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Great processed cheese products and the delicious eateries they go well with.

When at an eating joint, we eat a lot of fast foods and love that gooey melting sauce that our snacks come coupled with. While enjoying those delicacies, some of us don’t consider what ingredients make those snacks absolute hit to our palate. One of such ingredients is the processed cheese – yes, you heard that right. Processed cheese is a different breed than cheese.

There are lot many varieties of processed cheese, but all of these are made by heating and blending varying proportions of cheese, milk, salts, preservatives, food colouring with some emulsifying agents. With their strong focus on altering flavours, they are absolute in most fast food. So here is our pick for processed cheese and dishes that they go well with:

Cheese sauce

Cheese sauce or cheddar sauce is a simple sauce made up with butter, flour, milk and few seasonings. It was a concoction perfected by Blackie Donnely, the original owner of Mexico Chiquito Restaurants. Ever since its evolution, it has spread to the many Tex-Mex and other traditional restaurants as it goes well with non-Tex-Mex dishes.

Cheese sauce can be used in a variety of recipes like being poured over meats, pasta, vegetables and even as the liquid cheese sauce for nacho. This versatile and indispensable item goes very well for fries, nachos, broccoli, burgers, chilli, baked potatoes and many more. Two of my favourites Cheese sauce dishes are:

Veg Cheese Puff

Enjoy veg cheese puff with delicious puff pastry shell filled with creamy cheese topped with fresh cut vegetable. This buttery puff pastry and crunchy vegetables are perfect pairings with sharp, mouth-watering creamy cheese.

Roasted Poblano Cheese Sauce

Enjoy the flaming spice with flavourful creamy cheese with roasted poblanos, combine to make a perfect dip, sauce, topping or others.

Get more insight about Roasted Poblano Cheese Sauce here

Burger Cheese Slices

Originated in 1910 the American cheese is a processed cheese made from the blend of milk, milk fats, whey, and other protein concentrates. It is popular as American Cheese, Kraft Singles or as Burger Cheese, among others – varying from nation to nation. It is by far the best cheese for burgers in Australia and elsewhere in the world and therefore popular as burger cheese.

Burger cheese slices are perfect for snacking, with its perfect melting consistency; it just goes so well with any fast foods –especially it has a good romance with burgers. Imagine the burger grilled to perfection, topped with extra slices of American cheese and served in sesame. So here are some dishes that you can cook with American cheese slices.

Some of the favourite dishes that go well with the American cheese are:

Spicy Jalapeno Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese

You will not be able to resist the extra hot jalapeno with melted grilled cheese. Find more about Spicy Jalapeno Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese here.

American mac and cheese pizza

Just enjoy the sizzling pizza filled with macaroni and cheese. Know more about American mac and cheese pizza.

Here you have it. The delicacies that go well with processed cheese. Try it and if you’ve tried something extra with the processed cheese, let us know in the comment below.

Foods and Supplements for Your Keto Diet

The keto diet is a low-carbohydrate diet named by the processes that occur in the body in a low-glucose state. Moreover, the keto diet aims to create this state so as to facilitate the weight loss.

People that practice the keto diet know that by decreasing or completely restricting the daily intake of carbs, they stimulate their body to turn to alternative source of energy rather than glucose. Normally, the carbohydrates contained in food are converted into glucose that body uses as a source of energy. In the case of carbs deprivation our body activates the mechanism of using the stored fat as alternative source of energy, therefore converting the fatty acids into ketones. Ketones are taken up by almost all cells within the body, acting as a very high energy fuels.

Carbohydrates are macronutrients that are stored in our body. Proteins, on the other hand, cannot be stored and used later, therefore, in a case of low-carb diet, increased protein intake is a must. Proteins are great source of amino acids that produce energy for the cells that cannot use ketones as a fuel. Healthy fats are also a great part of a keto diet.

The keto friendly foods listed below are low in carbs and high in other important nutrients, helping you maintain a good health, while losing some bad fat.

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Keto Food List

The quality rather than quantity of nutrients is important in any diet for maintaining a good health and achieving great results. Keeping this in mind, you can create your own meal plan, and to help you with that, we made a keto food list that can be helpful for beginners.

1. Eggs –are a very healthy food. They are very suitable for keto diet since an egg contains no more than 1g of carbs and is a great source of proteins.

