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The Definitive Guide to Opening Your Fried Chicken Location

The satisfaction that comes with devouring a fried chicken is the most taste rewarding experience. Enjoying the meal with a bunch of friends and making up for lost times is heavenly. Now, imagine yourself being the reason families reunite, people, find love and escape the hassles of life after a tiresome day! Being a business owner is a dream that will enable you to be your boss while attending to other people’s palate needs. Are you dreaming of opening your first fried chicken location? Here’s what you ought to know.

  • Find an ideal location 

The first step to your success journey in becoming a major franchise is finding an optimal position. You ought to find the best place for your food outlet. You can decide to rent or buy an area with massive foot traffic, in a shopping mall or an industrial area. You can also choose to open a store in the town center or near the beach.

You ought to ensure that the zoning of the premises is ideal for food handling levels you intend to offer.

  • Business plan and capital 

You ought to come up with a detailed business plan for you to acquire any finances. With the business plan, you can approach a team of investors and pitch out your idea. Your business plan ought to be convincing enough for your bank or credit union to offer their financial support. 

It would be best to carry out substantial research on the target market, operation viability, as well as the cost of running the place. Before signing any contract, it would help if you consulted with your business lawyer before saying yes to any clause.

  • Finalize product range

You need to have a detailed plan of the products you plan on selling. Be sure to borrow a few tips from the various successful franchise, including Gami fried chicken locations. After that, you can add spice to your venture to make it stand out.

Be sure to add in various recipes as well as sauces. Don’t forget to add products that complement chicken all the time. You can try offering some side salads, rolls, vegetable dishes, fries, beer, or wine. It will enable you to identify the tools you’ll need in preparation for the menu list.

You also need to calculate the prices of the products and try to find out what other vendors are spending. It will enable you to have a rough estimate of the amount you’ll be spending on expenditure.

  • Market to your potential clients 

You ought to market your joint so that clients can get to know about you. You can start by launching a special event and advertising your business. It would be best to set an online presence so that more people can get to know about you. You ought to ensure that your fried chicken is top-notch to be able to compete with other established franchises. Be in good terms with your suppliers; get the right license and food permit, employees, and customers. Your dream of owning the best-fried chicken store is achievable. Be sure to check out what others, such as Gami fried chicken locations are doing differently to become deemed relevant. Dare to start today and watch your business flourish into the best franchise ever.

A Guide to Steaks: 7 Mouthwatering Cuts

Are you a steak lover? If you’re a real foodie, just mentioning the word probably makes your mouth water.

Unfortunately, most food fanatics crave this luxurious protein but only get to enjoy it when they eat in restaurants. And, it’s easy to see why less experienced home cooks may find preparing the perfect steak intimidating.

Sound familiar? Awesome. This article is for you! 

Cooking mouthwatering steak at home can be easy, once you’ve mastered a few basic cuts and how to cook them. We promise. 

Keep reading to learn about our favorite cuts and preparations for different types of steak. And, get ready to fire up the grill!  

Our Favorite Types of Steak 

Regardless of which incredible cut you choose, keep these tips in mind:

No matter how you’re cooking a steak, you should start the process on a hot surface. This will help create a beautiful charred exterior. 

Unless you’re a highly experienced home cook, use a meat thermometer to determine your steak’s internal temperature. 

If you aren’t familiar with food safety, you might not know how to properly store, prepare, and cook beef. Be sure to read up on this before you get started cooking at home. 

1. T-Bone

This cut is easily identified by the t-shaped bone running through its center.

The t-bone is often confused with the porterhouse cut because the two look very similar. But, they come from a different section of the loin. In either case, this is a steak that is best prepared on the grill.

This cut combines a portion from both the strip and tenderloin sections, so it’s like two steaks in one. The strip side will have more firm texture and deep flavor, while the loin side will be more buttery and subtle.

Keep in mind that meat closest to the bone will cook more slowly, so you’ll need to rest this steak or finish it in the oven after searing. 

2. Ribeye

If you’re looking for a steak that’s lean, tender, and loaded with flavor, a ribeye might be your best bet. 

Plus, this is one of the most versatile cuts on our list. While the ribeye makes an excellent option for the grill, it’s a top candidate for home cooks with flat top grills and meat smokers, too.

Are you an experienced home cook hoping to make an impression with plating and presentation? The tomahawk steak, an oversized bone-in ribeye, is one of the most impressive cuts out there.

3. New York Strip 

The New York cut isn’t your only option when it comes to strip steaks. But it’s undoubtedly the most popular.

