Adrienne2Hi, My name is Adrienne Monson. That’s a fictional name, but not entirely inaccurate. My married name is Torkildson, but I write under my maiden name of Monson (you can probably guess why…)

I live in Utah with my husband and 2 kids. I have an addiction to good food. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweet, savory, fattening, slimming, or what have you. As long as it tastes good, I’m all over it.

And as you can see, I love writing about food. I make a new dish every Sunday for my family based on their wants (my husband is a health freak, my kids love junk food, and I love it all).

So I’ll post pictures and recipes of my weekly creations here, as well as give you a daily dose of what intrigues me the most on Pinterest or Facebook.

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