Top Food to Eat to Boost Fertility

two halves of grapefruit on white plate with spoon - foods for fertility

People try a lot of interesting ways to encourage their bodies to conceive. It’s all part of the pregnancy planning process, but it’s vital to separate the facts from the myths. You’ve probably read about a ton of different foods to try by now. Do you know which ones actually work, though? 

The craze is real, and people are flocking to all sorts of superfoods in order to start a family. Instead of listening to the hearsay, cut through the fuss and take a look at these top foods that will boost your fertility for real. 

Facts and Myths

Research shows that an unhealthy diet can directly impact your fertility. While no individual food is going to miraculously boost your chances of contraception, choosing to eat the right items can help your attempts. 

The trick isn’t the food, it’s the nutrients within. The science isn’t in on how much of an impact these nutrients have, but the general consensus is that they can work to protect and improve the odds of you getting pregnant. You’ve got to commit to a healthy diet, though. A few superfoods in-between junk food isn’t going to work. 

Sunflower Seeds

For this superfood, you need to eat the variety without any added salt. Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E, which is known to boost male fertility. Not only does it improve sperm count and mobility, it also helps with DNA fragmentation. 

Aside from containing almost 50% of your daily vitamin E needs, these little kernels also contain folates, selenium, and zinc. For the male reproductive system, that’s a baby-making combination. Plus, they have plenty of omega 3 and 6. 

Fresh Grapefruit and Orange Juice

Either juice will do the trick, which is great news if you aren’t keen on the taste of grapefruit. Both citrusy delights are packed with polyamine putrescine, another semen booster. However, this natural little chemical can also improve the health of a woman’s eggs. 

In one study, they were shown to decrease the rate of chromosomal defects by an incredible 50%. They’re also chock full of vitamin C, which is an excellent way to keep female hormones in balance. So, drink up. 

Mature Cheese

This one was recommended by a family law attorney who helped a couple with some marital issues. Matured cheese is high in polyamines, which is a protein found in various plant and animal products. They occur in your body as well, but adding in a little extra aids your reproductive system. 

Polyamines, like those in grapefruit juice, aid in both sperm and egg health. This is especially true fro women over the age of 35. A little goes a long way with this one. Eat too much and you’re letting an overabundance of saturated fat into your body, which is counterproductive. 

Lentils and Beans

Any type of bean helps both men and women. For men, it increases their spermidine levels. Men with healthier sperm have higher levels naturally. For women, they contain plenty of folic acid for a healthy embryo. 

Plus, these tasty morsels are brimming with fiber. While your mind might head somewhere else when thinking of fiber, it’s actually a key component to maintaining a healthy hormonal balance. The best part about beans is that you can cook them up and add them to nearly any dish. 

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