This steak is one of the most flavorful, thanks to a thick fat cap on one edge. The extra fat also helps keep this cut moist and tender, but only if it’s properly rendered. 

Methods like pan searing and broiling are best for cooking the perfect New York strip. But, beware of grilling this steak unless you’re experienced. It’s easy to dry out!

4. Hanger

Also known as “arrachera” in Latin America, the hanger steak is prized for its flavor and texture. This cut is similar to flank and skirt steaks but comes from a more tender region. 

The secret to cooking a perfect hanger steak is simple. You’ll want to marinate it beforehand and cook it over a very hot grill for just two to three minutes per side. That way, you’ll get an outside sear without overcooking.

You’ll want to slice this steak across the grain with a very sharp knife before serving it. Foxel steak knives are perfect tools for the job.  

5. Tri-Tip

If you haven’t heard of this cut, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The tri-tip is a thick triangular cut of bottom sirloin that requires slicing before serving. And, it has a large fat cap covering one side, so it’s almost a hybrid between a steak and a roast.

When properly cooked, this is one of the most mouthwatering steaks on our list. Tri-tip does well in the oven or on the grill, but only if you render its fat completely.

This will require a hard sear, fat side down for starters. Then, sear the other side and finish by baking or grilling at a low temperature and resting.

6. Tenderloin 

Tenderloin is the most expensive and highly sought after steak on our list. And, for a good reason.

This cut is known to be incredibly tender, whether cooked whole or broken down into filets. But, just like the tri-tip, you’ll need to cook it twice. Gently searing the tenderloin’s exterior before finishing it over indirect heat will ensure a delicious crusty outside with a moist pink center. 

Because the tenderloin is a very lean cut, it can dry out quickly when overcooked. No matter what method of preparation you choose, be sure to serve this steak medium-rare. 

7. Picanha 

The Picanha steak was made famous in Brasil but is now one of the trendiest cuts on the market. But, you might have to visit a high-quality butcher’s shop to find it.  

Also known as the sirloin cap, this steak is often overlooked outside its country of origin. Instead, butchers divide it into other cuts, including the rump, round, and loin.

To properly cook picanha steak, start by slicing it into two-inch thick steaks. Then, fold each slice in half, fat side out, and place on a spit or pole. You’ll want to cook this cut for at least twenty minutes while rotating constantly. 

Then, slice and serve churrascaria style. 

Ready, Set, Cook!

Now that you’ve got a bit of basic knowledge of these cuts and cooking methods, you should feel comfortable preparing a few different types of steak at home.

Don’t be surprised if it takes you a few tries to prepare a perfectly cooked steak. Practice makes perfect! And, when in doubt, stick to a highly reviewed recipe.

Cooking times and temperatures aren’t usually very flexible, so stick to a plan to avoid over or undercooking. And, unless you’ve been making steak for years, use a thermometer to check your steak’s internal temperature before slicing or serving.

Check out our other blog posts and articles for tips on cooking, health, lifestyle, and more.   

What You Need to Know Before You Buy Turmeric Protein and Capsules

Scientifically called Curcuma longa, turmeric is known as being one of today’s most potent herbs. This plant is proven to fight and reverse diseases. Turmeric is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and an effective antioxidant, making it very useful for boosting your immune system. 

But before you buy turmeric protein and other turmeric-based products, how can you guarantee that you get all the claimed benefits? When it comes to purchasing turmeric, you should know what to look out for, so that you are guaranteed to drive all the health benefits of this spice. 

The Dosage for Concentrated Curcumin

There are several ways you can take turmeric: dried roots powder, fresh turmeric roots, supplements, tincture, and fluid extracts. You need to understand that the health benefits of turmeric lie in Curcumin, the spice’s active ingredient. To ensure the potency, go for turmeric capsules with no less than 500 milligrams of Curcumin content. Turmeric as a whole only has a minimal amount of Curcuminoids, so it is best to achieve the 500-1000 milligram daily dose of Curcuminoids. 

Black Pepper and Turmeric

A lot of turmeric users are not aware that this spice is hard to absorb in the body. Studies suggest combining turmeric spice with black pepper to increase its absorption (bioavailability).

Black pepper contains piperine, a potent ingredient said to boost the absorption of turmeric by 2000%. When black pepper is combined with turmeric, then you’re sure your body absorbs all the benefits that the spice provides. The same applies to cooking. When you add turmeric powder to your food, adding a dash of black pepper allows you to enjoy all the health benefits of this remarkable spice. 