2. Vegetables – are high in fiber, low in calories and they contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Most vegetables are very low in carbs. Vegetables that are considerate as the most keto friendly are: cucumbers, broccoli, bell peppers, asparagus, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, garlic, cabbage.

3. Mushrooms – are a great food. They are extremely low in carbs and high in protein. Very suitable and recommended in the daily meals of keto diet.

4. Dairy products:

·         Cheese is a delicious food that is low in carbs but very high in fat, most of which is saturated fat. This means that cheese is keto friendly but it is not recommended to be used in large amounts. However, for a keto dieter it is important to have cheese in the daily meals as it is high in protein and calcium.

·         Greek yogurt is highly recommended even though it contains some carbs. It is highly versatile and healthy food that can be combined with many foods and even consumed as a snack on its own.

5. Oils – ketosis benefits greatly from the coconut oil and the olive oil.

·         Coconut oil is highly recommended for a keto diet as it contains triglycerides that are taken by the liver and converted into ketones. Moreover, coconut oil is known to have a lot of health benefits and helps and promotes losing fat even when the person is not practicing any diet or restriction.

·         Olive oil – as a salad is a great deal of a daily meal plan, olive oil is the ideal salad dressing while providing numerous benefits. Many studies show that olive oil is high in antioxidants which protect the heart health. Therefore, it is the best choice to add to your food when you are on keto diet.

6. Nuts and seeds are great food that should be a part of any meal or dietary plan. They are high in healthy fats and very low in carbs. They are high in fiber and may even help in weight regulation when consumed reasonably. Moreover, nuts and seeds can be added to many meals and make a good tasty recipes.

·         Nuts: almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, macadamia and Brazilian nuts.

·         Seeds: chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

7. Fruits – are nature’s candy, and are a delightful dessert when you are on restrictive diet. Many fruits are high in carbs andt people avoid them when they want to lose weight because of the amount of sugar they contain. However, berries are considered to be keto friendly. Moreover, they are loaded with antioxidants, high in fiber and very tasty.

·         Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are all suitable for a keto diet.

·         Lemons are very powerful fruit as well, containing a great amount of vitamin C and no carbs at all. It’s not a nature’s candy but you can use it in your salads and meals and enjoy its benefits.

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Keto Diet Supplements

Sticking to a dietary plan that is very restrictive can be challenging especially when you are busy with work. Therefore, it can be difficult to have a high-fat and high-protein keto meals throughout the day. Unfortunately, this is the reason why many people don’t stick to the dietary plan. The good news is, there are clean and quality supplements that can get you through the day.

On-the-go keto shakes are a tasty supplements filled with all the nutrients your body needs. The advanced formulations and quality ingredients keto supplements are made from, have made keto lifestyle easy to maintain. Moreover, they will save you time and money and significantly lower your cravings.

How To Stay Healthy When Studying To Become A Nurse

Being a nursing student is stressful, especially when you’re in your senior year. Stress can lead to a lot of health complications such as eating disorders or sleep deprivation. If you want to become a nurse and attend to other people’s needs, you must take care of your own health first.

Here are ways to do it:

1. Have a Healthy Diet

Whether you’re attending an online or a local nursing school, you need to eat healthy. Nursing institutions, whether local or online, such as Regis College, abide by academic requirements in order to maintain high-quality educational programs. Because of this, you may find some subjects difficult to pass or finish. To resolve such problems, you need to keep your stomach full of healthy food to make your mind healthy as well.

When you’re eating healthy, you can increase your academic performance since a healthy diet has an impact on your mental state. Avoiding foods with high fats such as processed foods can help you reduce depression since these fats can cause your neurotransmitters to be inflamed. These neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating your moods. When you have a good and stable mood, you can effectively work on your academic requirements.

Here are some healthy foods that can boost your brain and memory:

  • Fatty Fish – Considered as a brain food. These include fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as sardines, trout, and salmon. Omega-3 is essential for your memory since these fats are used by your brain. Moreover, it reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease or other age-related mental decline illnesses.
  • Turmeric – It contains curcumin, which can benefit your brain by improving your memory and boosting your dopamine levels. It also helps your brain cells grow in order to avoid age-related mental decline.
  • Broccoli – Contains antioxidants and vitamin K. It protects your brain from damage and improves your memory.
  • Nuts – Contain vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthy fats that can sharpen your memory, as well as improve your heart.

