The 10 Must Have Dishes in Singapore

Food is a big part of South East Culture. And Singapore is one of those cities that has a lot to offer when it comes to cuisine. Singapore is a boiling pot where cultural influences from all-over South-East Asia come together. This can be felt in Singapore’s wide range of food. You will find dishes with influences from loads of regions. Thanks to this, food in Singapore is exciting, unique, and brimming with all kinds of flavors. 

Gorging yourself on the local cuisine is part of the experience when you go to Singapore. Today, we are going to talk about the best 10 Singapore food to eat here. We’re going to be focusing on unique dishes that do justice to the local flavors. 

#1 Chili Crab

Seafood is really common in Singapore since it’s right next to the ocean. And Singapore’s national dish comes from the ocean as well. Chili crab is a popular delicacy that can be found in many areas of the city. This local delicacy consists of a whole crab doused in chili sauce or black pepper sauce. The dish is served with mantous buns that complete the dish very well. 

#2 Hainanese Chicken

This succulent chicken dish hails from the Hainan province of Singapore. This dish consists of juicy and tender steamed chicken that is served with fragrant rice. The chicken is steamed to perfection and cut into thin strips. The dish is usually accompanied with chili garlic sauce, light soy sauce, and a handful of fresh vegetables. 

The dish is simple yet wholesome. It’s loaded with traditional Singaporean flavors and will leave you feeling fulfilled.

#3 Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is a rich and hearty rice dish that is loved throughout Singapore. This dish consists of rice cooked in a pandan leaf and coconut milk. This dish is paired with a variety of side dishes. You can have it with fried fish or chicken, or with different kinds of local condiments.

A typical serving of Nasi Lemak is heavy and loaded with flavor. This dish is best enjoyed by people who have big appetites.

#4 Otak Otak

Singapore has a fair bit of Chinese culture ingrained into it thanks to its history with Chinese immigrants. Otak Otak is a Chinese inspired dish that is basically a steamed fish cake. The cake is made by mixing fish paste and tapioca starch to form a patty. This patty is then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed. 

Otak Otak gets its name from its unique texture. Otak Otak means brains in Malay. While the name’s meaning might leave some feeling unsettled, this dish is certainly great to have. It can be eaten as a snack or as a main meal.

#5 Bak Kut Teh

If you’re a fan of rich broths then Bak Ku Teh will please your taste buds. This is another Chinese dish that is commonly found in Singapore. Bak Kut Teh has juicy pork ribs that are left to boil in a complex herbal broth. The soup is a blend of spices and flavors and is quite hard to make. It’s rich and peppery flavor can leave anyone feeling fulfilled.

#6 Kaya Toast and Kopi

Singapore even has its own unique jam. Kaya jam is made from eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and pandan leaves. This jam has a mild yet delicious flavor and is a popular item in Singaporean breakfasts. A sandwich with kaya jam, butter, and a side of coffee is one of the simplest yet most wholesome breakfasts that you can have in Singapore.

#7 Biryani

Biryani is a popular dish that can be found in the sub-continent and parts of the middle east. This dish has found its way into Singapore as well. The name Biryani is derived from the Persian word Berya, which means to roast or to fry. The dish itself consists of fried rice that are heaped with fragrant spices and meat. A single serving of biryani can take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride.

#8 Roti Pratha

This is another dish that made its way to Singapore from the sub-continent. Roti Paratha is basically a flatbread that is common throughout the sub-continent. It can be eaten with various kinds of main dishes. Roti paratha makes for a superb side dish.

#9 Fried Hokkien Mee

Hokkien hails from China’s southern province Hokkien. It’s a versatile dish that is prepared differently by every region. In Singapore, Hokkien Mee is a stir-fried combination of egg noodles and rice. These two main ingredients are further combined with onions, squid, prawns, and a variety of other ingredients. All of this gets topped with a rich and thick sauce that is made from dried prawns and shrimp.

#10 Pork Satay

Singapore’s favorite late night food, Pork Satay is simple yet fulfilling. It consists of grilled pork skewered on bamboo sticks. The pork is eaten with spicy dipping sauce and fresh cucumbers and onions.

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