Papa John’s New CEO, Formerly Arby’s

The head of a food corporation brings a lot to the table, especially when that person has an extensive record of achievement in the rear-view mirror. That is certainly the case when it comes to Papa Johns CEO. Since he took over the organization in 2019, Rob Lynch has attracted a lot of positive attention. Most of this has come through his willingness to embrace innovation. After only six weeks of Lynch being in charge, the company launched garlic Parmesan crust, which showed that he was willing to shake things up a bit in the pursuit of better pizza.

This did not mean that radical changes were needed. The pizza chain had long had a solid reputation for quality, so it was more about building on to this tradition. To get the best ideas out there, Lynch listened to his employees. The challenge was to keep what made customers happy and to add new products that added to the company’s brand image. Lynch’s actions did not go unnoticed: he soon earned a nomination for Restaurant Leader of the Year

Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO

The new CEO had an extensive background in the food industry and achieved success wherever he went. With a marketing background, Lynch served in various positions with the following companies:

  • Proctor and Gamble for seven years
  • Kraft Heinz Co. for five years
  • Taco Bell as vice president of marketing
  • Arby’s as chief marketing officer and brand president

Lynch helped these companies reverse declines in customers. He did this through innovation and the development of new products. His goal was to get customers excited about food choices being offered at these restaurants, and the results were very positive. This eventually led to Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO, a position he has embraced with several forward-looking enhancements.

While Lynch had many challenges at Papa John’s, he kept things positive and focused on the things customers loved: quality pizza with fresh ingredients. By opting to focus on quality rather than on a low price, Lynch positioned the pizza chain to create some of the best-tasting pizza around. 

What the New CEO Plans To Bring to the Table

Now with a focus on the important thing—excellent pizza—customers know where to go for scrumptious food. These include many of the established favorites, as well as a steady diet of innovations. Papa John’s CEO knows what pizza lovers want, making the future bright for this chain.  Lynch had to make a series of crucial decisions when he came on board. His biggest decision was to rely on the quality of his food products.

Better ingredients for flour, olives, tomatoes and other ingredients can be tasted in every bite. This leads to improved satisfaction and repeat customers. The company has also modified its marketing approach, relying less on celebrities and more on the quality of the food. Offerings such as new Papadia sandwiches, epic stuffed crust pizza and the Shaqaroni pizza have quickly become favorites for new and old customers alike. Now is the time to try out a pizza chain that emphasizes good food.

How Michelle Defeated Eating Issues and Misplaced 100+ pounds

I was attracted to Michelle’s storyline not only due to its face value (She dropped over 100lbs!), but because she’s open about the battles she’s received on her trip.

Why did you choose to change the body?

My eating issues (fanatical eating, gorging, binging, psychological eating, anorexia, and meals fixation) began early.

My mother was a fanatical dieter who grew up so on, and by a fanatical dieter.

Years of crash diet plans (you name it, I made it happen) left my body feeble, my metabolic process ruined, and my self-respect entirely empty. I tried to take my life many times and actually DESPISED myself.

At 24, I weighed more than 225 lbs, had 2 really young children, and went to MD Anderson for a screening because I was considered high-risk for cancer.

There was a radiotherapist there who stated my life style (obesity, sedentary dwelling) was the principal reason behind my threat and basically didn’t alter it then it’d be a question of WHEN I got cancer, maybe not IF.

I thought of the reality my mother hadn’t ever taken care of herself and wasn’t about to see me get married or see her grandchildren.

I can’t quit cancer from hitting, however you can bet I’ll do my best to provide a formidable foe should it come after me.

It was misguided initially, to be positive.

It really wasn’t till I found weights that I started to genuinely become intrigued with what the body could do as opposed to how it appeared.

Until then, I simply needed to be “lanky”. But after about per year of weightlifting and eating awful, I returned to college for nourishment and sanctuary’t been the same since.

Did work out play any function in your shift? If therefore, What?

Yes Substantial weight coaching, hands-down.

Did you discover you became enthusiastic about foods?

Yes. After I first became a coach I was food-obsessed, to even the stage where my diet have me. I didn’t consume any white foods and carbohydrates were the demon.

I believe I felt outstanding from my restraint also, like I was “in manage”. There were a few years I believe food became a small god. I’d tag foods as “great” or “awful” and eat consequently.

I realized all I could about diet. Foods and Nutrition are 2 quite distinct things.

Michelle after weight loss

What’s one error you created throughout your shift?

I am only able to list one?!?! Lol.

I believe the obsessiveness that comes from desiring immediate effects is the biggest error I made and the greatest mistake anybody can make.

Reach out for aid, discover all you are able to and cultivate endurance.

Up to few years past, the most ambitious aspect continues to be socializing and perhaps not feeling like a nut.

I presumed enjoyment was unthinkable. I’d restrict food consumption (that is fine, only don’t obsess) or consume ahead and avoid food completely at social affairs.