Organically-grown Turmeric

Because everybody these days is getting more health-conscious, we usually here health buffs going for organically grown produce. The same applies to turmeric. Going for organic turmeric gives you that peace of mind that synthetic, artificial, or genetically modified contents are not present. Usually, turmeric is sprayed with non-organic fertilizers and pesticides to boost crop yield. But this can have a significant impact on the turmeric, quality-wise. 

Turmeric Powder Supplements vs. Concentrated Curcuminoids 

Turmeric supplements are made out of turmeric powder placed in capsules. While this is the most affordable and convenient to use, these supplements do not provide the full curcuminoid content for you to take advantage of its benefits fully. 

Concentrated curcuminoids, on the other hand, are the “stepped up” version of the turmeric powder supplements. As its name implies, this product provides a highly concentrated dose of curcuminoid. Concentrated curcuminoid is 95% more focused than the usual powder supplements. But even if the ingredient content is relatively high, problems with absorption is still possible. 

Alternative Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Life

While supplements and concentrated powders are the norms when taking turmeric, there are several other ways you can enjoy turmeric. 

Brewing turmeric tea is the quickest way. Just add around ¼ teaspoon of freshly grated turmeric to a cup of boiling water and simmer it for about 10 minutes. Add some honey or lemon for some flavour. Other common ways include adding curry powder to your recipes or blending them into smoothies. 

Being knowledgeable about what you should look out for when you buy turmeric protein and other turmeric products are essential. After all, what’s the point of popping turmeric capsules and supplements if they do not deliver the benefits you are expecting.

Issues With New Mexico Chile Pepper

The climate of New Mexico is pitch perfect for growing the infamous chile pepper — usually. That’s all changing because of climate change (but don’t tell New Mexico residents that’s what we blame the problem on). June Rutherford is a New Mexico farmer who has been growing chile for the Great New Mexico Chile Taste-Off competition for about 80 years. That’s no small feat, but according to her it’s never been as difficult as it is right now.

“The weather hasn’t been a bit good for chile,” she said. “It’s been hot. Hot and dry.”


Your Field Guide To Coffee In Vancouver

Washington state is one of the most diverse locations in the country when searching for people, places, outdoor scenery — and yes, even coffee. The first word you associate with Vancouver is probably “Canada” but there’s so much more regardless of which side of the border you land on. A cafe or coffee shop in Vancouver will usually provide a bigger space for lounging around than you’re accustomed to anywhere else, and there’s a reason for that.


Shark Tank Eatery Opens In Seattle

Fans of the popular TV show Shark Tank know that it’s not always easy to convince the lineup of famous investors to embrace a novel idea — and in fact some participants go home empty-handed. But that wasn’t the case for owners of the now-renowned restaurant Fat Shack Underground, who managed to sweet talk investors into providing them with some sweet seed money for new locations and new possibilities.

One of those new possibilities is now situated in Pioneer Square. Head over to 88 Yesler Way for the perfect after-hours snack foods and desserts. Oh, but avoid Fat Shack if you’re not a fan of deep-fried foods. The owners sort of specialize in those. And they’re good at what they do.

Fat Shack Underground was first established as a single eatery on the East Coast. Soon, new locations would spring up in Colorado and Texas. The stint on Shark Tank landed them the funds to open their 15th location in Seattle. Billionaire Mark Cuban liked the restaurant idea — and the owners — and so he decided to grant them a whopping $250,000 for an equally whopping 15 percent stake in the franchise.

Oddly enough, Cuban is a 60-year-old health advocate. He’s accustomed to daily exercise, routine blood tests — and healthy eating habits. But that’s a lifestyle as far opposed to Fat Shack’s menu as it gets. It was especially surprising for Cuban to endorse the franchise because of his previous investments, which include products such as organic foods, plant-based supplements, and even vegan-made dog treats.

Fat Shack provides people with 2000-calorie snacks and sandwiches, i.e. heart attacks, strokes, and future diabetes for a premium price. Cuban said, “The business side of me says you’re hitting every line item. What I can’t get past is the whole health thing. Every other food product I have is geared towards healthy living.”

He was eventually compelled to change his mind when Fat Shack co-owner Tom Armenti told him he should consider diversifying his portfolio. Business words for a businessman. Armenti explained, “We don’t eat Fat Shack every single day, obviously. It’s a cheat meal for people to come in and get something really good.”

“Done,” Cuban responded. “Let’s go get fat.”

One has to wonder if health really matters as much when money speaks volumes. One also has to wonder if the fun snack establishment will take off in the highly Liberal bastion of Seattle, where people still, you know, walk whenever they can. Time will tell.

