6 Best Feeder Roaches for Your Pet

Did you know that close to two million households in America own at least one reptile as a pet?

One of the most challenging aspects of owning a reptile is figuring out what to feed yours to ensure that all of its nutritional needs are met. Lots of beginner reptile owners have heard about crickets and mealworms, but there are other insects that your reptile may enjoy more.

As it turns out, cockroaches are some of the best feeder insects for a wide variety of reasons. Read on if you’d like to learn about the top feeder roaches so you’ll know which species to buy.

Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches are one of the finest types of feeder roaches because they’re high in protein and quite docile. They can live up to two years and they don’t require lots of maintenance. You can check out this webpage about dubia deli to learn more about this amazing species.

Discoid Roaches

When it comes to roach feed, discoid roaches are another popular choice for reptile owners. They have a similar nutrition profile as dubia roaches, so you can be at ease knowing that your reptile is getting the royal treatment. The one major difference between these two species is that discoid roaches are faster, so you may have to work a bit harder to catch them.

American Roaches

If you don’t like the idea of having live roaches in your home, then you can buy canned American cockroaches. American cockroaches are often sold canned because live ones can fly and have the ability to infest your home. You can test canned cockroaches on your reptile to see if they’re still interested in eating an insect that isn’t moving.

Red Runner Roaches

Red runner roaches are a great alternative to crickets, which can be feisty and attack your reptile. Red runner roaches move fast and this will make your reptile excited to eat. While they can’t climb on glass or plastic to escape, they’re great jumpers so you need to be careful while handling them.

Surinam Roaches

If you’ve got a small reptile, then you should consider feeding them surinam roaches. They trigger a great feeding response and they’re easy to care for. A major drawback is that they can climb any surface, so there’s a higher escape potential.

Pallid Roaches

Pallid roaches are another wonderful option for small reptiles. They can climb like surinam roaches, but they move slower. Even if they do manage to escape, they won’t survive outside of their enclosure for long.

These Are Some of the Greatest Feeder Roaches

There are so many different types of roach species in the world. Your reptile deserves the absolute best. Now that you’ve read this guide on the top feeder roaches, you can start shopping for your pet.

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