2. Exercise Regularly

Although you might feel overwhelmed with your studies, you must stay physically active. Not only will it keep you healthy, but it also comes with great benefits. Here are the reasons why you need to exercise regularly despite your busy student life:

  • Relieves stress. Whatever year you’re in, you may feel stressed from time to time. To combat being depressed, exercise will improve your mood as it releases serotonin and endorphins. These can relieve stress, which can help you achieve and succeed in your goals as a nursing student.
  • Enhances focus and concentration. Being physically active can help improve your focus, which is necessary for your classes. You are more likely to retain the things you have learned with an active physical lifestyle.
  • Develops brain cells. Exercise improves the connections of neurons in your brain, and boosts cell development. As a result, you can improve your grades and cognitive test performance.

3. Have Enough Sleep

Nursing students have been known to be sleep-deprived because of their workload. When you don’t have enough sleep, you’re more likely to experience memory problems, irritability, impaired immune functions, hallucinations, and pains. Three to five hours of sleep is not recommended as it heightens your risk of losing focus and concentration. When this happens, your grades and health may decline. What’s suggested is for students to sleep at least seven hours every night.

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, you should establish a nightly routine such as the following:

  • Shut down stimulating activities. You must avoid activities such as watching TV, browsing the net, checking emails or social media, and others, especially those that involve using backlit devices. These backlit devices are telling your brain that it’s daytime, so it keeps you awake.
  • Create the right environment for sleep. Make your bedroom dark enough that it tells your brain that it’s night time. A quiet environment can also help train your brain that it’s time for bed. These routines can precondition your mind and body to be relaxed.
  • Monitor your sleep. If you know your sleeping patterns, then you know how many more hours you need. To stabilize your sleep schedule, practice whether you should sleep early or wake up later.


As a nursing student, you need to keep up with the workload of your chosen course, while at the same time not neglecting your health. Whether you’re feeling stressed or not, you must keep your mind and body healthy so that you can quickly catch up with the pace of your studies.

Foods To Avoid Due To Staining Your Teeth

When looking at caring for your teeth and the signs of staining, it is important to first start with your diet. Some of our favourite foods that are within our everyday diet could be leading to the erosion of the surface of the tooth, as well as staining your teeth either yellow or a light brown. Although this can be combatted with teeth whitening services in London and other areas of the UK, it is important to try and prevent the damage at the beginning. Here we are going to look at some of the foods to avoid if you want to prevent damage to your teeth.

Coca Cola

One of the biggest culprits for staining of teeth is Coca Cola or other forms of soda. This bubbly sweet drink is a favourite to many, but this can stain the surface of your teeth over time. The brown nature of the drink mixed with the carbonation means that the drink penetrates the surface of the teeth, staining and damaging the surface of the tooth. Although this does take time to have an effect on the surface of the tooth, it is important to substitute this for water or a healthier alternative before the staining occurs.

Balsamic Vinegar

In addition to this, there are a number of acidic foods that will stain the surface of the tooth over time, one of these being balsamic vinegar. This beloved favourite is perfect on chips but can slowly wear away at the enamel on the surface of the tooth. Not only this, but it will leave a brown stain on the bottom of the tooth due to the nature of the vinegar itself. To combat the signs of staining on the teeth, simply cut back on the number of acidic foods that you have within your diet. This will not only help to calm the stomach acid but also protect the teeth from erosion or further staining.

Coffee/ Tea

Another food that can stain your teeth quite substantially is both tea and coffee. Although this is a favourite for many when they wake up first thing in the morning, this could actually be doing your teeth more harm than good. This is particularly true if you are someone that likes to drink black coffee as the dark nature of the drink can lead your teeth to stain. One of the ways that you can prevent this from staining your teeth is to drink your drink through a straw, this will help to protect the front teeth whilst still allowing you to enjoy your drink.


Another food that is enjoyable for you but not for your teeth is the Lemon. This is a common ingredient in a number of meals, particularly in the summer, as this is an ingredient that can be added to drinks and salads but the acidity within this fruit can wear down your teeth. Over time this will wear down the front of the teeth and cause permanent damage – although this can be prevented by having veneers or teeth whitening. However, this can also be prevented by rinsing the mouth of the acid and brushing the teeth.

It is important to ensure that you rinse the mouth before brushing as the acid present on the top of the teeth can do more damage when brushed deeper into the tooth. By rinsing out with water beforehand you can ensure that you are not worsening the problem of erosion and caring for your teeth easily.