The pasty's seasonings are consistently simple. They are always seasoned with only salt and pepper and served with ketchup or gravy.

Famous Michigan Delicacies You Will Only Find Here

When people think of Michigan, food is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But ours is a state where people are forced to really hunker down for winter — and since we can’t hibernate like bears, we need to keep eating. Naturally, we do a lot more of it in winter! That’s why we have such a large number of iconic dishes (iconic if you’re from the area, at least). Here are just a few to try if you decide on a Michigan vacation!


The Master List Of Mexican Food In Los Angeles

When you live so close to the border with Mexico, you grow accustomed to eating Mexican cuisine — and you grow even more accustomed to acknowledging the great divide between “subpar” and “great” Mexican food. Los Angeles visitors won’t want to miss out on these great restaurants, where they experience the best authentic Mexican food north of the border. This is our master list!


What Are the Antioxidants in the Healthiest Teas?

With so many varieties available, we may find ourselves wondering what the healthiest teas are. These teas often contain high levels of antioxidants, which can protect your cells from free radicals. This is why teas rich with antioxidants are incredibly popular.

To appreciate all the benefits tea has to offer, we need to look closely at antioxidants. We need to explore what they are, how they help, and what the best teas are.

Antioxidants at a Glance

We’ve all heard the term antioxidant, but do we really know what they are or why they’re important? Antioxidants are chemicals that can be man-made or naturally occurring. They work to combat cell damage, working to repair cell oxidation. 

Everyone experiences oxidation, as it’s a completely normal part of life. Sometimes imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants becomes a health concern.

If free radicals malfunction within our bodies, we may be more susceptible to infections brought on by pathogens.

This is where antioxidants come into play.

We need antioxidants to offset free radicals. When this partnership is compromised, free radicals can cause many health issues. This is what makes antioxidants so important.

When free radicals and antioxidants lack harmony within the body, oxidative stress occurs. 

Health Issues Linked to Oxidative Stress

Fatty tissue and DNA are directly affected by free radicals within our bodies. Since our bodies largely consist of DNA, protein, and lipids (fats), free radical damage can cause serious health issues.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and cancer have are all linked to free radical damage.

Pesticides, radiation, cigarette smoke, and pollution are just some of the external factors that can generate free radicals within our bodies, as well as eating excess amounts of sugar, fat, and alcohol.

Free radicals are missing an electron. As a result, they pilfer through our bodies, looking for cells to “steal” an electron from. These cells now function abnormally, since they are missing an electron. They now “steal” electrons from other cells, causing a domino effect.

This, in turn, causes even more free radicals, making the process a vicious cycle.

Our immune system becomes confused. As a result, it starts attacking all types of cells within our bodies, regardless of whether they are good or bad. The casualties are often healthy tissue and cells. 

Combating Free Radical Damage With Antioxidants

Antioxidants are found in plant and animal products. They’re an essential part of life, especially Vitamins C and E. This is why a healthy diet filled with colorful fruit and vegetables is so important. 

In short, antioxidants give free radicals the electron they’re missing. They’re also capable of disarming the free radical so that it is essentially harmless. They rev up our immune system and help to keep our bodies healthy.

Rife with essential antioxidants, tea plays a huge role in providing our body with nourishing antioxidants essential for healthy living. 

The Healthiest Teas Available

Polyphenols, a plant-derived antioxidant, is commonly found in tea. Polyphenols are micronutrients commonly found in dried spices, red wine, cocoa, as well as fruits and vegetables. These play a key role in maintaining our health and general wellbeing. 

There are many polyphenols in tea, providing many health benefits. For starters, green tea can help our body burn fat for fuel, amplifying a daily workout. A major benefit is muscle endurance, as well as cardiovascular health and playing a role in cancer prevention.

The antioxidants in green tea include catechins, flavonoids naturally occurring in tea leaves. Since green tea undergoes minimal processing, it has a plentiful amount of catechins. 

Catechins are the antioxidants that can fight off and work to prevent cell damage from occurring.

Black tea is rich with polyphenols such as thearubigins, catechins, and theaflavins. Recent studies have shown evidence of thearubigins reducing blood sugar and cholesterol. 

It’s suggested to drink three or more cups a day in order to reduce the risk of heart disease. White tea is another type of tea and thought to have cardiovascular benefits, just like its green and black tea counterparts. 

Cascara Tea: The Best of The Best

Cascara tea is another type of tea that provides an abundance of antioxidants. Many people believe that cascara coffee cherries (what we make this tea from) have more antioxidants than it’s competitors, making it one of the best sources for antioxidants.

