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How MCA Can Be Used Successfully For Restaurant Owners

Building a new business from scratch is not an easy venture to take on, and today’s atmosphere certainly works against most small businesses. CEO of Next Street Marina Linhart said, “There is an $87 billion gap in financing for small businesses.”

What exactly does that mean? Simple: If your business is new, then you’re a lot less likely to find even moderate capital investments. It’s like when a new author goes to publish a first book, but can’t find an agent who accepts authors who haven’t been published, and can’t find a publisher that accepts authors who don’t have an agent. New businesses operate the same way. You need to prove yourself before you find an investor, but there’s no way to do build the business without one.

That might sound like a problem, because it is. Restaurant owners, in particular, can expect lower sales without those initial investments. That means fewer employees and a barely operating skeleton crew.

Many restaurant owners opt for a merchant cash advance, or MCA agreement, to make ends meet. These contracts can be great for restaurant owners who are going places. But they can also be a nightmare for those who were already doomed from the beginning.

Business owners who are considering an MCA agreement need a solid plan before signing one. Is there an open demographic interested in what they’re selling? Is the business’s location easily accessible? How will new customers find out about the business? How will the business continue to grow in the long-term? Business owners who cannot answer these simple questions should quit while they’re ahead.

For those who have built a solid foundation with proper planning, it’s doubly important to take only as much as needed. Interest rates will be higher in an MCA agreement, and many states still don’t regulate these lending practices. Until regulations are put into place, it’s up to the business owner to weed out the predatory lenders from those who are actually on their side. 

Restaurants stand to benefit more than many other businesses because profits can fluctuate day-to-day even when the weather changes. That’s okay, because merchant cash advances generally operate by taking a percentage of the profit each day instead of using a set payment amount.

The advance can usually be obtained within 48 hours, with a low credit rating, and without risking assets or worsening an already low credit rating — as long as the business owner was careful not to put up collateral before signing the agreement. When the business grows significantly, an owner can move on to a more traditional investment strategy.

Issues With New Mexico Chile Pepper

The climate of New Mexico is pitch perfect for growing the infamous chile pepper — usually. That’s all changing because of climate change (but don’t tell New Mexico residents that’s what we blame the problem on). June Rutherford is a New Mexico farmer who has been growing chile for the Great New Mexico Chile Taste-Off competition for about 80 years. That’s no small feat, but according to her it’s never been as difficult as it is right now.

“The weather hasn’t been a bit good for chile,” she said. “It’s been hot. Hot and dry.”


Your Field Guide To Coffee In Vancouver

Washington state is one of the most diverse locations in the country when searching for people, places, outdoor scenery — and yes, even coffee. The first word you associate with Vancouver is probably “Canada” but there’s so much more regardless of which side of the border you land on. A cafe or coffee shop in Vancouver will usually provide a bigger space for lounging around than you’re accustomed to anywhere else, and there’s a reason for that.


Shark Tank Eatery Opens In Seattle

Fans of the popular TV show Shark Tank know that it’s not always easy to convince the lineup of famous investors to embrace a novel idea — and in fact some participants go home empty-handed. But that wasn’t the case for owners of the now-renowned restaurant Fat Shack Underground, who managed to sweet talk investors into providing them with some sweet seed money for new locations and new possibilities.

One of those new possibilities is now situated in Pioneer Square. Head over to 88 Yesler Way for the perfect after-hours snack foods and desserts. Oh, but avoid Fat Shack if you’re not a fan of deep-fried foods. The owners sort of specialize in those. And they’re good at what they do.

Fat Shack Underground was first established as a single eatery on the East Coast. Soon, new locations would spring up in Colorado and Texas. The stint on Shark Tank landed them the funds to open their 15th location in Seattle. Billionaire Mark Cuban liked the restaurant idea — and the owners — and so he decided to grant them a whopping $250,000 for an equally whopping 15 percent stake in the franchise.

