expensive, more trustworthy, and equally powerful way to maintain beautiful skin. 

Best Meals to Eat in Melbourne for a Food Lover

It does not matter if one is visitor or native: Melbourne is at the top when someone goes to the first face and let his/her taste buds lead the way. 

No doubt café hopping is the one main reason that people love to visit Melbourne. One can find here from little hideouts to franchise store to upscale restaurants. This piece of writing will let you know why and for what you’re in Melbourne. 

It is common among people they research to get an idea about the city or country they want to travel. In this way, they come to know about the basic necessities, food restaurants, malls, and for many other things. 

When I travel to Melbourne for the very first time, I wish I had researched on some must eaten foods before stepping foot into Melbourne city. There are countless restaurants and food cafes that serve quality food. Every time I feel I become faint when it comes to figuring out food to eat in Melbourne.

So in this article, I decided to make your research easy and quick we pick a few most famous restaurants that provide good quality and serve their customers with tasty food. 

Let’s start brunch in Melbourne 

  • Top Paddock

You can not resist yourself from Melbourne’s most famous food: Hotcake with barriers, cream and seeds, Blueberry and Ricotta. This café is in Richmond out of the town. You can easily get it by taking a bus route. As I told you it is outside the town still people take this complicated route to enjoy the food of this restaurant. 

I bet you haven’t tried such hotcakes before. It is so dense and very very filling. It fills you up quickly, as quickly as when you reach one-fourth of the cake. 

Top Paddock is a spacious restaurant, with plenty of greenery and natural lights to cosy up in the café. They allow you to enjoy the indoor or outdoor sitting area and serve you with plenty of decent and delicious foods. 

  • Operator 25 

Operator 25 surprises its customers with Asian foods to classic foods. They blend their foods with Asian ingredients and let the people enjoy two different flavours. 

Their breakfast menu ranges from light breakfast tortillas filled with eggs, herb oils, bacon, salsa, and sweet corn to heavy breakfast like lamb belly and shoulder. 

  • Ying Thai 2 

It is a well-known Asian restaurant with its Thai flavours in Melbourne. Thai waiters will attend to you. Ying Thai restaurant’s environment gives you feel like you’re in Asia. It definitely comes up as the must-try restaurant in Melbourne. 

Their coconut rice is the one unforgettable dish I’ve ever tried in my life. The rice was incredibly sweet and tasty. 

Pad Thai, Green curry and chicken wrapped in pandan leaves are other more popular food choices of this restaurant. 

  • Hunky Dory 

It is well-known for its seafood dishes. I tried many restaurant’s seafood, but the quality and taste their foods have nowhere else I enjoyed such food. This is the best seafood restaurant in Melbourne you must try to treat your tastebuds. 

  • Spring Street Grocer 

They serve eat-in or take away sandwiches as well as vegetables and organic fruits. If you’re missing the taste gelato, you can have it here. 

Jimmy John Liautaud Is Someone Living That All American Dream

America is a place of incredible promise. People come here from all the world hoping to make their dreams come true. One person who has seen an incredible dream of his own come to life is second generation American Jimmy John Liautaud. His mom came here from Lithuania. His dad spent many years exploring the world of business in great depth. It would all pay off for his son when he took a flier, trusted his instincts and started an empire that continues to this day. What looks like instant success is built on a foundation of tremendous success and a willingness to go beyond the basics. Hard work and dedication to discipline have paid off for him. It’s one quality that he talks about proudly when sharing his story with other people. He was able to tap into his own skills and do something that he knew he was good at in life.

Working Really Hard

One of the fundamental rules of his success has been his total willingness to work hard. Jimmy John Liautaud choice of business is the delivery of high quality sandwiches to an awaiting client base. He realized early this was an industry that, above all, required people to work really hard. He started off working eighteen hour days. This was a necessary part of his ability to do well and achieve the American dream on his own terms. He knew that it wasn’t simply what you said. You had to be there to demonstrate how to behave for others. He was there to show what could be done with lots of hard work and a sense of sheer determination. While he knew the business wasn’t for everyone, he ultimately knew that it was for him. His ability to be there for his clients made him happy and gave him a great deal of success in life.

