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How Cell-Based Seafood May Make the Impossible, Possible

Plant-based alternatives are cropping up all over town, celebrating a new approach to the health of our own bodies and our planet. By replacing animal-based foods with alternatives that are becoming more and more satisfying, individuals are making small changes that have a huge collective impact. The benefits of a plant-based diet reach far and wide, from conserving water and protecting natural habitats, to cutting down on an individual’s carbon footprint. 

The Meaty Problem at Hand

And according to the United Nations, this is a much-needed change. In fact, one of the world’s most urgent problems today is meat. At the center of our plates and our entire food system, meat has brought a catastrophic rise in greenhouse gas emissions. It has even left us with a greenhouse gas footprint that rivals that of every car, truck, bus, ship, airplane, and rocket ship combined.

The magnitude of the problem is clearly a challenge but thanks to innovations in science and technology, we are beginning to make the impossible, possible. Just look at the Impossible Burger! Taking over almost every menu, even that of the famed Burger King Whopper menu, plant-based foods are entering the mainstream and people are gobbling it up.

A New Approach: Cell-Based Seafood

Meanwhile, there is another disruptive approach on the rise, cell-based seafood. Cell-based seafood involves the use of embryonic fish cells grown within a controlled lab environment. Not only does the production process eliminate nearly all animal cruelty, it makes much more efficient use of resources and will do much less damage to the planet as a whole. 

Relieving the financial and ecological pressures placed by large-scale factory fish farming and capture, cell-based seafood enhances species conservation and reduces the environmental pollutants that are associated with the current industrial approach.

While an emerging alternative, the cell-based seafood approach is entering at a positive time in the market when individuals are becoming more and more conscious of their food choices and its innate impact on the future of the planet. 

A leader in the industry Alain Rostain, the CEO of Clean Research, brings a passion to his work that is as deep as the ocean. “By accelerating the research and development of making real fish meat (the fillet) directly from cells, I’m truly excited by the opportunity to provide consumers with cleaner seafood options while accelerating our transition from a factory-farm based economy to a bioprocess economy. Knowing that my work could help transform the food economy and this planet for future generations contributes to my enthusiasm on a daily basis,” he says. 

Advancing Food Alternatives

Alain’s company is currently working to accelerate the research and development of cell-based lean fish. Bringing a collaborative approach to the industry, Clean Research is setting standards with the quality of its approach to science and technology. Within the next five years, Clean Research hopes the field can start to move successfully from public research and development to private commercialization efforts.

The Road Ahead

This could be just the kind of forward motion we need after the recent wave of plant-based alternatives. Because according to Alain Rostain, we still have a long way to go. “While plant-based foods are becoming more available, it’s important to remember that it is only with cell-based meat, poultry, and seafood that we will replace what is normally eaten on a daily basis. Obviously, our industry has made some progress in just a few short years, but there is an even longer road ahead,” he adds.

A former computer strategist and leader of insight-based breakthrough innovations, Alain Rostain is no fish out of water when it comes to progress and disruption. His approach may be a little unconventional, but it is also proof that if we think outside of the box and put our minds together, there is no limit to the problems we can solve and the advancements we can make on our planet. It is also proof that it may just be worth taking a shot at the ‘impossible.’

“We are not only taking on reinventing how we make real seafood, but also attempting to bring this essential research and development back into the public domain; the field got competitive too early. Many think what I am trying to do is impossible. It may only be nearly impossible. Since it’s necessary for our children and their children, I am optimistic we will find a way,” he says.

Here Is Why Eating Out Can Be Good for You

Statistics show that only 10% of Americans love to cook, and most of them eat out at an average of 5.9 times per week. Compared to the women in the 1960s, modern women today also spend less time cooking at just 66 minutes per day. 

There are several reasons that more consumers are eating out. 

Why more people prefer to eat in restaurants

Optimized dining space

To achieve maximum efficiency, many restaurants today create spaces that allow for different eating styles. In some dining establishments, people can order ahead using an online ordering platform, cutting down waiting time. Some also allow for takeaways to be picked up at a store closer to the consumer. 

