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Planning and Setting Boundaries For Your Health During the Holidays

Holidays have shifted over the past decade. In years before, the focus of the holidays was less on material wealth and more on the wealth that comes from spending time with families and the people you love. We’re not complaining about getting presents, but sometimes the holidays are hard on our health.

We often put the needs of others above our own in the spirit of the holidays. For some, that means overspending on their loved ones and risking their financial health. For others, that might mean over-exerting their stomach and digestive systems by being guilted into eating food. Still, others face extreme stress during the holidays – which can lead to mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and worse.

More often than not, the holidays wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, even though they are supposed to be a time of joy. The holidays can be pleasant without being too destructive if we learn to set boundaries for ourselves and plan our time accordingly. With holiday meals quickly approaching, we gathered insights from Herbalife Nutrition- a global leader in fitness and wellness – to give our readers the latest advice in healthy eating and meal management.

Here are six tips we came up with from looking into Herbalife Nutrition for helping you and your loved ones stay sane so you can better enjoy your presents and presence.

1) Put the focus on being present and mindful of your habits — don’t worry about others.

If you’re watching what you eat during holiday get-togethers, it might be tempting to bring it up or encourage others to follow in your footsteps. After all, if you’ve started listening to your body, exercising for your health, or strength training and seen great results. It’s natural to be passionate about it.

One tip to help others with their health – don’t bring it up. 

The holidays are stressful, and in a recent medical study, 72% of people researched for the case study that they experience body shaming from their family. At what time, other than the holidays, do we spend more time with our families? Body shaming only ruins an otherwise perfectly good time. It can also take a toll on mental health during a time when mental health is a huge issue.

The same study saw a direct correlation between weight bias and poor mental health. In addition to this, 24% of people diagnosed with mental health issues said their symptoms were extremely high during the holidays, and 40% said they were higher than usual. For the sake of mental health — leave the weight talk between your loved ones and their medical professionals.

Also know that it is okay to say no to things — even if your family is pressuring you. Part of intuitive and mindful eating is learning when to say no after you’ve had enough to eat.

2) Be okay with abundance.
People eat differently during the holidays — and that’s okay! Studies have shown that the more we restrict certain foods, the more we crave them. Permanent restrictive eating can lead to disordered eating, including bingeing, purging, and other long-term and debilitating disorders — and might even be a cause of increased weight. Instead of shaming yourself for eating more or differently during the holidays, listen to your stomach and your mind. If you’re hungry, eat — your body is very good at sending hunger signals when you look carefully.

That being said, don’t eat because you are bored, as many of us are apt to do at holiday get-togethers. Be the cool one and keep people up, moving, and interacting with one another. Bring board games to play right after eating, offer to take your nieces and nephews for a walk, or get karaoke set up in the living room. Part of living with abundance during the holidays means learning that there’s more to abundance than the amount and types of food you eat.

3) Offer your favorite healthy alternatives rather than dieting advice. 
Instead of focusing on health interventions during the holidays, take the time to lead by example and let people come to healthy, mindful eating at their own pace. You can do this in several ways. Offer to bring a staple to a family get-together, like stuffing or pie, and find a healthy alternative recipe for these packed with nutrients. Or opt to bring an exciting new dish for the meal. Making a healthy but tempting new dish that people want to try encourages them to branch out of their comfort zones and substitute something like extra pie for a bold fruit dish.

If you’re feeling extremely ambitious, you might also offer to host a holiday meal or party. That way, you get to do up the mains as healthy as you’d like, and your guests can choose what they want to bring. Just make sure that your hosting does not get in the way of your own mental and physical health goals.

You’ll find that when you make your meals less about forcing health and more about giving people healthy options, the atmosphere, and your relationship with others will change for the better.

4) Keep your mental health in check and eat to satisfy your mind as well as your body.

It is, of course, essential to keep your body healthy and active during the holidays. Amid all the tasty goodies, it can be hard to remember to eat yogurt to keep your gut healthy, down a salad to keep your iron levels high, and eat protein-rich foods (other than delicious deviled eggs). But remember that activity and physical maintenance is not the only issue we encounter during the holidays. As the nights grow darker and it gets colder, we spend much less time outside. This leaves us vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses.

Be sure to listen to your mental state as well as your physical. Eat nutritious foods full of vitamin D (like dairy), Omega-3 fatty acids (fish and nuts), folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid (tomatoes) as well as eating your fruits and veggies. Going to the gym, group exercises, and doing yoga are also great ways to fend off winter-onset mental illness.

