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How Appetite Suppressants Support Weight Loss

With obesity rates increasing, many Americans are looking for ways to fight the epidemic in their own lives. Beyond aesthetics, obesity can increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

To combat obesity and encourage weight loss, individuals engage in healthy eating habits and exercise. To support these endeavors, scientists have created a variety of appetite suppressant shakes, pills, and medicines to reduce appetite and work with weight loss. How do appetite suppressants work? Let’s take a look at what appetite actually is, what appetite suppressants are, and how appetite suppressants work to promote weight loss.  

What is appetite?

There are a number of hormones, proteins, and physical responses that create appetite. Appetite, or the desire to eat food, begins in the brain—not the digestive system. A part of the brain called the hypothalamus brings to mind an awareness of hunger. Hormones secreted by the intestines, pancreas, and fat tissue signal to the hypothalamus that the body needs more food, creating a feeling of hunger.

Appetite can be about more than the physical need for nourishment—it is connected to pleasure in the brain. The neurotransmitter serotonin, which creates feelings of happiness and well-being, also affects how the brain perceives hunger and reactions to foods. Low blood sugar levels, typically caused by a lack of food, lower serotonin levels in the brain, which can make a person feel both irritable and hungry, and increase appetite. The pleasure center of the brain, the nucleus accumbens, is also stimulated while a person is eating, which can increase the drive to eat.

How do appetite suppressants work?

Appetite suppressants are pills, shakes, or other products designed to disrupt the many signals your brain receives that result in a feeling of hunger. When hunger signals are disrupted, your appetite is reduced. A reduced appetite means your brain only communicates to your body the desire to eat foods that are necessary, resulting in weight loss. Here are two common ways appetite suppressants work:

  • Expand in your stomach to signal to the brain that the stomach is full.
  • Increase serotonin, which increases the satisfaction and satiety your brain gets from food, so you feel happier with less. The increased sense of well-being that comes from more serotonin can decrease emotional overeating, leading to weight loss.

Many dieters struggle to lose weight because, while they are eating well and exercising, they can’t shake the feeling of hunger, which can lead to overeating. Appetite suppressants alter brain chemistry to create a feeling of fullness, making it easier for dieters to succeed with their weight loss goals.

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All you need to know about American cheese and its goodness

How do you describe “American Cheese”? – Gooey and creamy sauce dripping from pizza, burger or a salty and umami taste in our mouth. American cheese is one of the greatest culinary gift of America bestowed upon the world. Whether it is the Nacho cheese dip sauce, morning eggs, grilled cheese or our beloved burger, American cheese is the key ingredient. American cheese melts so very well with the burger patties that it is considered one of the best cheese for burgers. It is available in the market in various brands like Kraft Singles, Velveeta, Borden and Pure Dairy in Australia.

What is American cheese?

American cheese is processed cheese made from a blend of milk and some additives. It is orange, yellow or white with a mild and salty taste. It is known for its very low melting points. It comes either in individual slices from dairy case or sliced off the rectangular block at the deli counter. There are many kinds of cheeses produced in America like Bent River, Humboldt Fog, Cougar Gold cheese, and Mold Sleeper. They are all good cheeses, but they are not the “American Cheese”- the kind you get in the individual plastic wrappers. It is also commonly known as “American slice” or “American single.”

History of American cheese

Processed cheese was invented over 100 years ago in Switzerland. It was created to reduce cheese waste. The scraps of various batches of cheese were melted together to create a new batch of cheese. In 1916 Canadian-American entrepreneur James L. Kraft perfected the technique in the US. It was patented and started manufacturing as the first commercially available slice processed cheese.

Ingredients of Processed cheese

American cheese is made of pasteurized cow’s milk. Milk is pasteurized to destroy any harmful organisms. From a recent study, it has demonstrated that pasteurized milk is just as nutritious as raw milk. But it may differ in taste and texture. Asides from a combination of cheeses, American cheese can contain water, salt, artificial colors, flavorings, texture enhancers, mold inhibitors and emulsifying agents-substances that is soluble in fat and water to mix and become a stable. Some of the emulsifying agent used in cheese are sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, monosodium phosphate, etc. One of the biggest features of American cheese is the melt. The use of emulsifiers in processed cheese lets it melt smoothly and uniformly when heated.