Oddly enough, Cuban is a 60-year-old health advocate. He’s accustomed to daily exercise, routine blood tests — and healthy eating habits. But that’s a lifestyle as far opposed to Fat Shack’s menu as it gets. It was especially surprising for Cuban to endorse the franchise because of his previous investments, which include products such as organic foods, plant-based supplements, and even vegan-made dog treats.

Fat Shack provides people with 2000-calorie snacks and sandwiches, i.e. heart attacks, strokes, and future diabetes for a premium price. Cuban said, “The business side of me says you’re hitting every line item. What I can’t get past is the whole health thing. Every other food product I have is geared towards healthy living.”

He was eventually compelled to change his mind when Fat Shack co-owner Tom Armenti told him he should consider diversifying his portfolio. Business words for a businessman. Armenti explained, “We don’t eat Fat Shack every single day, obviously. It’s a cheat meal for people to come in and get something really good.”

“Done,” Cuban responded. “Let’s go get fat.”

One has to wonder if health really matters as much when money speaks volumes. One also has to wonder if the fun snack establishment will take off in the highly Liberal bastion of Seattle, where people still, you know, walk whenever they can. Time will tell.

The pasty's seasonings are consistently simple. They are always seasoned with only salt and pepper and served with ketchup or gravy.

Famous Michigan Delicacies You Will Only Find Here

When people think of Michigan, food is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But ours is a state where people are forced to really hunker down for winter — and since we can’t hibernate like bears, we need to keep eating. Naturally, we do a lot more of it in winter! That’s why we have such a large number of iconic dishes (iconic if you’re from the area, at least). Here are just a few to try if you decide on a Michigan vacation!


The Master List Of Mexican Food In Los Angeles

When you live so close to the border with Mexico, you grow accustomed to eating Mexican cuisine — and you grow even more accustomed to acknowledging the great divide between “subpar” and “great” Mexican food. Los Angeles visitors won’t want to miss out on these great restaurants, where they experience the best authentic Mexican food north of the border. This is our master list!


Cornerstone Christian High School To Commit To Bellevue Food Drive

Poverty is a real problem in the United States — more than one in ten people are below the poverty line — but for many of us it’s easy to forget that some people struggle just to get food on the table each day. It can be especially tough in winter. That’s not even considering the number of people who are out on the streets and struggle to get anything at all. That’s why Cornerstone Christian High School’s PULSE Club is organizing a food drive for the Bellevue Food Pantry.

The school’s PULSE Club aims to promote and contribute to community service projects. It’s a great way for young members of Bellevue to learn how satisfying volunteer service can be.

And in fact, that’s the point.


What To Eat When Visiting Cincinnati

Traveling to Ohio? There’s a good chance you’re visiting for a big game. Soccer lovers are there for FC Cincinnati Major League Soccer, baseball lovers are there for the Cincinnati Reds, and football lovers are there for the Cincinnati Bengals. The city is an economic powerhouse for the state of Ohio, driven in part by those three teams. But you’re probably wondering where you should eat when you’re on your way to or from one of those important games. These are our best recommendations if you are in the great city of Cincinnati!


Unique Food Only Found In Los Angeles

A lot of people detest Los Angeles on principle alone. Certainly, those who live there do little to diminish the city’s somewhat uncouth distinction. But regardless of the reputation that precedes the residents of Los Angeles, the city is stereotyped for a lot of other reasons. The smell. The heat. The smog. The wildfires. And how it somehow takes half an hour to get to the beach, but three hours to get back to the beach.

Anyone who lives there, though, will tell you that the city has at least one thing going for it: the food. Los Angeles isn’t really known for just one food. Rather, it’s known for all of them. These are just a few of the most unique dishes you might try while you’re there!


The Best Places To Eat In Jonesboro, Arkansas

Arkansas isn’t exactly one of the premier vacation destinations in the country, but those who like to go on new adventures will eventually find ourselves exploring the state’s college town of Jonesboro. The city is Arkansas’s fifth-largest according to population figures derived from the most recent census. Arkansas State University is a popular detour — and that means there are plenty of great places to eat not too far away.