A Background That Taught Him Much

Of all the things that formed his life, it is his background that taught him perhaps the most. He was born in 1964 as the second oldest of four kids to a family in the heartland. His mom and dad taught him to see the world as a place to explore where anything could happen. It was their value set that he would keep with him as he thought about the world he wanted to create for himself. His own father tried out many different ventures in life before finding the right path. Watching his father take chances in life convinced him that he could do the same and find his own way. His father also displayed confidence in his son. It was his father’s loan that helped him start that very first business. The rest was sandwich shop history for the young Jimmy John Liautaud.

Heading Off to Fly

After he graduated from high school, he looked around carefully. While his dad wanted him to enter the army, he felt it in his bones that he could find success in the field of retail. He and his dad rapidly came to an agreement that would stand them both in good stead. His son had to leave the nest. In turn, his father would agree to give him a start up loan to begin a business. That single idea became the very foundation for one of the most famous names across the country. With the motto of the world’s greatest sandwiches and a well chosen location, it was a decision that would lead to big things. Today, Jimmy John Liautaud is busy leading his own version of the American dream with great happiness.

Healthy Food Preparation Techniques For Nutritious Meals

When it comes to preparing a nutritious meal for you and your family, how you cook will determine how healthy your meal is. This is because there are several methods of preparing meals that will drastically reduce the nutritional content of foods, such as boiling foods for long periods of time. By opting for healthier cooking techniques, you and your family will be able to enjoy tasty meals that are packed with nutrients. The following food preparation techniques will help you transform your meals.

Nutritious Stir-Fry

Stir-fry is an Asian cooking technique and even though you should stir fry foods relatively fast to prevent nutrient loss, it is also crucial to use the right oil. Adding your favoured herbs and spices to veggies and chicken, pork, or beef strips will ensure your meal tastes great. However, the type of oil you decide to use can determine how healthy your stir-fry meal is. Using regular sunflower oil would not be the wisest choice as sunflower oil is often associated with high cholesterol levels. Switching your oil for an expeller-pressed juice oil alternative is a great choice as this type of oil as it is produced without the use of harmful chemicals and extreme heat. 

Roasted Meals

Roasting your foods can be a nutritious choice if you are using a drip tray that will collect fat as your food cooks. In addition to this, roasting veggies can result in an extremely tasty dish, although, it is crucial not to overcook your veggies while roasting as this will result in extreme nutrient loss. When roasting veggies, you should still be able to enjoy their natural crunch. There are countless great recipes that recommend roasting foods for shorter periods of time to maintain nutrient content. However, when roasting meats such as chicken and pork, it is absolutely crucial to avoid undercooking as this can result in health risks such as food poisoning. Regardless of the type of cooking technique you opt for, it is always recommended to follow recipe instructions to avoid overcooking and undercooking.


Steaming is one of the most popular methods of preparing nutritious meals. Although, it is still crucial to avoid overcooking meals. This is also one of the more simple methods of preparing foods as it can be done in a perforated basket or pot that is suspended above stimming water. In the event that you find steamed foods slightly bland and tasteless, you could consider adding a mild flavour to the stimming water or add a hint of seasoning. Steaming foods is one of the most often opted for food preparation choices for weight loss dieters and those hoping to decrease cholesterol levels. Various steaming recipes suggest that vegetables only need to be steamed for a few minutes rather than lengthy periods. Oversteaming your foods will result in bland tasting foods that lack both taste and texture.

Searing And Sauteed Foods 

Sauteing involved the cooking of thin pieces of foods in a rather quick manner. It is best to use a good quality non-stick frying pan for this technique as this would allow you to avoid the use of fats or oils. However, you could also simply switch up your regular cooking oil for a nutritious alternative oil, as with stir-frying techniques. The food preparation technique of searing foods is often confused with sauteing as these two methods are relatively similar. However, searing involved cooking foods at high temperatures to lock in the nutrients and add a crusty outer layer to meats and other foods. When searing your meals, it would be wise to select healthy oils rather than regular oils.

Health Risks Associated With Regular Cooking Oil

Regular cooking, or sunflower oil, is extremely bad for your health as it accelerates inflammation in the body and it is packed with high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids. Because the Omega-6 fatty acid content can be as high as 70% and the oil contains both high sources of saturated and unsaturated fats, it is often not the best choice. However, contrary to popular belief, how the oil is produced can actually affect its nutritional content. This means that sunflower oil in low quantities can actually be a healthy choice, but only if it has been produced without the use of unhealthy chemicals. As sunflower oil can increase risks of developing bad cholesterol and heart disease, it is always best to limit your intake and carefully consider how the product has been produced by evaluating the production method.