Many of these restaurants take advantage of technology to improve efficiency. These include kiosks and handheld POS systems to automate and speed up order requests, respectively.

Variety of food choices

At home, the food you eat is often limited to what you, your mom, or someone else knows how to cook. In restaurants, you get to try different dishes, depending on where you dine. If you have an adventurous palate, you’re going to love eating out at different restaurants at any time. 

Craving for some Mojo Shrimps, BBQ Chicken Cobb, and a Cubano? Head out to Riot House and satisfy your hunger. Visit during its Scottsdale happy hour and have your fill of drinks. There are many places like this in the town you live in or are visiting. Scottsdale is known for its eclectic dining for those foodies.

Flexible dining experience

Eating out at different restaurants enables you to enjoy food in different ways. Each restaurant has a different style, personality, and dishes. Clichéd as it may sound but dining out will take you on a gastronomic journey. 

You get to eat different dishes and from different cultures. If you limit yourself to eating at home, you won’t have the opportunity to keep an open mind in your choice of food.

Distraction-free dining

When in a restaurant, you may still be tempted to check out your phone rather than to be at the moment” while you eat. But that’s probably the only distraction you have to deal with.

At home, the TV, pets, and other people will pull you away from the table. What are the odds that you’ll end up eating in front of the TV instead of at the dining table with the rest of your family?

Build manners and social skills

At a restaurant, you need to:

  • Interact with the wait staff
  • Interact with other people dining with you
  • Wait for your food
  • Complain or provide feedback without being disrespectful
  • Observe table manners

All these require you to be patient,polite and behave in a way that is appropriate with your surroundings. In some restaurants, you have to follow the dress code or be denied entry. 

Suffice it to say that your dining experience will help develop your social skills and manners. The friendlier and respectful you are to restaurant staff, the more satisfying your experience is. 

Opens doors for communication

You don’t dine and dash in restaurants. At least this is not usually the case in a full-service establishment. Without distractions, you have lots of opportunities to chat. Most of the time, people dine in restaurants to catch up, talk business, and the like. 

Conversations are longer too since you’ll want to savor the food you paid for and enjoy the company you’re with. 

In a way, you will develop and improve your communication skills when you eat out. 

Observe proper restaurant etiquette

If you want a great dining experience, you should behave accordingly. How do you do this exactly?

Don’t be loud

No one likes a diner who is noisy and annoying. A restaurant may be a place to socialize but no need to be loud and rowdy. Keep conversations at a low decibel, even when you’re cracking up. 

Be patient

Unless you’re eating at a fast-food restaurant, give the kitchen time to prepare your food and wait for it to be served. Ask the wait staff how long you need to wait and only follow-up or complain when the restaurant does not keep their promise. 

Inform in advance

Say you will be late for your reservation, inform the restaurant ahead of time. Doing so will ensure your table will not be given to someone else or that you won’t waste space that other diners could have used. 

Properly use of cutlery 

Depending on where you eat, you may need to hold a fork and knife in either the American or European way. The former suggests that you hold both only when the food needs to be cut. Afterward, you transfer the fork in your right hand. 

The European style, on the other hand, is when you hold the knife in your right hand and the fork in the left. 

Avoid making noise with your cutlery when you dine.

Ready to eat out? 

10 Healthy On-The-Go Fast Food Alternatives for Busy Entrepreneurs

When you are busy focused on building a business the last thing you are worrying about is eating healthy. As a business owner, you have plenty on your plate. There are always new issues, challenges and tasks being thrown your way.

It’s more convenient to grab something on the go, or opt for fast food in the middle of a busy day. But, what many don’t realize is that when you eat healthy it’s not only better for you physically, but your mental focus can improve as well. Fueling your body with healthy options can give you more energy and eliminate mental fog.

We polled several successful business owners and leaders, and asked them to provide one simple and easy meal or snack alternative that was healthier than a McDonald’s value meal or other “convenient” options. Here are some suggestions to consider reaching for throughout the day.

1. Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away — isn’t that what they say? There are actually a lot of reasons to reach for an apple when you are hungry over something like a candy bar or a bag of chips. The nutritional profile is much healthier, there is no fat or artificial additives and they actually can help promote healthy digestion.

The calorie count is very low as well and an apple will make you feel full and satisfied. A little bag of chips might be loaded with fat and have 400 calories, only to leave you hungry for more, which can trigger binge eating.” – Paul Kelly, 247 CCTV Security Ltd

2. “Healthy” Protein Bar

“Protein bars are highly popular, and you can find them everywhere now, no there really isn’t an excuse for not eating one of these instead of a burger and fries. But just because something is labeled as a protein bar doesn’t mean it’s truly healthy.

A lot of the supplement companies are trying to make the best tasting protein bar, and in doing so they add in more sugars, fats, carbs and artificial flavors. These make them on par with unhealthy candy bars like Snickers and Milky Ways. Make sure you look for ones with a good amount of protein and low sugar, fat and carbs.” – Chad Gaynier of Clarity Clinic

3. Prepped High Protein Meal

“You need to have real food in your diet, and a lot of people try to get by on protein bars and protein shakes, but you need real protein sources, veggies, greens and healthy carbs. You can make sure you get this if you take the time to make meals in advance. Cooking the night before isn’t always possible, so carve out some time and make meals for 7-10 days at a time and freeze them.

Something like grilled chicken breast, green veggies and brown rice can be prepped and frozen easily, and you simply grab one and throw it in your bag each day as you leave the house. It couldn’t be any easier. It’s a great way to help get into a healthy routine.” – Tad Thomas, Managing Partner of Thomas Law Offices

4. Sugar Free Jell-O

“There are two reasons I keep sugar free Jell-O cups around while working. If I am starving and need to eat something I will have one and it will hold me over, and it’s only 10 calories. No sugar. No fat. It’s a great snack that will crave not only hunger, but also any sugar or candy craving you might have.

If you are used to eating junk food these are great to use as a way to limit or reduce the junk food you consume. Sugar is addictive, so you may not always be able to eliminate it entirely right away. This is a great alternative that can help you ease off the junk food choices.” – Chris Moberg, President of Slumber Search

5. Protein Shake

“Protein shakes can be a great meal replacement option that is also very convenient. It takes a few seconds to make one and you can drink them on the go or at your desk even. The trick is to find one that is healthy and has very limited sugars, fat and carb counts. The unhealthy ones defeat the purpose.

If you get sick of drinking shakes switch it up by mixed with almond milk instead of water, or make protein pancakes or protein muffins with it. You can get creative to keep it interesting. The same thing over and over becomes stale and you are more apt to cheat. Also, make sure to switch between several flavors. Drinking a vanilla shake every day will drive you crazy.” – Ignacio Soria, CEO of Cann & Co.

6. Green Smoothie

“One of the largest deficiencies when it comes to nutrients is greens. Most people simply don’t eat enough veggies to take in the most beneficial amount. While supplements are a good alternative, nothing replaces the actual food source. It’s not always possible or convenient to eat all of the veggies you would need to consume daily, so a smoothie is a great option.

Having a green smoothie in the morning for breakfast or after the gym is a great way to get them all in and kick start your healthy eating for the day. You can either cut up your own veggies and juice them or buy smoothie packages you just add water and ice to.” – Hyung Park, President of Abraham Lincoln University

7. Mixed Nuts

“Some people shy away from nuts as a snack because they see that they have a high fat content, but it’s important to know that nuts like almonds, for example, contain healthy fat. You have to incorporate some fat into your diet, and this is a great way.

They are a good snack that will keep you occupied for a bit eating them and will curb hunger. Go for ones that do not have extra seasoning or salt. You want to avoid all of the extra sodium. That will just make you retain more water and make you look and feel bloated.” – Christopher Kerr, VP Marketing at Earnhardt Lexus

8. Greek Yogurt

“There was a major Greek yogurt craze a while ago and that led to several new companies launching and most of the major traditional yogurt companies creating lines of the healthier options. Now, there are many that have zero fat and zero sugars.

