Author: Blake Cohen

5 Things That Can Make Or Break A New Restaurant

It’s a well stated fact that a high percentage of new restaurants don’t last the distance. But only around 17% fail in their 1st year, however the figure rises to around 80% after the first 5 years. So what can you do to give yourself the best chance of starting out strong and making a good start to put your restaurant in a strong position to continue throughout the years? Let’s have a look at 5 things that can make or break a new restaurant.

Choose A Good Location

Getting the location right is almost the most important thing you can consider. Is it in a busy area and, if so, are there enough restaurants already and what quality are they? Where will you fit in and is there a gap for your particular type of restaurant? Take into account this in reference to how much the rent is, and this should let you know if it’s feasible within your business model and how much revenue you will need to be profitable.

Opening Before You’re Ready

First impressions definitely count and that’s never more true than in the restaurant business as you’ll find that opening up, especially if it’s in the right area, will be one of the times you get the most word of mouth as people are naturally curious and you’ll often have heard the question, ‘have you been to that new Indian place?’. So be sure not to waste this golden period of free word of mouth publicity and not make the answer to that question a negative one.

Source Good Quality Supplies

Your menu can be as good as you like but if you are making the dishes with sub-par ingredients then your work and insight into the dishes and your chef’s skills will all be wasted. Take your time to research thoroughly and find out who the go to guys are for different products rather than a one place for all restaurant supplier, for example we always use this dedicated chicken meat wholesale supplier and are never disappointed, same goes for our fresh veg who we use another dedicated supplier for.

Not Having A Clear Identity

What type of restaurant are you going to be? This is a key question that should be answered early on and should be firmly established through the whole business plan. If you don’t know what you are then neither will your customers and the footfall will suffer as a result. It may be tempting to try and cater to everyone and offer everything but what will happen is you will end up doing everything at average quality and nothing well. Make your menu clear and easy as well so there is no ambiguity.


These days promotion is key and luckily it is easy to find many different ways to get noticed. All the traditional ways are still good, adverts and restaurant reviews for example. But also be mindful of your online presence and be sure to set up and use social media accounts monitor reviews on any platform online and follow up on poor reviews as aftercare in this regard can turn a negative into a positive.

Metro Vascular Centers Discuss Foods That Can Improve Your Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to a number of health problems. Fortunately, you can improve your circulation by following a healthy diet. There are several things that you can do in order to improve your circulation.


The doctors at Metro Vascular Centers recommend that you eat a lot of blackberries. The blackberries help purify the blood. They also help the body create new red blood cells. You can put blueberries in your cereal. You can also put them in your yogurt.


Oranges and other citrus fruits are filled with vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps support the formation of new blood vessels. Vitamin C also helps reduce the formation of plaque. If plaque builds up in the arteries, then it can interfere with blood circulation.

There are many vitamin C supplements on the market. However, it is best for you to get your vitamin C from food. If you eat plenty of citrus fruits, then you will be getting the vitamin C that you need.


Fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids. This is a nutrient that helps improve blood circulation. Omega 3 fatty acids also help protect the heart.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is made from the seed of the cocoa tree. It has some of the most potent antioxidants in the world. Dark chocolate is made up of about 70 percent cocoa. It is also lower in sugar and fat than regular chocolate.

The antioxidants in dark chocolate can lower blood pressure and improve circulation. However, even though dark chocolate is good for you, you will still need to limit the amount that you consume per day. You will reap the most benefits if you enjoy this treat in moderation.


Garlic is a spice that will add flavor to any dish that you have. It also acts as a natural blood thinner. That is why you can clear up clogged arteries by adding garlic to your routine.


Lycopene is one of the antioxidants in the watermelon. It can stop plaque from building up.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a great source of vitamin E. Vitamin E also helps promote healthy circulation. Other sources of vitamin E include pumpkin seeds, nuts and olives.