Cloning Your Own Fresh Produce

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is actually really difficult in today’s day and age for a number of different reasons. Most of us happen to have very busy lifestyles and barely have the time or energy to create proper healthy meals for ourselves, and then the fact that there are so many cheaper and quicker options available to us also makes it difficult to stay healthy because let’s face it, it is a lot more easier to just place an order for a delivery and have your food within the next hour at your doorstep compared to getting up and cooking for yourself. Lastly, there is also the fact that mass production has led to companies resorting to using unhealthy means in order to get the maximum yield. 

When we talk about this in terms of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, most of them are usually showered in a number of different fertilizers and sprays that are actually bad for our own health in the long run. Your best option, in that case, is to go for organic produce, but organic is more expensive, and it cannot be sustainable for people who live on a tight budget. You do not need to lose hope though because you do have another option, and that is to grow your own produce. 

You do not need to have an elaborate garden in order to do that. Thanks to modern innovation, you can now clone your plants quickly through the hydroponic method. The hydroponic method is a method that does not involve soil to grow your plants, you instead have a nutrient-rich base that is used. You do not have to do anything for the first two weeks as the base does all the job for you, and once your plant is strong enough, you can then transfer it into the soil. Cloning is a process that involves cutting the stem off a mother plant and then planting that stem separately. That stem will then grow into a separate plant that will have the exact characteristics of its mother plants. This is relatively quick and effective way to get perfect plants every single time. If you want to get started, you can shop clones here, and then use them to get started. 

You can grow a variety of different plants using the cloning and hydroponic method, and this includes and is not limited to basil, mint, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, and strawberries and so on. So, you can grow a lot of fresh produce in your home. Plus, the best part is the fact that this produce will be healthy, delicious and cheap. This way you do not have to compromise on your health because all of these plants will be home-grown in a proper medium without using any harmful fertilizer and/or pesticide and so on. So, your yield will be 100% organic and healthy. This means that you will be eating fresh and healthy produce that is actually going to be good for your body and overall health. 

Growing your own produce using the cloning method is also really convenient since it means that you will get the perfect yield every single time because no matter how many clones you do grow, they will end up being perfect copies of the mother plant every single time. So, you do not have to worry about a bad yield or dealing with a less than ideal yield every single time. This ends up making the entire growing process a lot easier for you, so people with no experience can also end up getting a good yield. So, even if you happen to be a novice, you can still end up with a healthy yield. 

Growing your own fresh produce at home through the cloning method is a lot cheaper as well. You only have to spend money on your base and on a good mother plant. If you happen to have the right nutrient-rich base and a good mother plant, you can clone plants again and again. This way your yield is never-ending and you will not be spending a fraction of the cost in order to get good produce. This is really cheap in the long run, so if you are looking to stay and eat healthy and fresh without having to spend too much money, then cloning your produce is the best way to go about it. 

Lastly, there is also a sense of achievement that comes with growing your own produce. So, you will actually get to witness and taste the fruits of your labor, and we can guarantee you that nothing really beats the taste of something that you have taken the effort to grow yourself. Plus, you will also learn to appreciate the process and work that goes into growing fresh produce.

Erkan Kemiksizgil’s Top Picks: New York City’s Best Steakhouses

There is certainly no shortage of steakhouses in New York City. Anyone who has visited the Big Apple understands that it can be overwhelming to pick a perfect spot.

For business-related traveling, Erkan Kemiksizgil visits fairly frequently. Although he has not experienced every single steakhouse in the city, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Here is his official list of best steak houses in the city, in his words. He believes that all the steakhouses are good for not only business meetings, but romantic dinners or special occasions as well.

A group of different types of food

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1. Nusr-Et Steakhouse

“When visiting New York City, there is one place that I simply can’t get enough of. This is a pretty upscale steakhouse located on 53rd St. in New York City, but I love stopping in as often as possible.

The food is top-notch, but the entertainment is what sets it apart from so many other steakhouses in New York City. There’s always something new and exciting going on, and the ambiance, in general, is second to none. It’s not just eating out, it’s an entire event.”