There are more options than just the standard ‘Plain’ that was once all that was available, and they are a good substitute especially if you are someone that likes ice cream. You can almost trick yourself into thinking it’s more of a treat than it really is.” – Pat Skinner of Answer First

9. Kale Chips

“Chips are a favorite snack among many people. They are convenient and they are a good addition. The trouble is that they add a lot more than you want, including cars, fat and other unhealthy ingredients. Kale chips might not sound appealing, but they actually don’t taste as bad as they sound.

Kale is very healthy, and you will find that most Kale chips are baked so there is no added oil. They have the ‘crisp’ that makes them have the texture and feel of a chip, but minus all of the bad stuff. You can get individual bags and keep them at your desk for emergency snack situations.” – Christopher Dziak, CEO of Pure Nootropics

10. Cucumber Slices

“Cucumbers are made up of a lot of water, making them very refreshing. Not only are they very low on calories, but they are low in sugar and carbs, have almost no fat and their calories are low. There are a lot of health benefits, and if you slice or cube them up it makes a nice crunchy snack.

You can also team them up with lunch or dinner to give you a side, rather than reaching for chips or fries, or another carb heavy option. Avoid dips, because that cancels out the benefits. If you can’t eat them plain for some reason try hitting them with a very small amount of Himalayan pink salt.” – Michael Herron, Law Offices of Michael R. Herron

Is CBD a Superfood?

Who hasn’t heard of superfoods? From goji berries to seaweed, there are too many superfoods out there to count or to keep up with in today’s fitness-conscious world. Superfoods are considered to be any food that is packed with nutrients and can have amazing benefits for your body and mind. 

One question that comes up often these days is whether CBD a superfood as well? You can find many brands of CBD products out there to try, so making sure that you read reviews on sites such as The CBD Insider is imperative to getting the brand that works well and is right for your needs. But does that make it a superfood? 

What exactly is CBD?

CBS, which is short for cannabidiol, is derived from hemp and other plants. It is making quite an impact on the health and wellness industry, and it’s being used by more and more people for health problems, weight loss, and other issues. It is thought that because our bodies produce cannabinoids naturally, CBD is a healthy way to deal with pain and other issues. 

What is CBD used for?

In recent years, CBD has been used for a number of physical and mental ailments. A few of those ailments are listed below. 

  • To relieve the pain of arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Stress
  • Anxiety 
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression 
  • Pain relief
  • Inflammation

CBD is derived from a plant, so many say it’s safe to say that it can be classified as a superfood. But can it? 

Cannabis is one of nature’s most widely cultivated crops and has been used for centuries in some countries. It’s also been consumed by humans for centuries as well. Like the superfoods that most people eat today, raw cannabis is packed full of nutritional value. Below you can find a few of the compounds that make this plant healthy for you. 

  • Cannabinoid acids
  • Terpenes
  • Amino acids
  • Ketones
  • Proteins

And it’s important not to forget about the hemp plant itself. It’s full of nutrients that your body needs as well. The seeds themselves are said to contain be more than 25 percent protein and 30 percent oil. This makes it good source of vitamins and nutrients that you need as well. Many people worry, however, that CBD oils will get them high, as THC does. This isn’t the case, though. CBD is nonpsychoactive. 

If you do decide that you want to try CBD oil, no matter what the reason, it’s important to contact your primary health care provider first to ensure that this is the right step for you, whether it is eventually declared a superfood or not. 

But is it a superfood? 

Going back to the original question of whether CBD can be considered a superfood or not, the jury is still out. Looking at the nutrients that are found in cannabis and CBD oils, there is an argument for each being a superfood that some say can’t be denied. 

However, no concrete studies show that CBD is indeed safe to use and that it has the health benefits it says it does. The jury will remain out on this one until more research is done. In the meantime, choose your brand wisely and do what you think is right on the superfood front. 

