Unique Food Only Found In Los Angeles

A lot of people detest Los Angeles on principle alone. Certainly, those who live there do little to diminish the city’s somewhat uncouth distinction. But regardless of the reputation that precedes the residents of Los Angeles, the city is stereotyped for a lot of other reasons. The smell. The heat. The smog. The wildfires. And how it somehow takes half an hour to get to the beach, but three hours to get back to the beach.

Anyone who lives there, though, will tell you that the city has at least one thing going for it: the food. Los Angeles isn’t really known for just one food. Rather, it’s known for all of them. These are just a few of the most unique dishes you might try while you’re there!

  1. Dino’s Chicken and Burgers. When approaching these establishments, you won’t even know they have anything to offer your taste buds. Go there for the half-chicken dish. It sort of looks like a ramen dish, without the ramen, and only until you realize that it’s drowned in sauce. But the meat is delicious.
  2. Tsujita Annex. Speaking of ramen, try tsukemen ramen. This style of dish comes straight from Japan. After ordering, you’ll be given at least two bowls — one with the already cooked ramen, and another filled with the broth. From there you can dip the noodles into the broth yourself. This is the perfect dish to save for later since the ingredients are so helpfully separated.
  3. Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. Maybe you’re not thinking chicken and waffles when in Los Angeles, but you can do no better. This restaurant has late hours on the weekend, which is great for the very inebriated individuals who are most likely to visit in the dead of night.
  4. Kogi. This food truck offers short rib tacos. You’re either a fan of food trucks or you aren’t. If you live in Los Angeles, chances are you reside in the former group. Either way, Kogi is a great place to stop for a quick bite to eat. The Korean short ribs are combined with a distinctly Mexican flavor, weird but good.
  5. Thai Food. Los Angeles actually does Thai food quite well (in general). There are plenty of Thai restaurants dotted throughout the city, but which is best is definitely a matter of opinion. And opinions in LA tend to conflict with one another. We recommend trying Night + Market in West Hollywood if you’re in the mood for a tasty meal alongside a great selection of beer you’ve probably never tried.

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