Diners are as essential to the Long Island experience as pronouncing “ohs” as “aws” and drinking on the Long Island Rail Road. They’re the places we converge after a night out or for Sunday breakfast. The only place where you can get a fairly authentic gyro and a stack of pancakes at 2am. So, where do Long Islanders go when they choose which diner to go to? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best diners on Long Island for your convenience.


1. Landmark Diner
Roslyn, Nassau County

For over 45 years, Landmark Diner has lived up to its name as being an essential establishment on the island. With two stories and fashioned with an old-school, retro motif, Landmark prides itself on being the quintessential American dinner. It’s state-of-the-art water filtration system, energy-efficient heating, cooling, and lighting, and use of eco-friendly cleaning products ensure the establishment runs as sustainably as possible. Most importantly, their lengthy menu features everything from omelettes to signature sandwiches and desserts.


2. Thomas’s Ham and Eggery
Carle Place, Nassau County

A place notorious for long lines but friendly service, Thomas’s Ham and Eggery ranks high on many Long Islander’s lists for best diners around. Their famed egg scrambles are fluffy and flavorful and served in a skillet. While their breakfast menu is the talk of the town, they serve lunch and dinner that’s just as delicious.


3. Tim’s Shipwreck Diner
Northport, Suffolk County

If you’re not a local, you may recognize this place from their appearance in an episode on Food Network’s American Diner Revival. Located just across from the Northport Village Dock on Main Street, Tim’s is a local favorite famed for their seafood-infused menu and breakfasts. We recommend the local favorite “wreckfast burrito”, if you can handle the hot sauce’s heat.


4. Sunny’s Riverhead Diner & Grill
Riverhead, Suffolk County

If you’re on your way out to The Hamptons, a stop at Sunny’s in Riverhead should be on your agenda. Since 1932, Sunny’s has served the Riverhead community with fresh, local ingredients and a smile. While the ownership may have changed throughout the years, the same family still runs the establishment, ensuring the quality and community values core to the place have been maintained.


5. East Bay Diner
Seaford, Nassau County

This classic hometown diner is always a hotspot for locals. Outfitted with a nautical theme fit for the south shore, the establishment prides itself on a traditional diner experience with a Long Island twist. Portions are large and filling, perfect for taking a doggy bag home at the end of the meal.


6. Park City Diner
Garden City Park, Nassau County

A favorite for Long Islanders all over the county, Park City Diner is an establishment that is proud of it’s non-traditional take on the diner experience. Diners can take advantage of the full bar and screens to turn the diner into a sports bar for events. Also, the diner offers takeout and delivery options as well if you feel like enjoying the meal at home.


So, if you’re looking for an authentic Long Island experience, stop by any of these diners and thank us later!

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