Diet and Flat Stomach

A flat belly is something that can give you confidence and a positive image. It can be a sign that you are living a healthy life. Although most people do exercises and workouts in order to trim down the stomach fats, diet can also play a very important role. Aside from diet and exercise, there are also certain things that you need to avoid like soda, sugar, and alcohol in order for you to shrink your stomach.

Here are some of the recommended fruits that you can include in your diet in order to trim down visible stomach fats.

Fruits for a Healthier Tummy

1. Avocado – This is the food of choice for people who want to have healthier tummies. This can be a magic fruit when it comes to burning fats. You can read more about this fruit here. Aside from its weight loss benefits, this fruit contains monosaturated fatty acids that can increase the fat oxidation in the belly. The added flavor can also be compatible with brownies, toast, pasta, and pudding.

2. Cucumbers – Cucumbers are known to contain about 95% water. It is full of calories that will not make you hungry for a long time. One of the benefits of eating cucumber is getting a flat stomach. This is because it does not bloat and it will allow the body to cool down. You can mix cucumber with your favorite salad or munch it with hummus.

3. Papaya – This tropical fruit is a great source of vitamins and minerals. It contains an enzyme called papain which helps digest the food in the stomach. This prevents bloating and inflammation in the body. This soft and fleshy fruit can act as an antioxidant in the body and it can be an effective fruit to include in the diet of people who want to lose weight.

4. Bananas – This fruit can be an afternoon snack and it is your best option since it is packed with potassium and healthy carbohydrates. Bananas can decrease bloating by regulating the level of sodium in the body. Banana can regulate the blood pressure, prevents stroke and help relax the blood vessels in the body. It also has a great flavor which makes a lot of people love this sweet yellow fruit.

5. Watermelons – This fruit is 80% water and is very rich in vitamins. This can remove excess sodium in the body which is one factor that makes the tummy bigger. Watermelons can be a thirst quenching fruit and it is loaded with vitamin C. The high-fluid content of the fruit can aid in your weight loss regime.

Avoid these Things for a Flatter Tummy

Liquor, Bottles, Alcohol, Drink, Bar, Booze, Pub

Now that you have an idea that nutrition is the key to abs and you now know the fruits that you should include in your diet in order to have a flat stomach, here are some unhealthy habits that you should avoid. You need to avoid these foods and activities in order for you to become more consistent in your efforts to have stomach abs.

1. Booze

The sheer presence of alcohol in the body can significantly reduce its metabolism process. As a result, many people will have the difficulty of burning stomach fats in their body. Alcohol tends to stay at the liver which is where most of the fats are. This will hinder the liver’s ability to produce more bile that digests unwanted fats. You can still have a wine or a beer but it should be once every two weeks or once a month.

2. Extreme Stress

If you are stressing too much at home or at work, your level of cortisol will rise. Cortisol is a kind of hormone that makes the body store more fats than ever particularly in the midsection of the body. You can take a vacation, chill, do yoga, or just learn how to push “pause” every time you are in a stressful situation.

3. Not Enough Exercise

Many people know that developing your muscles help faster burning of fats in the body. You can gain more muscles by doing cardiovascular exercises, jogging, and other activities that make you active. You can do resistance training that builds your muscles over time. It might be the right moment for you to hit the gym or start jogging every morning for a healthier body.

4. Not Enough Sleep

Sleeping is the body’s way of recuperating after a hard day’s work. If you don’t have enough sleep for a day, it can lead to weight gain in no time. The subcutaneous fat cells will be resistant to insulin as a result of fatigue. This can lead to a bloated stomach. This is why it is important to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep every night.

5. Sugar

You have to watch your sugar intake. Sugar and other sweeteners can cause bloating and discomfort in the abdomen if you don’t watch your diet. Fructose is a kind of sugar that many people can’t digest. There are sugar alcohols such as mannitol and xylitol that are present in many chewing gums. You should avoid them as they can cause issues in the digestive system such as diarrhea and gassiness.

5 Things That Can Make Or Break A New Restaurant

It’s a well stated fact that a high percentage of new restaurants don’t last the distance. But only around 17% fail in their 1st year, however the figure rises to around 80% after the first 5 years. So what can you do to give yourself the best chance of starting out strong and making a good start to put your restaurant in a strong position to continue throughout the years? Let’s have a look at 5 things that can make or break a new restaurant.