A plate of food on a table

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2. Keens Steakhouse

Known as one of the most popular steakhouses in New York City, Keens Steakhouse has been serving locals and visitors for years. It was founded way back in 1885, so there is a lot of history inside the building.

The food is excellent, with plenty of options as well. The mutton chops are always a favorite of mine. If that is the dish you are wanting in particular, there isn’t a better option in the city.

A person standing in front of a store

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3. Gallagher’s Steak House 

When in the Broadway area, Gallagher’s Steakhouse has always treated me very well. It actually is pretty affordable compared to some of the other options in the area, with outstanding food all around.

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It really feels like a true New York experience when stepping foot into the steakhouse. They stay very authentic to what they have been doing for almost a century, and that stands out to a visitor like me.

4. Club A Steakhouse

Take one look on review sites, and it’s easy to see why Club A Steakhouse is rated so highly. It’s known as one of, if not the best steak houses in the city. Every course has plenty of amazing options for people who like any type of food.

A store front at night

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It’s a pretty new steakhouse overall, but the history goes back decades. It’s hard to find a table at the busiest times, but it’s a definite visit when in the area.

5. Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

Think of this as a sentimental favorite of mine, but it does a lot of things very well. A person can keep things relatively inexpensive at the steakhouse, and it’s usually not as packed as other options. 
There is no sacrificing taste, as it provides some amazing food all around. The ribeye, crabcakes and filet mignon are just a few favorite entrées of mine.

What’s your favorite skeakhouses in NYC? Follow Erkan on Facebook and Twitter for more content like this.

The 5 Most Expensive Foods in the World: What to Eat if You Win the Lottery

Food is a basic necessity of life, but for the elite few, eating is more than just stuffing their faces. It’s about indulging in the weird, wild, and wonderfully rare foods on this planet.

Whether its caviar or the world’s most expensive taco, what are the most expensive foods? Read on for five amazing foods you should try if you ever hit the jackpot.

Are you ready to splash some cash? Dive in!

1. Indulge in Rare Caviar

Caviar is one of the world’s greatest delicacies, mostly because of its rarity. The food consists of the pickled roe of the elusive sturgeon fish. Because the fish is sadly endangered, merchants can’t sell but a few eggs legally.

According to the Guinness World Records, the most expensive Caviar sold was in Iran for a mountainous $34,500 per kilo!

2. The Most Expensive Taco in Mexico

If you love Mexican food, one of the most expensive foods to try is waiting for you at a sumptuous hotel. The $25,000 taco at Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort contains tender Kobe beef, Beluga-Albino Caviar, langoustine lobster, and black truffle cheese. To top it off, they make the salsa from spicy Morita chili peppers, civet coffee (civet poop), and Ultra-Premium Tequila.

If you thought it couldn’t get more expensive, they offer a $150,000 bottle of premium tequila to wash it down. You must also stay in the presidential sweet and put down a $12,500 deposit to order the taco. You can’t order a budget-friendly Corona and stay in a regular room, after all!

3. Lick Some Black Diamond Ice Cream

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll love one of the most expensive foods in Dubai. Black Diamond ice cream is a luxury sundae made up of Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream, black truffles, and saffron. If you thought it couldn’t get any more luxurious, you were wrong.

The cherry on the cake is a sprinkle of 23-carat gold flakes and a touch of gold powder. As a bonus, you get to take home the golden bowl and silver spoon too, which are both handmade. It’s only a mere $816 for the taking!

4. Red Gold—One of the Most Expensive Foods to Try

Saffron is a vivid spice that comes from the crocus flower. Because the crocus flower only blooms for a week or two every year, harvesting is labor-intensive work. It also takes 300,000 flowers to make only one kilo.

It’s more expensive than actual gold! Yes, the most expensive food in the world might be sitting in the back of your cupboard without you even realizing it.

5. Crunch on Billion Dollar Popcorn

If you’re rolling in it after winning the lottery, why opt for regular movie theater popcorn when you can enjoy billion-dollar popcorn? It’s a “bargain” price of $5 per kernel, but it’s a bit cheaper if you buy in bulk, only $2,500 for a 6.5-gallon tin!

Coated in organic sugar, Nielsen Massey Bourbon Vanilla, and Vermont butter, your mouth is already watering. Topping it off with the world’s most expensive salt makes it a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous.

