The Best Places To Eat In Jonesboro, Arkansas

Arkansas isn’t exactly one of the premier vacation destinations in the country, but those who like to go on new adventures will eventually find ourselves exploring the state’s college town of Jonesboro. The city is Arkansas’s fifth-largest according to population figures derived from the most recent census. Arkansas State University is a popular detour — and that means there are plenty of great places to eat not too far away.

  1. The 501 Club. This is the place for you if you want to avoid the college students. It’s much more upscale than most of them can afford! The menu mostly caters toward steak lovers, but you’ll find a great selection of wine to go with your delectable cut. If your mouth doesn’t water for steak, you might find something else to whet your appetite, but we recommend sticking to what this restaurant does best.
  2. Chef’s In. This popular destination is all about southern-style comfort food. It’s much more casual, providing a giant buffet service for voracious eaters. The menu is vast, and always includes a daily special, making this a great establishment to visit more than once. Although you’ll probably make the mistake of loading up on entrees, we highly recommend saving room for dessert. Vegetarian? No problem — Chef’s In has you covered too.
  3. Godsey’s Grill. This restaurant was about great tastes and unique offerings. You would find mouth-watering entrees like the Philly steak burger, but also appetizers that could keep the whole table fed well. The location recently closed up shop due to allegations that the owners weren’t paying rent. It’s not yet known if the owners plan to move elsewhere (but we hope they do!). Keep an eye out.
  4. Hiro. This is the place to go if you’re in the mood for amazing sushi. The large menu offers some of the rolls you’re familiar with alongside fan-favorite Amercan-themed style sushi like the Philadelphia roll or Kentucky roll. Each is perfectly unique. The dinner plates are perfect for Instagram foodies. Hiro also supports the local economy through the purchase of mostly locally-sourced ingredients.
  5. Bistro on the Ridge. This restaurant is normally busy, and that’s no surprise — Bistro offers a menu specializing in “home-cooked” meals in a city dominated by college students. The lunch menu is one of the most extensive you’ll find anywhere in Jonesboro, offering a wide array of sandwiches: the pimento cheese sandwich is a favorite. The restaurant also offers daily specials.

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