Where To Eat In Orange County If You Only Have A Day

Orange County is one of the richest districts in Southern California. Drive through, and you’ll see plenty of evidence: the homes showcase luxury while the people who live there have it in their swagger. Even beaches alongside Orange County are amazing. If you haven’t watched the sunset at Huntington Beach’s pier, then you haven’t really lived. But then again, maybe you haven’t lived if you haven’t tried the food there.

These are the establishments where you might choose to eat if you only have a day to explore the area:

  1. Las Brisas. Really, you can’t visit any region of Southern California without sampling a variety of Mexican restaurants. Las Brisas will introduce you to Mexican-style seafood while you take a seat alongside the ocean. You’ll eat well and you’ll live well. This is the place to go if you need a breath to relax during one of the best dinners you’ll ever get to enjoy.
  2. The Playground. You’ve heard of popular restaurants where the owners make somewhat half-hearted attempts to change their menus dependent on the season, but The Playground takes it to a whole new level: Menus change every day. If you’re in the mood for a spark of inspiration or a touch of variety, then this is the place to see.
  3. Chelo Creamery. You can’t stop in Orange County without a proper dessert — and with a mission statement as clear-cut as “make life sweeter” you can do no better than Chelo Creamery. The menu is expansive and unique, and you’ll definitely be given the opportunity to try something you’ve never seen (or heard of) before. And that gelato is to die for!
  4. Banzai Bowls. Have you heard of acai bowls? They’re basically thick smoothies, best enjoyed for breakfast. Typical toppings are oatmeal, peanut butter, fruit, and more. Banzai Bowls offer a few exceptional acai bowls, plus an assortment of tasty, healthy smoothies. You won’t regret the stop.
  5. Yoshiharu Ramen. Anyone who knows anything about good noodles will tell you to visit an authentic ramen establishment. This one provides patrons with all the traditional kinds of ramen, but you’ll find a few items on the menu that you might not recognize — and to top it off, you’ll find that Yoshiharu Ramen gives you great service. That bowl will be sitting in front of you before you know it.
  6. Kech Cafe. Looking for lunch or a quick bite? Kech Cafe probably wouldn’t be your first choice — because it’s inside a Shell gas station — but you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you try one of their mouth-watering Mediterranean sandwiches. Be forewarned: They use a lot of pesto in their magical creations.

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