You Don’t Need a Silver Fork to Eat Good Food

If you haven’t won the lottery yet, you probably won’t have the chance to try anything from this list of the most expensive foods, but there’s a big wide world full of lip-smacking food that’s within your reach.

Take a look at the Delicious Recipes section of this blog for some inspiration!

7 Types of Risks that Can Potentially Shut Down Your Restaurant

Owning and running a restaurant is a challenging task. Most restaurant owners have to juggle many responsibilities and different tasks while ensuring that customers are satisfied and happy. They also must ensure that they get positive feedback online. Although the reputation of a restaurant is a valuable asset, physical assets are also important.

The employee, building, and anything physical that is required to operate your establishment are important. That’s why you need restaurant insurance. Every restaurant faces numerous risks that can potentially shut it down. As such, it’s important to ensure that your investment has optimal protection by having the right insurance. Here are some of the major risks that have the potential to shut down your business.

1.     Fire

Fire is a significant risk for all businesses. However, it’s particularly a major risk for restaurants because it’s constantly used in these establishments. Fire damage can be defined as the physical damage caused to a property through burning. The damage can be caused by flames, smoke, or corrosive substances that fire emits. It’s important for a restaurant, therefore, to get an insurance cover against fire damage.

A grease fire is the most common type of risk in restaurants. Deep flyers and electrical appliances can also cause a fire in restaurants if used incorrectly or not maintained properly. As such, it’s important to ensure that all possible causes of fire in a restaurant are monitored closely and regularly.

2.     Employee Injuries

Employees are important assets of a restaurant. Most restaurants have employees that handle different responsibilities. Unfortunately, these employees face risks that can potentially shut down a restaurant. For instance, restaurant employees are required to lift or balance heavy containers or trays. They also reach across tables when serving food or clearing them.

Restaurant employees can also sustain scald injuries or burns from dishwashers, stove, deep flyers and other appliances. Some are exposed to toxins or hazardous chemicals and fumes. In some cases, employees can sustain injuries as they deliver food products.

Unfortunately, when an employee sustains any of these injuries within the premises of a restaurant, they can file a claim against their employer. That means your restaurant can suffer losses in compensation if it doesn’t have worker’s compensation insurance. Payment for damages can amount to thousands of dollars that can lead to the eventual shutdown of your establishment.

3.     Property Damage

Several reasons can lead to the damage of your restaurant property. This property can include equipment, TVs, POS system, sound systems, and the content in the restaurant building. The building itself can also suffer exterior damage, roof damage, foundation damage, and so on. Property damage is defined as the destruction of private or public property caused by natural phenomena or a person that is not the owner.  If this damage occurs extensively, a restaurant can shut down completely if it is not insured against it.

4.     Liquor Liability

If a restaurant serves alcohol to increase revenue, it faces the risk of being held liable if a person is injured, gets into an accident, or injures other people under the influence of the served alcohol. If you don’t have restaurant insurance that covers liquor liability and you are sued, you might get out of business. That’s because your restaurant might be required to pay thousands of dollars in damages.  

5.     Food Contamination

Your restaurant faces the risk of potential food contamination. If a customer or employee consumes food in your restaurant and it then emerges that it was contaminated, your establishment can be held accountable.

6.     Food Spoilage

The food items in your restaurant freezer are your business assets. However, something can happen and cause their spoilage. For instance, equipment failure or power outage can lead to their spoilage. That means your restaurant can lose a significant amount of money if it doesn’t have the right insurance protection.

7.     Vandalism

Your restaurant could be situated at a location that is considered a safe neighborhood. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be vandalized. Malicious people can spray paint on your restaurant building. Thieves can break into your restaurant premises and leave behind trails of damage. Your business can even be set on fire.

How to Protect Your Investment with Restaurant Insurance

To mitigate risks that can potentially shut down your restaurant, you need the right insurance. There are several options to consider when it comes to insurance for restaurants.

Common coverage options for restaurants include:

  • Commercial property insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Business owners policy
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers compensation

Talk to your insurer about these options to choose a coverage that provides maximum protection to your restaurant.