Lastly, if you feel like you need a break day — take one. Sometimes, your body needs to rest. You should get worried only if you feel like every day needs to be a rest day. Excess need for sleep, a change in mood, or rapid weight fluctuations might be a sign that your mental health is not doing so well. Try to keep a routine, including rest days, and if you notice a change in your weight, mood, or sleep routines without much having changed in your regular routine, then see your doctor before you make any other changes.

5) Set boundaries and goals unrelated to the holidays.
It can be easy to get distracted from daily life during the holidays, which leads to a buildup of stress, body aches, and more. In your merrymaking, be sure to think about the big picture – not just the next few weeks.

Keep training for the 10k you’re doing in the spring. Keep up with your daily meditations, and don’t skip any medication you might be on. Make a budget for presents and stick to it. Holistic health includes other areas of your life. By setting boundaries and goals that keep you grounded for the rest of the year, you’ll be healthy before, during, and after the holidays.

6) Meal plan to make sure you’re getting the most out of your diet, your time, and your wallet. 

 Did you know that 20 % of food purchased by Americans ends up in landfills? If this statistic isn’t enough to scare you, then think about this. Americans statistically eat out more if they don’t plan weekly meals, which impacts the quality of their meals as well as the amount they spend over a year. If only people knew just how simple meal planning was, we wouldn’t have this issue. Meal planning not only takes the stress out of prepping for dinners when we’re tired from work or trying to save money, but it also saves a ton of food waste from going into a landfill.

 On top of that, meal prepping is a great way to make sure that you’re eating a variety of different foods – including fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins. When you fail to plan your meals, it can be easy to forget to include a particular ingredient in your diet. Planning out what you’re going to eat for the week ahead gives you time to think about what you need to purchase, save easy meals for the day you’re busiest, and get an overarching idea of what your week’s nutrition looks like. Prepping for a two-person household takes about 2-3 hours on average per week, which isn’t that long in the scheme of things. Additionally, it gives you time to catch up on all the podcasts that have been queueing in your podcast app.

It is possible to stay healthy, happy, and sane during the holidays. By setting limits and goals, you prepare yourself for a change in your daily routine as well as preparing yourself for years to come. Follow Herbalife Nutrition’s health and wellness blog for more ideas on how to step up your daily routine for continued success.

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8 Oh-So-Tasty Party Food Ideas Sure to Wow Your Guests

One of the things we bond the most over is food.

We go out to breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, and dessert. Many couples find that having a quiet night in and sharing a delicious home-cooked meal is very romantic.

It’s no secret that food is often the centerpiece of our social interactions, so it’s no different when you’re throwing a party.

Your party menu is going to either make or break your event.

To make sure that your party menu leaves your guests satisfied, keep reading to see our party food ideas!

Party Food Ideas for Your Next Get Together

When you’re throwing a party, you’ll likely want foods that are easy for your guests to eat. 

Trying to dish up sloppy Joe’s, tacos, or pasta is not only going to be messy, but these types of dishes may be too heavy for some people. When people are gathered around and visiting (and possibly having a few drinks), they often crave food they can just pick at.

Full meals aren’t always a popular party food choice. So, we found 8 awesome party food ideas that will allow your guests to snack and mingle all night long!

Also, if you’re looking for a place to find your decorations and supplies for the party, visit this website.

1. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of the most common party food ideas.

They’re so simple, versatile, and of course, delicious! Deviled eggs are also the perfect party food for people with lactose intolerance.

You can make classic deviled eggs, or you can mix them up by adding ham, bacon, green onion, or dijon mustard!

This is a pretty easy party food to make, regardless of what you add. Whichever deviled egg recipe you choose to make, your guests will be clearing the plate before you know it.

2. Pizza Dip

Who doesn’t love a hot, melty slice of pizza?

If you’re looking to satisfy your guests’ pizza cravings but want to stick to finger foods, a pizza dip is perfect for your next party. Add mushrooms, sausage, bacon, or even feta cheese to this classic, simple dip recipe.

If it can go on a pizza, it can go in your dip!

3. Cheese Ball

Cheese balls are a hit at parties, especially around the holidays.

Cheese balls are awesome because you can add whatever ingredients interest you to your base of cream cheese. Add dry ranch dressing, bacon, and green onion for a bacon and ranch cheese ball!