Although each of these foods tastes great, it is important to enjoy these in moderation, this will not only help to keep your mouth healthy, but it will also help to maintain your diet as a whole.

Why You Should Be Eating Cassava

If you have no idea what cassava is, then you’re probably not alone. It’s a tuberous plant that grows down in South America in tropical regions. When cooked improperly or eaten raw, it can release dangerous amounts of concentrated cyanogenic glycosides (or cyanide) into the body. This can result in damage to thyroid glands, impaired nerve function, organ failure, paralysis, and death. But guess what: we think you should be eating cassava anyway. Here’s why!


The Definitive Guide To Peaches: How Much Do You Know?

Peaches are a most fascinating fruit, and you probably didn’t even know it. They are a variety of “stone fruit.” Their seeds are nestled inside of a strong protective outer shell, which we know as the pit. Apricots, plums, and cherries all fall into the stone fruit category.


Battle Of The Dinosaur BBQ: Which One Is Better?

Never heard of Dinosaur BAR-B-QUE? Then you probably don’t reside in New York. Even if you do, there’s a good chance you’re not familiar with the small chain. It mostly operates near NYC or out west, with a single restaurant in both New Jersey and Connecticut. The Dinosaur idea was conceived at the Harley Rendezvous situated near Albany, New York before it began as a concession stand in 1983. Since then, the award-winning Dinosaur expanded to eight locations known for fresh food and occasional live music. So which location is your favorite?


Healthy Eating And Your Hair

Healthy eating is much more than substitutes to the odd meal it is a complete lifestyle choice that can differ from person to person. With everyone’s bodies reacting in different ways depending on changes that you make the main signs of balding can easily be prevented with the right changes to your diet. Here are some of the changes you can make for the best possible results.


Eggs are a great addition to anyone’s diet when looking to grow your hair as it has protein, vitamin D and Zinc which are just some of the many nutrients that your hair needs in order to grow. Eggs can be eaten on toast in the morning as well as in omelettes along with a number of other vegetables helping you to be healthy both inside and out. A scrambled egg can also be placed into a healthy summer salad or in a sandwich to further incorporate this into your diet allowing your body to reap the benefits. In addition to eating them, egg white can also be applied directly onto the scalp to nourish and strengthen the hair.  


Although this is a key part of a balanced diet, meat can also be good for the hair due to the vast quantities of protein that is in it. In addition to this, there are also elements such as Iron and salt which are all vital to human body function. Meat is also rich in iodine which will help with normal bodily function to the vital organs meaning that hair will be less likely to fall out as a result. The simple addition of ham or turkey is the perfect option for lunches to incorporate the meat into your diet if you are not the biggest fan.


Another addition to your diet for healthy happy hair is the power of strawberries. Not only do they have a number of antioxidants that are great for the health of the scalp as well as vitamin C to fight dandruff and promote growth. This tasty fruit is also perfect for preventing hair loss as they have folic acid and vitamin B% which are both known to help aid this process. This can be used in smoothies as well as other recipes to maintain healthy hair as well as a healthy all-around lifestyle.


Fish is already known for the benefits that it has on the brain and overall thinking. However, it can also be beneficial for the hair. Not only is the meat full of protein but it is also omega rich which promotes the health of the hair nourishing it from the inside out. Fish such as salmon, haddock and cod are all easily incorporated within a diet and can be cooked and eaten in a multitude of different ways. If cooked fish isn’t something that appeals to you there are also a number of other options in the form of sushi which are rich in protein allowing you to try something different within your diet.

So whether you are looking to opt for some of these in your daily diet or some of the other dietary changes available there are a number of ways that healthy eating will help your hair. Where will you begin?  

How Appetite Suppressants Support Weight Loss

With obesity rates increasing, many Americans are looking for ways to fight the epidemic in their own lives. Beyond aesthetics, obesity can increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

To combat obesity and encourage weight loss, individuals engage in healthy eating habits and exercise. To support these endeavors, scientists have created a variety of appetite suppressant shakes, pills, and medicines to reduce appetite and work with weight loss. How do appetite suppressants work? Let’s take a look at what appetite actually is, what appetite suppressants are, and how appetite suppressants work to promote weight loss.  

What is appetite?

There are a number of hormones, proteins, and physical responses that create appetite. Appetite, or the desire to eat food, begins in the brain—not the digestive system. A part of the brain called the hypothalamus brings to mind an awareness of hunger. Hormones secreted by the intestines, pancreas, and fat tissue signal to the hypothalamus that the body needs more food, creating a feeling of hunger.