The appeal of American cheese

American cheese is known for its flexibility to use in a wide array of dishes. It can be used as a substitute for sauce or as the main ingredient for the culinary dishes. American is the cheese which put cheese in the Cheeseburger. It is only cheese for the Cheeseburger. The combination of the creamy feel of cheese and savory taste of meat in the burger is a perfect match. American cheese has a mild flavor which does not dominate the flavor of the burger; rather it enhances the taste of the burger. The easiness of eating a burger with high melt cheese is the reason for everyone’s guilty pleasure for fatty food. With our innate affinity toward the creamy, fatty treat, American cheese will continue to reign supreme in our kitchen as well as the heart.


About the Author:

Rosemary Kobe is a housewife who loves to play with her two little twin-toddlers at home, read everything that comes her way related to gastronomy and is an amateur cook that devotes most of her time to cooking a range of dishes for her family and friends to try.

The Biggest Cause of Weight Gain is Not What You Think

Over the course of the past few decades, public health has started to become a much bigger concern for the people that are currently in power at this point in time. Not only has public health itself become a much bigger issue than it used to be, the way we approach the concept of health has also changed quite a bit, mostly because of the fact that we are starting to understand our bodies a lot more and are realizing that the things we do have an impact on it.

Now, health is not just about medicine and hospitals, it is about personal responsibility as well. The things you eat tend to have a pretty serious impact on how health or unhealthy you end up being at the end of the day. Hence, governments and other entities and organizations ended up telling people what they should be eating if they want to be as healthy as possible, something that was definitely a step in the right direction that helped to shape public discourse to some extent regarding the things that we should be adding to our diets.

However, in the process of trying to ascertain what we should and shouldn’t be eating every day, we ended up making a terrible mistake. We started assuming that weight gain, one of the biggest problems that started occurring in the 20th century, was caused by fat. This was a simple enough mistake to make. After all, if you are getting fat this must be caused by the very nutrient that shares a name with this kind of phenomenon right?

As a result of this fact, people starting cutting down on fatty foods thinking that this was going to prevent them from gaining an enormous amount of weight and thereby harming their health. Fat is definitely not as good for you as other things, but the mistake that we made was equating it with weight gain. Fat can contribute to weight gain but only if it is eaten in extreme amounts, and fat is actually quite important because of the fact that it helps your body stay healthy in certain ways. The true culprit of weight gain is something that people thought was not that bad for you at all, something that they consumed so much that they ended up becoming addicted to it.

This thing that has contributed to weight gain so much over the years is sugar. People started gaining a lot of weight in the 20th century, and while it is true that fatty foods started to become more common in that era, after all this is the period of time when fast food started to become a pretty significant part of the way that we consume food on a regular basis, it is also the era that saw the rise of soft drinks. All of the major soft drinks in the world were launched last century, and in our attempts to remove fats from our diets because of the fact that we made a false assumption we ended up missing the true culprit.

People are starting to become more aware of the way that sugar affects their lives now, and they are working on removing it from their diets as much as possible. If you want to remove sugar from your diet, you should know that it is definitely a step in the right direction and will help you enjoy much better health in the long run as well as making it easier for you to stay slim and trim.One thing that you can do in order to avoid sugar is to go for ActivEats. These services are going to offer you healthy alternatives to sugary soft drinks, alternatives that you would be able to use to have a good time without getting fat. When you order fast food it can be difficult to eat healthy because of the fact that you have so many options that are the opposite of that. Using a healthy food service will remove those options from the menu, thereby helping you stick to better alternatives in the long run.

Metro Vascular Centers Discuss Foods That Can Improve Your Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to a number of health problems. Fortunately, you can improve your circulation by following a healthy diet. There are several things that you can do in order to improve your circulation.


The doctors at Metro Vascular Centers recommend that you eat a lot of blackberries. The blackberries help purify the blood. They also help the body create new red blood cells. You can put blueberries in your cereal. You can also put them in your yogurt.


