Did you know there are 6 essential nutrients required by the human body? If you don’t currently get enough of these nutrients, you might be looking to improve your diet. One tasty way to do this is to eat more salmon.

But what are the specific health benefits of eating salmon? Before you add salmon to your weekly meal plan, you’ll want to know all about its nutritional value. The good news is that this oily fish can bring a host of advantages to your diet, and we’re going to look at 5 of the best reasons to start consuming more salmon at meal times. 

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1. Increased Energy

Salmon contains high amounts of B vitamins which help turn your food into energy. This can make you feel more alert and encourage you to increase your activity levels. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon can also raise your serotonin levels and boost your mood.

2. Reduced Inflammation

If you suffer from inflammation, the omega-3 fatty acids in portions of salmon may help to reduce your discomfort. This could be useful if you have an inflammatory skin condition, or have chronic pain caused by inflammation. You may see better results if you also cut from your diet foods that can cause inflammation. 

3. Muscle Growth

Salmon contains plenty of protein which is essential for building muscle. By adding this oily fish to your plate, you could find you recover more quickly after exercise. You may also notice an increase in lean muscle, and feel that it’s easier to manage your weight. 

4. Lower Blood Pressure

Your physician may recommend eating more salmon if you have high blood pressure. This condition could put you at greater risk of heart failure or suffering a stroke. But, if you include salmon in your diet, this can help lower your blood pressure and boost heart health. 

This means you can enjoy eating a delicious portion of wild salmon fillet while helping your heart function more effectively.

5. Improved Brain Function

Salmon can improve brain function by increasing blood flow to areas that are responsible for memory and learning. This could reduce the risk of developing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Consuming salmon could also be beneficial for your mental health, helping you to feel more positive.

Add More Salmon to Your Diet

There are so many terrific benefits of salmon that it’s no wonder this fish is an essential part of many people’s diets. Not only can eating salmon help you feel more energetic and assist with building muscle, but it can also lower your risk of developing heart disease. Salmon can also help treat inflammatory conditions and boost your brain function. 

As salmon is mouthwateringly tasty, you’ll look forward to adding it to your meal plan!

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