Or, stick with the classic holiday cheeseball recipe and add peppers and pineapple.

However you choose to form your cheese ball, it will be an appetizer that is easy for your guests to pick at while being absolutely delicious!

4. Flatbread Bites

If you want a crunchy, easy to grab party food, then flatbread bites are just the food for you!

Like many appetizers, flatbread bites are completely versatile. You can make a spinach and artichoke flatbread bite, a Margherita flavor, or even a crab dip flatbread!

The possibilities are truly endless for what you can add to your flatbread to create a delicious, simple party food idea.

5. Meat and Cheese Tray

If you’re looking to really keep things simple, why not make a meat and cheese tray?

Most people (besides those with dietary restrictions) enjoy picking off of a meat and cheese tray. Add some salami, summer sausage, bacon, or mini hotdogs, and your favorite types of cheese.

Add some crackers and a little bit of honey to the tray if you’re feeling a little extra fancy.

6. Pinwheel Bites

Pinwheel bites are tortillas rolled up and cut with some type of filling.

You can make pinwheel bites out of many different ingredients. Some popular pinwheel flavors are buffalo chicken, pizza, Italian, or chicken, bacon, and ranch.

Pinwheels are the perfect party food if you’re looking for a grab and go “finger food.” They hold all the aspects that their dip counterpart has, but you don’t have to mess with dishing the pinwheels out and making a mess.

7. Sandwich Sliders

If you love sandwiches but sometimes wish that the portion size was smaller, then sandwich sliders are going to be your go-to party food.

Different variations of sandwiches have been a hit at parties for the longest time. Party subs that are sliced up into small bites and sandwich bars can be found on many party menus.

Well, why not take that concept and convert it into a warm, savory sandwich in the form of a slider?

Sliders are not only super easy to make, but they’re pretty inexpensive. All you have to do is grab a pack of rolls, cut them in half (without pulling them apart), pop your favorite sandwich toppings in, and bake until everything is melty and delicious!

8. Pull-Apart Bread

We’ve probably all seen those satisfying food videos on the internet that make our mouth water.

One of the most common recipes I see is pull-apart bread! A loaf of bread is cut and filled with butter, cheese, garlic, and herbs, taking plain ole’ garlic bread up about 20 notches.

If you want a dessert pull-apart bread, monkey bread is also a delicious option.

What’s Going to be On Your Menu?

With so many options, it can be hard to decide on party food ideas.

To begin, narrow down foods based on allergies, restrictions, or any other dietary preferences. From there, try to gauge the amount of time you’re going to have to prepare the food.

You may find it difficult to make 10 complicated dishes, so create a nice balance. Have maybe 1-3 appetizers that require a little bit of preparation with chopping, cooking, or setting. Have the rest of your options just be pre-made foods that can be laid out before the party starts.

Great options for this are fruit and veggie trays, meat and cheese trays, or relish trays.

With the right menu under your belt, your party is going to be the party all your guests remember.

If you loved reading these recipes, don’t forget to check out our other food tips and tricks!

9 Useful Charcoal Grilling Tips for Beginners

Most men and many women claim to be master grillers. They’re constantly boasting about how good those burgers or brats turned out last weekend. But, when you put them up against the wall and ask them their secrets, they’ll likely tell you it’s something like instinct and it simply cannot be taught. 

That’s just not true!

Just because your dad, brother, or neighbor grills a lot, doesn’t mean they’re an expert when it comes to charcoal grilling tips. That’s why we’ve compiled this great guide with all the best charcoal grilling tips and techniques to get you pointed in the right direction so you can craft your own delicious meals. Keep reading to learn more!

Charcoal Grilling Tips From the Pros

Charcoal grilling is very different from cooking with gas/propane. 

We’ve asked some of the most experienced grilling pros for their top secrets when it comes to cooking with charcoal. Here’s what they had to say. 

Preparing Your Gear

Whether you’re a beginner on the grill or an experienced back porch commandant, you’re going to need the proper gear.

Make sure you have the basics like a grilling apron (or towel at very least), a long handle spatula, tongs, and a grill brush.

Preparing Your Foods

Different foods require different prep to ensure they come out just right off the flame. Depending on whether you want crispy edges or tender centers will also depend on how you prepare the foods before you place them on the grill grate.


For the perfect grilled burgers, create a thick patty. The number one trick to get them juicy and cooked to perfection is to simply indent the center of the raw patty with your thumb or a spoon. This will make the meat rise in the middle as it cooks which creates a nice thick burger that is sure to satisfy.