Appetite can be about more than the physical need for nourishment—it is connected to pleasure in the brain. The neurotransmitter serotonin, which creates feelings of happiness and well-being, also affects how the brain perceives hunger and reactions to foods. Low blood sugar levels, typically caused by a lack of food, lower serotonin levels in the brain, which can make a person feel both irritable and hungry, and increase appetite. The pleasure center of the brain, the nucleus accumbens, is also stimulated while a person is eating, which can increase the drive to eat.

How do appetite suppressants work?

Appetite suppressants are pills, shakes, or other products designed to disrupt the many signals your brain receives that result in a feeling of hunger. When hunger signals are disrupted, your appetite is reduced. A reduced appetite means your brain only communicates to your body the desire to eat foods that are necessary, resulting in weight loss. Here are two common ways appetite suppressants work:

  • Expand in your stomach to signal to the brain that the stomach is full.
  • Increase serotonin, which increases the satisfaction and satiety your brain gets from food, so you feel happier with less. The increased sense of well-being that comes from more serotonin can decrease emotional overeating, leading to weight loss.

Many dieters struggle to lose weight because, while they are eating well and exercising, they can’t shake the feeling of hunger, which can lead to overeating. Appetite suppressants alter brain chemistry to create a feeling of fullness, making it easier for dieters to succeed with their weight loss goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the science of appetite and weight loss, connect with Xyngular.

All you need to know about American cheese and its goodness

How do you describe “American Cheese”? – Gooey and creamy sauce dripping from pizza, burger or a salty and umami taste in our mouth. American cheese is one of the greatest culinary gift of America bestowed upon the world. Whether it is the Nacho cheese dip sauce, morning eggs, grilled cheese or our beloved burger, American cheese is the key ingredient. American cheese melts so very well with the burger patties that it is considered one of the best cheese for burgers. It is available in the market in various brands like Kraft Singles, Velveeta, Borden and Pure Dairy in Australia.

What is American cheese?

American cheese is processed cheese made from a blend of milk and some additives. It is orange, yellow or white with a mild and salty taste. It is known for its very low melting points. It comes either in individual slices from dairy case or sliced off the rectangular block at the deli counter. There are many kinds of cheeses produced in America like Bent River, Humboldt Fog, Cougar Gold cheese, and Mold Sleeper. They are all good cheeses, but they are not the “American Cheese”- the kind you get in the individual plastic wrappers. It is also commonly known as “American slice” or “American single.”

History of American cheese

Processed cheese was invented over 100 years ago in Switzerland. It was created to reduce cheese waste. The scraps of various batches of cheese were melted together to create a new batch of cheese. In 1916 Canadian-American entrepreneur James L. Kraft perfected the technique in the US. It was patented and started manufacturing as the first commercially available slice processed cheese.

Ingredients of Processed cheese

American cheese is made of pasteurized cow’s milk. Milk is pasteurized to destroy any harmful organisms. From a recent study, it has demonstrated that pasteurized milk is just as nutritious as raw milk. But it may differ in taste and texture. Asides from a combination of cheeses, American cheese can contain water, salt, artificial colors, flavorings, texture enhancers, mold inhibitors and emulsifying agents-substances that is soluble in fat and water to mix and become a stable. Some of the emulsifying agent used in cheese are sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, etc. One of the biggest features of American cheese is the melt. The use of emulsifiers in processed cheese lets it melt smoothly and uniformly when heated.

The appeal of American cheese

American cheese is known for its flexibility to use in a wide array of dishes. It can be used as a substitute for sauce or as the main ingredient for the culinary dishes. American is the cheese which put cheese in the Cheeseburger. It is only cheese for the Cheeseburger. The combination of the creamy feel of cheese and savory taste of meat in the burger is a perfect match. American cheese has a mild flavor which does not dominate the flavor of the burger; rather it enhances the taste of the burger. The easiness of eating a burger with high melt cheese is the reason for everyone’s guilty pleasure for fatty food. With our innate affinity toward the creamy, fatty treat, American cheese will continue to reign supreme in our kitchen as well as the heart.


About the Author:

Rosemary Kobe is a housewife who loves to play with her two little twin-toddlers at home, read everything that comes her way related to gastronomy and is an amateur cook that devotes most of her time to cooking a range of dishes for her family and friends to try.