Oranges and other citrus fruits are filled with vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps support the formation of new blood vessels. Vitamin C also helps reduce the formation of plaque. If plaque builds up in the arteries, then it can interfere with blood circulation.

There are many vitamin C supplements on the market. However, it is best for you to get your vitamin C from food. If you eat plenty of citrus fruits, then you will be getting the vitamin C that you need.


Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids. This is a nutrient that helps improve blood circulation. Omega 3 fatty acids also help protect the heart.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is made from the seed of the cocoa tree. It has some of the most potent antioxidants in the world. Dark chocolate is made up of about 70 percent cocoa. It is also lower in sugar and fat than regular chocolate.

The antioxidants in dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and improve circulation. However, even though dark chocolate is good for you, you will still need to limit the amount that you consume per day. You will reap the most benefits if you enjoy this treat in moderation.


Garlic is a spice that will add flavor to any dish that you have. It also acts as a natural blood thinner. That is why you can clear up clogged arteries by adding garlic to your routine.


Lycopene is one of the antioxidants in the watermelon. It can stop plaque from building up.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin E. Vitamin E also helps promote healthy circulation. Other sources of vitamin E include pumpkin seeds, nuts and olives.

Debunking Myths about Drinks on Keto

Traditionally, drinks are considered to be one of the main sources of carbohydrates in our diet. Putting aside sweetened soft drinks, even fruit juices are filled with so much sugar that they increase your chances of accumulating fat, while at the same time making it difficult for your body to turn into ketosis. Concerning unsweetened tea or coffee, they contain caffeine and cannot be treated as healthy ones so it seems there are not so many allowed beverages. Keto diet is considered to be a strict diet limiting consumed carbohydrates, but does it mean you are allowed to live on water alone? Let’s see our alternatives:

Party Drinks

What happens if you are invited to a party? Should you just bring a bottle of water and glance enviously at those who can have as many glasses of wine as they want?

As it turns out alcohol on keto is acceptable as long as you don’t splurge on the most fattening ones. You can have light beer, unsweetened wines (dry red and white wine), or spirits (gin, vodka, or whiskey), but make sure you consume them in moderation. Alcohol is still damaging to the body and there’s a chance it will affect you faster due to the restriction of carbs.

Black Coffee

Luckily for many of keto dieters, you don’t have to give up your daily cup of coffee! Black coffee is free of calories, but when you add sugar, cream, milk or other sweeteners, it can turn into a caloric bomb. So, if you can take it black, you are safe to drink up to 400mg of caffeine per day (according to the Mayo Clinic).

Diet Soda

While not recommended, diet soda is a good fit for the keto diet because it doesn’t have sugar or calories. However, diet soda has artificial sweeteners that stimulate the same taste buds as sugar, thus maintaining the craving for sweets.

Moreover, some of these artificial sweeteners can cause an insulin response or blood glucose, which contributes to storing fats. So, it would be best if you limit the consumption of these beverages as much as possible.

They are helpful in a moment of weakness when you’re craving something sweet, but they are damaging consumed on a daily basis.


For those of you who don’t know this, Kombucha is a fermented tea. It starts sweet and ends up tasting like vinegar because of the added culture of bacteria and yeast that lead to the fermentation process.

Now, since it starts sweet, it is natural to wonder about it being keto-friendly. The secret to enjoying a healthy dose of Kombucha is to know how it was prepared in the first place. Basically, the fermentation process that lasts several weeks, is supported by the initial sugary drink. The added bacteria will feed on it while creating this elixir with a hint of vinegar. So, at the end of this journey, the resulted drink is low in sugar and keto-friendly (but in moderation).

However, in commerce, you may find versions of kombucha that contain flavors and fruits, to hide the vinegary scent and taste. Well, this version is not keto-friendly, and you should stay away from it.

Wrap Up

As you see, there are a lot of keto alternatives to the commonly consumed beverages. So there is no need to limit yourself in drink choices on a keto diet be it a homemade lemonade or a low carb soda on a market’s shelf. Just be careful and read labels attentively.