For a savory steak, regardless of cut, douse it with some butter and your favorite seasonings after it has soaked for at least 6-12 hours in a tenderizing marinade. Cook over an open flame to start and then let it simmer under the lid for the last few minutes. Mmmm. Pure goodness. 


For easy kebobs, use two skewers to prevent the food from shifting when you flip them on the grill grate. 

Bonus Pro Tip: soak your wooden or bamboo skewers for a half an hour before you place them on the grill to prevent them from burning and/or catching fire.


The easiest way to cook fruit and vegetables on the grill is to use a grilling basket. We’ll get into that more in a minute.

Cooking With Charcoal

Learning how to cook on a charcoal grill can be a bit tricky on your first attempt. You don’t want to use too much or not enough lighter fluid. Your food either won’t cook or it will taste like propane. Here are a few more pro tips to enhance your experience.

Lighter Fluid

To light coals without lighter fluid, simply douse the charcoal in a Z-shape pattern no more than 3 times across all the charcoal. Use a long-stem lighter to start a flame in the center and corners and wait a few minutes for everything to catch fire. Let the lighter fluid burn off before placing food on the grill grate.

Chimney Starter

One of the easiest ways to get a flame started is to use a chimney starter. Place it in the middle of your charcoal, light, and watch the magic happen.

Using Wood for Flavor

One of the best things about using a charcoal grill vs. a propane or gas grill is the option to enhance your foods’ flavor with wood. Fruitwoods like cherry and apple, or hickory, and mesquite are the most popular for outstanding flavor. 

Preparing Your Cooking Grate

Before you can start your flame, you should have cleaned your grilling grate. This is where your tools come in handy. You can use your spatula to scrape the grate, but a wire grate brush is even better. 

Next, wipe it down with a small towel soaked in butter or oil. This will not only keep your foods from sticking but also make it easier to clean later.

Using a Grilling Basket

Remember your fruits and vegetables? They’ll cook much more evenly and easier with a grilling basket. Grease it up with a little butter or cooking oil to keep the foods from sticking so you can shimmy and shake it to tender, juicy, goodness.


Perhaps the trickiest part of grilling with charcoal is getting the venting right. You can’t control temperature on a charcoal grill like you can with gas so proper venting is essential for thoroughly cooked foods. 

Keep in mind that opening the vents creates a hotter grill as it allows more oxygen to flow through the charcoal and flame. Closing the vents, just slightly, will help reduce oxygen and keep things cooler.

Charcoal Grilling

Another great aspect of charcoal grilling is the ability to create two-zone fires for direct vs. indirect heat. Of course, the entire grill will be hot, but you can easily move foods from one side to the other as they become more or less cooked to get the perfect effect.

Taming Flare-Ups Safely

Flare-ups are inevitable with a charcoal grill, but you can tame the flare-ups with that two-zone fire. Also, keep a spray bottle on the mist setting nearby to spritz the flames when grease drips.

Timing is Everything 

Remember, food continues to cook for at least a few minutes once it is removed from the grill so it’s important to time your meals. Invest in a meat thermometer and know the difference between done and well done so you can gauge your timing appropriately.

Grill Like a Pro With Charcoal! 

Don’t forget to let the food rest for at least 15 minutes once it comes off the grill before serving for the perfect, delectable dish that everyone will love.

Keep these charcoal grilling tips in mind next time you step up to the grill and you’ll be grilling like one of us in no time!

We hope you found this post helpful and informative. We invite you to stop back by when you’re looking for the best tips about everything food-related! We’re passionate about food and we want you to be, too!

3 CBD Drinks to Add in Your Go-To Recipes This Winter

Hemp plants, specifically its stalks, stems, and flowers, contain cannabidiol or CBD, a compound that has been intensively researched for years now. Several studies had already proved how CBD plays a critical role in preventing cancer, cardiovascular-related conditions, neurological disorders, and other fatal diseases, thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Due to its advantages in one’s well-being, more and more governments across the world are now embracing its health benefits and now legally allowing products generated from hemp plants. You can now use it for medical purposes, from topicals to edibles. Adding to that, here are three easy ways to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD this cold season. 


Due to its calming effects, CBD-infused tea is becoming globally popular. In fact, ancient medicine wouldn’t be complete without it. You got it right! People have been intaking it for millennia! 

