Your Field Guide To Coffee In Vancouver

Washington state is one of the most diverse locations in the country when searching for people, places, outdoor scenery — and yes, even coffee. The first word you associate with Vancouver is probably “Canada” but there’s so much more regardless of which side of the border you land on. A cafe or coffee shop in Vancouver will usually provide a bigger space for lounging around than you’re accustomed to anywhere else, and there’s a reason for that.

Relevant Coffee should probably be your first call if you’re looking for premium, high quality coffee. It’s time to leave Starbucks behind for something…better. The establishment’s new location is a whopping 2,000 square feet of open space with plenty of windows to let the light flood in. Relevant made the space with the idea of letting plenty of people congregate and socialize to ask questions about their brewing methods, which, we might say are top of the notch. 

You can visit at 1703 Main St. Suite A in Vancouver.

Compass Coffee Roasting can be found in both Portland and Vancouver, like many other small brands. Their space is smaller and more compact than Relevant’s, but the owners make up for this and still encourage socialization by placing a long table smack in the middle of the coffee shop. As you might have realized from the name, Compass Coffee is just as much about coffee as it is where that coffee came from. If you’re in the mood for something new, you can try it here.

Visit at 817 Washington Street in Vancouver.

Presso Coffee Co. began in Portland before expanding to Vancouver. The Presso Coffee Kitchen offers a variety of coffees you’ve probably never tried before, and they also have a rotating, seasonal menu to spice it up a bit. The owners hold various community events in their space to gather people together for great coffee and great times. 

Visit their shop at 13011 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. Suite 106 in Vancouver.

Kafiex Roasters Coffee Lab is another shop that really wants to educate you about various brews from around the world, and they do it using an enormous map of the world. Not sure where your favorite coffee is sourced from? This is the best place to find out. There’s even a library with coffee-related reading material! They proudly keep their equipment on display so you can watch the magic as it’s happening. Kafiex also places emphasis on working with female farmers.

Visit Kafiex at 720 Esther Street in Vancouver.

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