Atkins Diet

Another great low carb diet that will help you lose weight quickly is the Atkins diet. It was specifically designed for quick weight loss and people who have followed the diet claim that they have lost 15 pounds of fat within the first two weeks. The results can be excellent but it is up to you to commit to the diet. You will need to track your daily calorie intake to make sure you don’t consume too many calories. Although counting calories is difficult at first soon you will be able to keep track of your calories without any complications.

The Atkins diet is based on the idea of eating “fatty” food such as carbs, meat, and starches to lose weight. It may come as surprise that you can lose weight from eating food that contains high quantities of fat but it is possible. In fact, unlike most diets, this diet encourages you to eat meat such as chicken, beef, and eggs on a regular basis. The diet is divided into 4 phases where you progressively eat more with each phase. The first phase is the most effective if your goal is to lose weight quickly. The remaining phases are designed to keep you progressing towards your weight loss goal while still keeping your body fit and healthy.

Medifast Diet Recipe and Reviews

Medifast is a new diet that has been receiving a lot of attention from dieters recently. It was designed to promote quick weight loss and the diet has been proven to help people lose 3-4 pounds a week. If you need to drop weight fast this diet is highly recommended. It might be difficult to follow for more than a few weeks but if you can overcome the initial phase it will be easy for you to follow through with the diet.

The idea revolves around consuming pre-made powdered meals that only require water. The meals are a combination of food products that have been transformed into a powdered substance for convenience. There are many different types of meals and you will be shipped a large package of meals on a regular basis. Of course, you will need to continue to eat veggies, fruits, and other snacks on your own. The Medifast diet will only send you prepackaged meals. If you follow the diet closely you will consume in between 1,000 and 1,500 calories a day. Not only is this diet great for people who do not have time to prepare exquisite dishes but it also provides balanced nutrition. It is great for people who are looking for a way to control their diabetes. So if you want to stick to a strict diet to lose weight quickly Medifast might be the right option for you.

Paleo Diet Recipes

The Paleo diet has been becoming increasingly popular in the past few years. Most people have noticed positive results when following the Paleo diet. It was not specifically designed for weight loss but it can help you shed a few pounds as well. The diet is more of a lifestyle changer than a diet you follow to lose weight quickly. On top of that, it can help you build lean muscle instead of just losing weight and keeping it off.

The Paleo diet is based on the eating habits of our ancient ancestors. It shuns unnatural processed food products and embraces food that can be found in nature. For example, food that can be grown organically and animals that have been roaming the forests for thousands of years. Essentially, following the Paleo diet will put you into the shoes of a caveman in pre-historic times and you can only eat food that you can come across in nature.  The diet has been known to prevent certain diseases and drastically improve the health condition of many people around the world. However, one of the main complaints that people have with this diet is that lean unprocessed meat can be quite expensive and hard to come by. Other than that, the Paleo diet is perfect for people who want to develop healthier eating habits without sacrificing meat. However, dairy products and grains are cut from the diet.

Raw Food Diet

The Raw Food diet is quite self explanatory. It is perfect for people who like to eat raw veggies and fruits. Scientific studies have determined that most of the nutrients found in veggies are lost when they are fried. If you want to get the most out of your veggies it is best to eat it raw. Which is what this diet is all about; eating raw food. You will definitely lose weight if you follow this diet. If you are not accustomed to eating raw veggies this diet might take some getting used to but it is well worth the trouble in the long run. Preparing meals can also be difficult.

Regardless, the Raw Food diet is one of the healthiest types of diets that you can choose. Not only will it help you lose weight by drastically reducing the amount of calories you consume but it will fill your body with vital nutrients and vitamins. On top of that you can impress your friends and family members by preparing exquisite salads and other dishes for them. It acceptable to consume unprocessed animal products such as milk and eggs. Sushi is a great option as well. This diet might be tricky at first but once you master it you will be very happy that you went through the trouble. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash all of your veggies!