If you’re into do-it-yourself, it’s always easy to check online stores that have dried, raw hemp flower for sale at reasonable prices, like the Discount Pharms. This online store has trusted vendors that can offer you boutique hemp and hemp flower biomass. If you want to curate your own hemp strain, they can help you with it too. 

In preparing the tea, you have to dry the raw hemp material first before putting it to a cup of hot water. Unfortunately, the heat from the boiling water can only extract terpenes, not the cannabidiol. It’s less likely considered as the ‘CBD tea’ or a stand-alone CBD. 

It’s not an issue, though. Terpenes still have a lot of health benefits, including the following: 

  • Treatment of pain
  • Fungal and bacterial infections
  • Inflammation
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Addiction
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer

If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, you’ll have to undergo an intricate, yet simple process. First, you have to heat the raw part of the hemp plant (scientifically called decarboxylation process), in your oven at 100° Celsius to extract and activate the cannabinoids.

After 20 minutes, increase the temperature to 115° Celsius and leave it that way for an hour. Summing it up, you’ll be baking the raw plant for 1hr and 20mins—20mins at 100° Celsius and 1hr at 115° Celsius. 

Lastly, take the now-baked plant out and steep it in a cup of hot water. You can mix it together with full-fat milk (i.e., coconut), vanilla extract, honey, cinnamon, or loose leaf chai tea or other flavors. If you don’t like blending hemp flowers or leaves, you can add CBD milk into a cup of tea, instead. Either way, you are going to be mellowed out after you sip.

CBD Latte

Latte can only be made with espresso and steamed milk—says who? Get ready to experience the next-level latte with hemp extract! Yes, you can feel much better with CBD’s health benefits in your already wonderful cup of coffee greatness. 

Reports claimed that after drinking a cup of hemp latte, you’d experience the following: 

  • No shakiness or caffeine jitters, headache, and nausea
  • No negative influences on your emotions, like anxiety 
  • An overall feeling of relaxation and balance
  • Improved energy

In making this latte, choose a milk source first. You can either use ready-made hemp milk or produce it by yourself. In making self-made hemp milk, use your preferred milk source, like coconut or oat, and mix the raw seeds with it, together with a little sea salt and honey. By contrast, others will only use hemp seeds and water with a little sweetener like vanilla extract. 

Combine the milk of your choice with your preferred coffee grounds. You’ll be needing a little flavor from sea salt, as well as vanilla extract, date syrup or honey, or any other sweeteners of your choice. For more details, check Daintri’s recipe of this hemp latte. It’s totally a mug of bliss—creamy, a mixture of sweet and salty, yet super healthy!

Hot Chocolate or Strawberry CBD Smoothie

A chocolate drink might not sound dietary at all, but this Creamy Chocolate CBD Smoothie surely does! Let us tell you how free-ish is it. It’s grain-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free,  and gluten-free! And did we forget that it’s vegan, as well? 

It’s super easy to do, too. You only have to combine all the ingredients, including almond milk, Medjool dates, unsweetened Dutch-processed cocoa powder, hulled hemp seed, frozen banana, and cinnamon, in a blender until smooth. 

Try to visit Oh She Glows. They made an elaborate recipe for this creamy chocolate hemp smoothie. If you have issues with buying costly pints of vegan chocolate, this smoothie will surely be your saving grace. 

Alternatively, for people who don’t prefer chocolates (yes, they surprisingly exist), this strawberry hemp milkshake will get you covered. It’s also refined-sugar free as it uses frozen strawberry that gives the thick and creamy ice cream-like texture, instead of using ice cream like how traditional milkshakes are made. What’s more, it’s vegan and gluten-free, not to mention it’s rich in protein. It’s very healthy, so you drink to your heart’s content! 


Hemp plants don’t only contain cannabidiol (CBD). They also have high levels of fiber, essential fatty acids, and several micronutrients. It’s also worth mentioning that despite being a plant-based source, hemp is a complete protein source. Meaning, they contain all the nine essential amino acids. Unfortunately, despite its benefits, other countries are still not open to legalizing it. Hopefully, everything will straighten out in the future. 

The Top 3 Foods for Your Super Bowl Party

Every year one of the biggest food related events is the Super Bowl. Now, whether or not you are a football fan, you are more than likely going to be attending a party to watch the game and more importantly, eat some delicious food.

Unlike an event like the Melbourne Cup, for example, the Super Bowl draws an audience because of not only the party event atmosphere, but also because so many people like to watch the commercials.