Choose A Good Location

Getting the location right is almost the most important thing you can consider. Is it in a busy area and, if so, are there enough restaurants already and what quality are they? Where will you fit in and is there a gap for your particular type of restaurant? Take into account this in reference to how much the rent is, and this should let you know if it’s feasible within your business model and how much revenue you will need to be profitable.

Opening Before You’re Ready

First impressions definitely count and that’s never more true than in the restaurant business as you’ll find that opening up, especially if it’s in the right area, will be one of the times you get the most word of mouth as people are naturally curious and you’ll often have heard the question, ‘have you been to that new Indian place?’. So be sure not to waste this golden period of free word of mouth publicity and not make the answer to that question a negative one.

Source Good Quality Supplies

Your menu can be as good as you like but if you are making the dishes with sub-par ingredients then your work and insight into the dishes and your chef’s skills will all be wasted. Take your time to research thoroughly and find out who the go to guys are for different products rather than a one place for all restaurant supplier, for example we always use this dedicated chicken meat wholesale supplier and are never disappointed, same goes for our fresh veg who we use another dedicated supplier for.

Not Having A Clear Identity

What type of restaurant are you going to be? This is a key question that should be answered early on and should be firmly established through the whole business plan. If you don’t know what you are then neither will your customers and the footfall will suffer as a result. It may be tempting to try and cater to everyone and offer everything but what will happen is you will end up doing everything at average quality and nothing well. Make your menu clear and easy as well so there is no ambiguity.


These days promotion is key and luckily it is easy to find many different ways to get noticed. All the traditional ways are still good, adverts and restaurant reviews for example. But also be mindful of your online presence and be sure to set up and use social media accounts monitor reviews on any platform online and follow up on poor reviews as aftercare in this regard can turn a negative into a positive.

The 5 Best Places To Eat Lunch In San Mateo

If you are one of the more than 100,000 people who reside in San Mateo, California, then you probably know that the city has a lot to offer those who live in or like to visit the Bay Area. Beyond San Francisco, it is home to one of the largest and most acclaimed theatres. It is a city of art, both old and contemporary. The Japanese Tea Garden in San Mateo’s Central Park was built to commemorate a relationship with its sister city, Toyonaka, Japan. But many people come here for one reason over everything else: the food.

Here are a few of the best places to grab a mouth-watering lunch in San Mateo!


The One Dish You Need To Try In Orlando

No one would be surprised if you rolled your eyes at all the things that cities are trying to pass off as their own these days: a signature bird, a signature weed, a signature mineral. The list goes on. Mostly, no one cares. Food is something everyone can get on board with, though, which is why most cities have their own signature dish. Orlando has one too, and any visit to our great city isn’t complete without giving it a try…if you can wrap your head around what it is and how it came to be.


Why Palm Springs Is Home To An Evolving Food Scene

What comes to mind when you think of Palm Springs, California? Wind turbines? Desert? Booze? Situated somewhat in between San Diego and Los Angeles, you might be forgiven for not knowing anything about Palm Springs if you live somewhere else. But residents of the other two cities know it for what it is: a desert resort city where one might go for a little weekend getaway filled with all types of recreation, and perhaps food and drinks above all else.

While people might not first think of the city’s cuisine as a reason to go there, they should not be fooled into thinking it does not have anything to offer. Part of the reason behind the many new food options in Palm Springs is the building of many new hotels. Alongside these new businesses are restaurants and bars trying to carve out a niche in a highly competitive environment. Here are just a few examples of why this remains the case!


Why You Should Attend The Next Beaufort Wine And Food Festival

The 15th Annual Beaufort Wine and Food Festival may have been nearly two months ago, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning for the next one. And why not? The festival organizers play host to a number of events to spread cheer through fun and feasting, and they even donated $100 grand to the Carteret Community College so the institution could focus on building a brand new culinary arts building.