Slim Fast Diet

The Slim Fast diet was designed specifically for people who want to lose weight as quickly as possible. Scientists have thoroughly researched this diet and research has proven that it does help people lose weight. The name of the diet might sound like something that is advertised on a bottle of diet pills but this diet is actually quite healthy for you. It is a low calorie type of diet. It is a good idea to ease into this diet instead of switching from your regular diet to the Slim Fast diet.

The Slim Fast diet involves a lot of shake-up mixes and snack bars. It was designed for people who are in a hurry to slim down and don’t have time to prepare meals. Each meal is restricted to approximately 500 calories and consists of a wide variety of snack bars and shakes. The total amount of calories consumed per day should never be more than 1,300. The amount of meals that you replace with Slim Fast Official Meal Bars depends on your goals. If you want to lose weight fast it is recommended to cook one meal a day and replace the other meals and snacks with meal bars, snack bars, and shakes. You can purchase most of the shakes bars from Slim Fast’s official product store.

Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet Review and Recipes

Another balanced diet that is making the round lately is called Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet. The diet is relatively self explanatory. It was designed to help combat inflammatory conditions. The theory for this diet is that every sickness or disease causes an inflammation somewhere in the body and by reducing the amount of inflammation in the body we prevent certain diseases. This diet was designed to reduce the inflammation in one’s body as much as possible. It has been proven that inflammation is responsible for a wide range of physical diseases. For example, chronic inflammation has been linked to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

The goal is to eat a wide range of natural food products that have been known to reduce inflammation. Surprisingly, most of the food products are colorful. For example, berries, tomatoes, oranges, apples, lettuce, peppers, and other colorful vegetables. The diet also recommends avoiding processed water that can contain traces of chlorine and other toxins. Some peculiar products are allowed though, for instance, you are permitted to eat dark brown chocolate because it contains a high level of antioxidants. You will be presented with a large chart of food that is allowed under the diet, it is up to you to design your own meals. The average daily calorie consumption is between 2,000 and 3,000.

Vegetarian Diet

The Vegetarian diet is one of the most popular diets circulating the globe today. Vegetarians believe in eating everything but meat. But what is categorized as meat? It can be confusing. For instance, some Vegetarians shun eating meat but advocate eating fish and poultry. There are many different types of Vegetarian diets that one can follow in order to lose weight. However, you will need to tweak your diet depending on your personal beliefs. For example, some hardcore Vegetarians only believe in eating plants. Other Vegetarians believe in eating small portions of meat every now and then. It really depends on your personal preferences.

Regardless, the Vegetarian diet is extremely nutritious and it will help you drop weight fast. The reason why you can lose weight on a Vegetarian diet is because you simply drastically reduce the amount of calories that you are consuming a day. Low calorie diets have been proven to help you lose weight. Still, if you want to follow the Vegetarian diet you have to avoid meats at all costs and learn how to substitute them with other food products. All in all following a Vegetarian diet provides you with plenty of nutrients and allows you to lose excess weight relatively quickly depending on how strictly you follow the diet.

Traditional Asian Diet

The Traditional Asian diet is based on the eating habits of people who live in Asia. It is great for people who love experiencing a wide range of flavors and exotic dishes. Did you ever find yourself wondering how people who are from Asia manage to stay fit? The secret lies within their diet and regular exercise of course. As you may have already known, the main type of food that people eat in Asia is rice. An Asian meal is not complete without a big bowl of rice. So, if you do not particularly enjoy eating rice, this diet might not be the best for you.

Regardless, the Traditional Asian diet is perfect for anyone who is trying to lose weight. It has been proven to help people lose weight and prevent it from ever returning. However, this diet can be a little trick, because there are no rules to this diet. Basically, the diet is just based on eating food that the locals eat in Asian countries. There is a large food pyramid divided into several different sections and you can pick the type of food you want to include in you meals. The diet is based on the following types of food: rice, noodles, seeds, vegetables, seafood, corn, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and red meat only once a month.