Nick Trimble Shares His Go-To Energy Boosting Food for Busy Entrepreneurs

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Take a second to register how you feel right now. Do you feel stressed? Tired? Energized? It’s difficult to truly understand why your body is feeling the way that it does, but there are ways to increase those positive, energized feelings and diminish those groggy, tired feelings. While your might automatically consider drinking more coffee or picking up an energy drink when your energy is low, these can both be counterintuitive if you’re not eating the right foods.

As a successful entrepreneur, Nick Trimble knows that establishing healthy habits is one of the main pillars to success. It’s simple: when you’re more energized, you’re more productive. It’s important to set yourself up for that success by doing everything that you can to keep your energy levels high. One of the best ways to have and keep your energy up is by being conscious of how you eat throughout your busy day. That’s why Nick Trimble is sharing his go-to energy boosting foods for busy entrepreneurs.


While it’s tempting to reach for a bagel with cream cheese first thing in the morning, breakfast that is high in carbs, cream, or sugar can weigh your energy levels down before you’ve even fully woken up. Eggs are a great way to fuel your body with the protein it needs to help to start your day on a lighter foot. Eggs don’t just have to be a breakfast food, either! If you want to add a little more protein throughout the day, they’re a great, easy way addition to any sandwich, salad, or as a snack.

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As an entrepreneur, you’re probably always on the go. This can make it difficult to get in a healthy meal when you begin to feel your energy levels slips. Nuts and seeds are a great resource to have when you’re in your car, stuck at your desk, or running from one meeting to another. By having a store of nuts or seeds with you at all times, you can satisfy hunger responsibly without needing to retreat to faster foods that might drain your battery.


We’ve all heard it before, but it’s worth repeating. It’s important to ensure that you’re feeding your body enough vegetables throughout the day. While it might not always be easy to find the time to cook your vegetables, there are many pairings you can eat uncooked vegetables with throughout the day. From celery and peanut butter to broccoli and humus, these duos are easy to keep with you when you have a day packed with meetings.

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Greek Yogurt

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Description automatically generatedIt can be easy to revert to junk food when you have a sweet tooth. The problem is that sugary desserts can quickly take your energy levels down. Greek yogurt is a great way to curb a craving for items on the sweeter spectrum and keep your day flowing in a productive manner. Add a little fruit and you can be filled for hours with this high-protein dessert item!

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