The Raw Food diet is quite self explanatory. It is perfect for people who like to eat raw veggies and fruits. Scientific studies have determined that most of the nutrients found in veggies are lost when they are fried. If you want to get the most out of your veggies it is best to eat it raw. Which is what this diet is all about; eating raw food. You will definitely lose weight if you follow this diet. If you are not accustomed to eating raw veggies this diet might take some getting used to but it is well worth the trouble in the long run. Preparing meals can also be difficult.

Regardless, the Raw Food diet is one of the healthiest types of diets that you can choose. Not only will it help you lose weight by drastically reducing the amount of calories you consume but it will fill your body with vital nutrients and vitamins. On top of that you can impress your friends and family members by preparing exquisite salads and other dishes for them. It acceptable to consume unprocessed animal products such as milk and eggs. Sushi is a great option as well. This diet might be tricky at first but once you master it you will be very happy that you went through the trouble. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash all of your veggies!

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