Great First Date Restaurants. Delish, Even If The Date Goes Sour!

When going on a first date, one must choose the restaurant wisely. After a few places, with a few faces, I have compiled a list of acceptable first date restaurants.

I have not listed them in any order of importance. Try them all! I am no foodie, but when I see good food, I do enjoy it!

Get Stoned!

At the Black Rock Bar & Grill you will cook your own steak. This is a tiny hidden shopping center gem in Hartland, Michigan. If you have a spectacular gentleman seated across from you, he will say something similar to this, “You have to get the Filet Mignon!” No holds barred, he is in it for experiences not for a cheap date!

The server will bring out your raw meat on a tray for you. And you will be given a thick blackish gray rock. It is very hot, and turns out- it has spent the last 24 hours preparing to be good enough to cook your steak. It’s ONLY job for the day.

Pretty Impressive

Then, I was told to slice a bite off the filet (this was a nice hunk of meat too—so tender!) and place it on the stone. I would then be able to control each bite for optimum taste. But hurry it only remains hot enough for one hour! I never even touched my potato.

Melting into Each other

What isn’t romantic about Fondue? Even the name sounds smooth and happy, Yes I shall have some fondue! The Melting Pot is a “chain” I have seen all over the country, but my friends have never actually been there when I mention it! How is this?! I always feel like I am introducing everyone to the melting pot, you’re welcome!

Salad, Appetizers, Main Course, Dessert—foreign cheeses, tender meats, delicious chocolates to dip in chocolate! This place has it all…but be sure to park close to the door because when you finish eating all that you want to eat, you will not be able to walk.

Eat to laugh, or laugh to eat?

A great way to break the ice when on a first date, is to go somewhere that injects humors without too much work. A restaurant with servers who dress as super heroes and villains, where you can eat your salad from the side of a VW bus, and where you are warned about glowing soap in the bathroom! (The last may have been made up) but seriously.

This place exists!

The Magic Time Machine in Dallas (or San Antonio) will keep you on your toes the entire meal. I left laughing and thankful that it wasn’t my birthday. A poor unsuspecting little girl thought she would get free cake! They tied two balloons together, wrapped them around the little ears and called her an airhead! The whole restaurant died!

Seriously though, if you don’t wash your hands the guards with black lights will find you and sing a song about dirty germs to you and your table! (Huge folklore… not sure if it’s true, I washed my hands!)

Eat. Laugh. Love.

Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Boat in Kona, Hawaii

When in Hawaii, everyone must eat the seafood. Bubba Gump’s on the main drive in Kona will satisfy taste buds while providing stimulating movie trivia and sites to discuss. The amount of American culture in these sites will leave no room for awkward pauses, unless you take the last shrimp without so much as an obligatory “sorry” glance.

Plus- everyone needs their picture taken in Forrest Gump’s shoes sitting next to a box of chocolates once, everyone!

Good food. Good times. Great first date potential. I’ve picked the restaurants(road trips?!) you can handle the rest! Don’t miss out by just picking a movie for your first date! After all, dinner is the true show.

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Donna, by day is a managing director of marketing at Edictive, after hours she is a self-oppressed foodie.

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