What to Serve at a Child’s Birthday Party

Being a parent is all about striking a balance. Sometimes, that balance seems impossible. Take nutrition, for instance. You know your child needs certain nutrients, but you also know that it’s not realistic to expect them to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. You want them to grow up without dreading mealtimes, and you definitely don’t want to pass on any of your own food issues to your kids. You can work with your doctor to develop a plan that makes sense, but it’s also OK to let loose sometimes. One of those times is during your child’s birthday. Here’s how to serve celebratory food without going too far overboard.

Talk to Other Parents

Ideally, you should perform this step while you’re still putting together the guest list. Peanut-free schools are controversial, but they still exist. If your child attends such a school, it’s possible you’ll run into parents who also believe that every single party they attend should also be free of peanuts and other common allergens. It’s up to you to decide if that makes sense for your particular party. You should be as accommodating as possible to other parents within reason. If a parent tells you that their child is allergic to 27 different things and asks you not to serve any of them, you’re under no obligation to do so. It’s highly unlikely that a child who is allergic to eggs will die if they’re in the same room as mayonnaise.

On the other hand, it is nice to serve a menu that’s as inclusive as possible. Don’t go over your budget just to buy food for Fiona the Vegetarian, but serving a few vegetarian options is a kindness if you can manage it. You should feel no guilt if you want to rent a hotdog cart, since most kids love hot dogs. And there’s no reason you can’t also include a few meat-free side dishes. If you feel like grilling up a meat substitute, that’s up to you. Remember that at the end of the day, it’s other parents’ job to see to their own child’s particular dietary needs.

Make the Food Match the Theme

Don’t feel guilty about serving cupcakes, hot dogs, and other delicious goodies. But you should look for ways to incorporate the larger party theme into the food that’s served. Let’s go back to the hot dog cart. A hot dog cart works great for a baseball-themed party, as hot dogs are the quintessential baseball food. You can serve the hot dogs on baseball-themed dinnerware. If you really feel like going all out, you can even wear a baseball uniform as you hand out the food.

Make sure to develop any theme in consultation with your child. That doesn’t mean they have free reign to throw any type of birthday party they want. If that were the case, then there would no doubt be a lot more birthday parties centered around gross things like Eating Candy Off the Ground. There’s no need to go that far. But if your child has a healthy hobby like sports or movies, feel free to add a few extra touches via both food and decor.

If they like Star Wars, for instance, you can decorate the house with Star Wars banners and photos. You can hand out toy lightsabers. When you order the cake, you can make sure it has “May the Force Be With You” written on it in icing. But there’s a fine line between spoiling your child a little and spoiling your child a lot. They shouldn’t eat so much cake that they barf or get a stomachache, for instance. A little indulgence is good for the soul, but too much of it makes everybody miserable.

Michigan Cherry Production Is In For A Tumultuous New Year

Cherries are an important part of Michigan’s agricultural success, amounting to 75 percent of all cherry production in the U.S and 90,000 tons of pure profit for a number of associated industries that make use of the tart fruit. At least for now. The industry is fragile, unstable, at very much at risk from international competition and natural weather events. Turkey in particular is “dumping” cherry products into America, undercutting the Michigan staple.


Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Blue Crab

Whether or not you recognize its name, the blue crab is a shellfish favorite. The delectable crustaceans are tiny, and have kept some coastal communities thriving for hundreds of years. It’s scientific name, callinectes sapidus, is a mashup of Greek and Latin words that mean beautiful savory swimmer when put together. Here’s everything you never knew you needed to know about our tiny blue friends.


Tom Colicchio’s Small Batch Is Finally Open For Business

Long Island is the home of Tom Colicchio’s first new restaurant in over two years, named Small Batch for its typical American cuisine. What’s so big about the new establishment? It’s big news if you’re a fan of Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio, and anyone who’s enjoyed his cooking is most definitely a fan. If that weren’t enough, the restaurant promises to only use locally sourced ingredients.


The Best Houston Restaurants

If there’s one thing Texas does really well, it’s provide good, family-friendly food at a fair price. Back in 1998, it was heralded as the “dining-out” capital of the United States by USA Today, and not much has changed ever since. Residents of Houston eat out more often than most others who live in big cities, and they fall in second place when it comes to the lowest prices on food. If you’re in the mood for some good eats, then look no further.