Cascara tea may help support a healthy immune system and promote mental health, as well as support high levels of BDNF, an element that helps with memory, feelings of happiness, and the brain’s ability to age. 

As an added bonus, cascara tea provides a natural burst of energy with a sweeter and fruitier flavor than coffee. It has less caffeine than coffee but all the antioxidants that tea has to offer, making it the perfect drink.

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy 

Drinking tea is excellent for a pre-workout boost or to help get you through the day. Teas rich with antioxidants provide many benefits. Cascara tea is one of the best ways to incorporate these antioxidants into your daily diet.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is an essential part of life, and antioxidants play an integral role. Cascara tea is one of the healthiest teas available, with the perfect blend of essential antioxidants and flavor, guaranteed to please any tea drinker. 

We invite you to explore our wide selection of flavors and to read about the many health benefits linked to cascara teas. We use only the finest ingredients and work to create sustainable products that benefit you and the environment. 

4 Wine Drinking Mistakes to Avoid

Wine tasting and drinking is somewhat a complex universe to understand that even some wine experts make mistakes about it sometimes.

One of these mistakes is believing that for you to appreciate wine, you need to be knowledgeable about liquor. While we don’t disregard the fact that extra having information about wines could help you, they will not  upgrade the taste experience for themselves. Still, there are a host of things you need to do right when pouring a glass of your favorite wine.

With that said, here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when drinking wine.

Pairing Your Wine With Cheese

Most of us think that a bottle of wine with a piece of cheese in the table is romantic, and it makes the night perfect. In fact, for most ladies, it’s a romantic fit for Valentine’s Day. But it actually does not give justice to the wine. 

Technically, some cheese variety, like goats’ and sheeps’, have high acidity, which can ruin the flavor of the wine when paired with them. Therefore when you pair it with a glass of wine with the same acidity and contains tannin, the flavors will clash. It will also spike up the alcohol, acidity, and tannin levels of wine, which can spoil its taste. 

If you can’t resist the idea of drinking and eating cheese, it’s best to go for lighter-bodied red wines Pinot and Gamay. These two varieties have mild acidity, which works well with hard and semi-hard cheeses.

Serving the Wine at the Wrong Temperature

Most of our pet peeve when it comes to drinking a glass of wine is it should be served to our desired temperature. 

For example, white wines should be too cold, and red wines like the best Dom Perignon wines are served too warm. But doing so can greatly affect the taste of wine. 

If it is too cold, then it freezes the aroma and its full flavor. These must be expressed so that you can taste its fruit and smell the aroma. What you should do,  for both white and red wine, is take it out of the fridge, open the bottle, and let it sit for about five minutes.

If you let it rest in a wine glass for a few minutes, then it will be fruitier and fresher. Sit down and allow yourself to enjoy watching the wine while it evolves in your glass. 

Using the Wrong Storage

Sometimes like us, the wine just needs to breathe before you can enjoy its full flavor potential. If you have a very alcoholic, young, muscular red wine, you will need to let it breathe. For this reason, the best you should do is to open it up and pour it out in any wine glass you want where it can release its flavor compounds. 

However, if you don’t have any plans yet to drink your bottle of wine, then properly store it in a wine fridge, rack, or cellar. Take note that a cellar must be dark and cool (at the right temperature.) It should not be exposed to sunlight. 

If you have plans to create a cellar on your own, then do not put it in your attic where intense sunlight is likely to penetrate as it can accelerate the aging process of the wine. It will affect the flavor, leaving you with poor quality vinos. Thus, make it a point to always measure the temperature of the room for around 55 degrees to secure and retain the taste of your favorite wine. 

Using Wrong Wine Glasses

People can get really stressed out over wine glassware. Which is sad, if you’ve got a great wine and you only have a mug or a regular glass. But, if you really want to enjoy the complexities of your wine, use a wine glass. It can make a difference. 

You want to enjoy the bubbles in your sparkling wine. When you have a flute shaped glass, carbon dioxide will move up the glass to prevent the formation of bubbles. And you always want to keep it down, because you don’t wish your sparkling wine to heat up.

If you want to warm up your red wine, then you can put your palm below the glass while slowly shaking it. It is very useful, especially when you are at a party and the wine served is cold. Because, again, if it is too cold, you cannot taste anything. 


These are all common four mistakes that we usually make when drinking wine that has  significant impacts on the taste of our favorite liquor. Surely, there are more of them. However, we can always make them right by being aware of the proper ways of drinking your wine. So be ready for your next wine tasting and be mindful of avoiding these mistakes.