Renovating Kitchen on a Budget with Modern Glass Cabinets

Kitchen Renovation

Renovating the kitchen is often a big project that you can embark on. The average amount you can spend a kitchen renovation is not less than $22,185. However, a full-scale kitchen renovation with glass kitchen cabinets, high-end appliances, and granite counters can increase the cost to $30,000 or more. More here: https://www.fabglassandmirror.com/cabinet-glass

As a homeowner that has big kitchen dreams but with a small budget, your heart may be pounding hard as you are reading these numbers. Well, you don’t have to give up yet as there are several ways you can remodel your kitchen within your budget. With enough creativity, patience, and elbow grease, you will renovate your kitchen to your taste with a couple of thousand dollars or even a few hundred dollars.

No matter what your budget is, a kitchen renovation that you do will add value to your home. This is because you will get back 90% to 100% of your money when you sell the house. Apparently, you can get double your investment if you do the renovation for half the cost. I

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Fortunately, glass kitchen cabinets are still in use even after there is a reduction in the popularity of glass furniture. This is because glass is always accessible, and people appreciate it for its unique qualities. In the kitchen, people are using cabinets with glass shelves or doors because they frame items nicely and transparent nature. They will put the things in the display without showing their entire nakedness. If you don’t want to show your items to people, there are different types of glass kitchen cabinets you can choose from.

Types of Glass Kitchen Cabinets

1. Transparent – There is nothing you can hide in this type of kitchen cabinet; you must be comfortable with this before you go for it. Although most people may seem uncomfortable with this characteristic, several other people may see this as a big plus. This type of cabinet doors lets you put the items on display while maintaining the security of the things and protecting them from dust and other external materials. This is the perfect glass cabinet for minimalist interiors and small kitchens.

2. Frosted – frosted glass cabinet is the best option for those who want a glass cabinet but do not like the idea of transparency. It is also perfect for those that don’t like the fact that all the items will be put on display for people to see. Frosted glass is cool and sleek, and it looks perfect in modern kitchens. Although the frosted glass does hide the items well, it is not entirely opaque. This makes it stress-free for you to differentiate different colors behind it.

3. Textured – Textured glass comes in different types, with some types more popular than others. Some of these styles are very tricky, and they are likely to go out of style soon. When they fade out, they will leave you with an outdated kitchen design. To avoid this, make sure you stick with the simpler and more classical textured glass patterns. This type of glass is excellent from both a tactile and visual point of view.

4. Seeded – This type of glass is exceptional, and it has a very particular look. Depending on the style and source, the seeded glass comes with either tiny or large bubbles. The look of the seeded glass suits traditional and vintage decors. It also looks perfect in modern settings. It can be used to obscure the items placed in the cabinets without hiding them.

5. Leaded – Just as the name suggests, leaded glass contains a very high percentage of lead. This gives the leaded glass its unique look. It also provides it with a special and appreciated tint that makes it usable for kitchen renovation. This type of glass looks elegant with a very appealing artisanal look. It may be challenging to find. You can get alternatives like tinted or stained glass.

Renovating Kitchen on a Budget with Modern Glass Cabinets

There are several ways you can renovate your kitchen on budget; one of which is saving on specific items. One of these items you can save on is the cabinet, and others include appliances, counters, and flooring. Cabinets cost a lot when renovating your kitchen. However, with even a small budget, there are ways you can renovate your kitchen too.

1. Replace Cabinet Doors – One of the best ways to renovate a kitchen on a budget is by replacing the cabinet doors with new ones. Since the old doors might have faded away or broken, you can replace them to make them look new and better. You can bring in high-gloss doors or glass doors to create a kitchen with a sleek new look. These doors will create open shelving that will show off your most beautiful items.

2. Change the Finish – If you’re cabinet is still in good shape, but with a rough look, you can change the finish by refinishing or repainting them. To do this, take off all the glass doors, clean them and the cabinet faces. You can do the cleaning with a degreasing agent before rinsing. To repaint, sand the cabinets lightly and apply a primer; you can now use a coat or two of paint. If you have an old cabinet, you may need the help of a professional as the cabinet may contain lead.

3. Use Open Shelving – This is a modern way of renovating your kitchen. You have to ditch the upper cabinets and replace them with open shelving. Open shelving makes your kitchen airy and more transparent. This is very important, especially if you have a small or dark kitchen.


Above all, renovating a kitchen with glass kitchen cabinets should not cost you a fortune. You need to plan on your budget to get this done. You also need to save on materials by shopping around and looking for second-hand materials, selling out your old stuff and focusing on the details that matter and are impactful.