And what makes a successful Super Bowl party? The food of course! Here are the top three foods you need at your upcoming Super Bowl party.

Pizza (Delivery of Course)

Pizza takes the top position because you cannot have a Super Bowl party without it. Also, it’s very convenient as you can order it and have it delivered.

Nothing is paired more perfectly than football and pizza, so be sure to order early with plenty of time to spare, because the Super Bowl is one of the busiest days for pizza delivery.

Some places stop taking orders leading up to the game so you might want to be sure to plan ahead and place your order days in advance, especially if it’s going to be fairly large in terms of the number of pizzas you will need.

Chips, Dips and Snacks

The party is usually an all day and all night event, so you need to make sure there are always options for those that are hungry. The easiest way to do this is just by laying out snacks and chips with drip. Fruits, veggies, cookies, etc. — they are all great options.

Now days you can even get creative and have vegan snacks or even snacks that contain CBD oil, and with more people supplementing with that now that is one way to really offer something unique and different.

Pro tip: hit up your local wholesale club and take advantage of the bulk discounts available. You never want to run out of food at your party, so stock up. It’s better to have some leftovers than to run out during the big game.

Chicken Wings

Wings are right up there with pizza when it comes to the most popular food at Super Bowl parties. These you can buy frozen and cook them as you need them throughout the day.

Or you can order from a local spot, like Hooters, and not have to worry about any food prep. But, all they require is that you toss them on a baking sheet and heat them in the over. This is a better option than receiving a large order and having them get cold.

Keep the over on and keep firing fresh ones out for your guests to enjoy.

Closing Thoughts

Oh, and a little friendly reminder: make sure your plumbing maintenance is up to date. With so many people at your party, bathroom traffic will be heavier than normal.

The last thing you want to have happen is experience a leak or suffer a clog that puts your bathroom out of commission. Preparation is key for a smooth party experience for you and your guests.

Cornerstone Christian High School To Commit To Bellevue Food Drive

Poverty is a real problem in the United States — more than one in ten people are below the poverty line — but for many of us it’s easy to forget that some people struggle just to get food on the table each day. It can be especially tough in winter. That’s not even considering the number of people who are out on the streets and struggle to get anything at all. That’s why Cornerstone Christian High School’s PULSE Club is organizing a food drive for the Bellevue Food Pantry.

The school’s PULSE Club aims to promote and contribute to community service projects. It’s a great way for young members of Bellevue to learn how satisfying volunteer service can be.

And in fact, that’s the point.


What To Eat When Visiting Cincinnati

Traveling to Ohio? There’s a good chance you’re visiting for a big game. Soccer lovers are there for FC Cincinnati Major League Soccer, baseball lovers are there for the Cincinnati Reds, and football lovers are there for the Cincinnati Bengals. The city is an economic powerhouse for the state of Ohio, driven in part by those three teams. But you’re probably wondering where you should eat when you’re on your way to or from one of those important games. These are our best recommendations if you are in the great city of Cincinnati!


Unique Food Only Found In Los Angeles

A lot of people detest Los Angeles on principle alone. Certainly, those who live there do little to diminish the city’s somewhat uncouth distinction. But regardless of the reputation that precedes the residents of Los Angeles, the city is stereotyped for a lot of other reasons. The smell. The heat. The smog. The wildfires. And how it somehow takes half an hour to get to the beach, but three hours to get back to the beach.

Anyone who lives there, though, will tell you that the city has at least one thing going for it: the food. Los Angeles isn’t really known for just one food. Rather, it’s known for all of them. These are just a few of the most unique dishes you might try while you’re there!


The Best Places To Eat In Jonesboro, Arkansas

Arkansas isn’t exactly one of the premier vacation destinations in the country, but those who like to go on new adventures will eventually find ourselves exploring the state’s college town of Jonesboro. The city is Arkansas’s fifth-largest according to population figures derived from the most recent census. Arkansas State University is a popular detour — and that means there are plenty of great places to eat not too far away.


What Cuisine Is Boston Best Known For?

Boston is one of the most magical places in the United States. Even as it transforms into a more modern, forward-thinking city, it also manages to maintain its unique colonial vibe. When you’re walking its streets and exploring its various landmarks, you really do feel like you’re in a place where important history was made — in part because it’s the truth. But when you’re in Boston, there are other places to explore. Like eateries.  

Here are the foods that Boston is best known for: