Visiting Hawaii? These Are The Best Eateries In Honolulu!

There are activities in which one simply must partake during any week-long visit to the Hawaiian islands. You have to visit the Hawaii Volcanoes and Haleakala National Parks. A helicopter ride to see the Diamond Head from a completely different — and magical — point of view has inspired many travelers for the rest of their lives. And then there are Hawaii’s many beautiful beaches, sporting marine life you won’t see anywhere else in the world. But if you haven’t visited some of Hawaii’s best eateries, then you’re missing out!

Here are the most popular eateries in Honolulu, according to the locals:

Vegan Soft Serve at Banan. Sure, there are plenty of people who already lament frozen yogurt as the bastard step-child of ice cream. Basically, mad scientists took something that everyone loved, and then made it slightly worse so you could eat more of it. That’s why you might be even less attracted to a non-dairy soft serve option. But you have to try it, even if you think vegans are annoying. Not only does it taste amazing, but it also uses local ingredients to create an artistic masterpiece.

Bar Leather Apron. No one wants to pay nearly $20 for a drink, but hey: you’re in Honolulu, so you should be willing to splurge a little if you’ve already come all this way for the vacation of a lifetime. Try the matcha cocktail for a taste of Japan you won’t find anywhere else (unless you head farther west). The ingredients for the drink aren’t even available in the United States. The owners are forced to travel to Japan and bring them back.

The Veranda. This is the restaurant for you if you’re in the mood for afternoon snacks that absolutely will spoil your dinner. $45 gets you a classically-styled tea service complete with multiple tea blends, savory sandwiches, and delicious desserts. You’ll also enjoy outdoor seating near the ocean along with live music.

International Market Place. Here you’ll be able to sample the kouign amann, which is a French pastry you’ve probably never even heard about. You can find it served in a number of Honolulu bakeries. It’s like a compact, sweet croissant and you’ve probably never tasted anything like it.

Pop Pop Donuts. Whether you’re there for breakfast or a late-day snack, this establishment is one for the books. Have you ever seen donuts being made? The bakers at Pop Pop do it in plain sight. Better yet, the donuts have an array of unique styles and toppings — and you’re almost guaranteed to place a hot donut in your mouth if you enjoy it while you’re there. 

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