Human be-ings bond over breaking bread

Does which means that we need to eat the cheesecake that is WHOLE when we go out with our pals? NO. But it frees us have a few morsels, and appreciate together the time.

Learn more about Adaptive Dieting here.

What are your plans with fitness and wellness?

Well I use my system in fitness and health to not only encourage the others to not be unhealthy, but also to encourage others to assist these less lucky.

Competing on the huge period remains on my head!

Not to mention, I ‘d LOVE to shift the world with healthful living!

To that conclusion, I view fitness as a way to shift the planet.

What guidance would you give the others aspiring to shift their health?

  3. TIME

It requires all of these matters.

Make little changes that try and concentrate on one factor at a time and will adhere.

Perhaps this week you undertake drinking more water (half your weight in oz is a fantastic spot to begin) and once you’ve mastered that, proceed to the following matter. Success is composed of day-to-day customs.

Second, get aid!

I ‘ve customers global and it’s fairly cool with the technologies we have now. If cash is tight, locate reputable websites and assets that highlight WELLNESS above all.

Health can be for a very long time with you, although your fat will climb and drop.

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How Lydia Dropped 80lbs and Changed from Obese to Sportsman

She was raised being intimidated due to her weight and today she inspires individuals from all over the world. She moves individuals to change their lives

Having defeated an eating-disorder, and now combating additional wellness dilemmas, Lydia stays favorable and reminds us that:

“It’s not what happens to us in existence, it’s how we cope with this.”

Lydia’s taken time to answer some of our queries, which are below.

Why did you choose to change the body?

I was sick and tired of the way I seemed, sick and tired of being not happy and the others offering me a tough time about my fat.

I understood it’d need to be up to me to shift my life , not wait for the others.

My diet and coaching altered, I don’t understand how many occasions! It needs to.

Each time I made a change that was significant, I found results.

Did work out play any function in your shift?

At first I was a “cardio queen”, since many girls become. I did largely cardiovascular exercise to eliminate the fat but afterward got to some plateau and didn’t understand the way to get the body I desired from there.

My instruction was mainly practically and weight training NO cardiovascular exercise.

Lydia's transformation to the time she competed

Lydia’s shift to the time she competed

Did you discover you became enthusiastic about foods?

For awhile, I did feel like I was “obsessed” over-controlling my diet (kinds, quantities, and so forth), but in a way, you will need to be.

Yet, it shouldn’t be WORKING your lifestyle.

Like heading out to consume, bashes it is possible to appreciate everything, and so forth, but by creating the choices that are right.

(Read More about Elastic Dieting.)

Over time I discovered the more I given the foods I BELIEVED I desired, the better I seemed, and finally it got simpler to quit the “naughty” meals. Actually, now I don’t even need them anymore. I appreciate eating a clear diet that is well-balanced constantly.

Body building really helped clean up all of the eating issues I ‘d grown and saved me from getting anorexic or bulimic.

Naturally, others will believe I’m “obsessed” but it’s commitment they have been getting that mistaken with.

What’s one error you created throughout your shift?

I ‘ve made STILL make errors and INNUMERABLE blunders during my shift.

Some I don’t need to say as a result of giving others notions that are awful, but one blunder I ‘d like to explain, is something MANY folks deal with. I’d have gotten on course earlier, if I ‘d lost all that earlier.

Most folks run-away before asking questions or getting aid, intimidated, and get frightened. That blunder of waiting and allowing you intimidate, will simply hold you back.

I Understand NOW, that to be able to triumph, I should STAND OUT in the norm.

One point I ‘ve difficulty with, nonetheless, is the dimensions.

It becomes a disorder where folks obsess over the size and consider themselves or when, more often than not, it’s not relevant multiple periods a day.

Once a week is what individuals should do consistent weigh-ins,.

(Read more about the most significant Tool for fat reduction)

Lydia after weight loss

What are your plans with fitness and wellness?

I ‘ve really only been identified as having hypoglycemia therefore regrettably I ‘m on hiatus from training.. But wellbeing is constantly number 1.

Weights won’t be going everywhere, but after two successive years of body-building shows, I’m taking some time-off in the stage, training upwards, subsequently compete in 2-3 years.

Become component of expos and fitness activities and In addition, I desire to get sponsored by my personal favorite nutritional supplement company. I go to the Arnold Classic every yr and I’d like to participate and encourage as many folks as I can with my storyline.

What guidance would you give the others aspiring to shift their physique?

My first word-of guidance, don’t delay.

Begin figuring out the way to meet it into your program because it won’t match if you don’t MAKE time.

Don’t make a “resolution”, make DEDICATION and I will vouch for if you adhere to it 100%, you may move forward. So long as you are reaching sticking points and ARE making errors, you’re going in the appropriate course and understand.

Simply keep hustling. There’s no rest in the route to achievement!

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Interview with Sohee Lee: Coach, Writer & Fitness Buff

Sohee’s a writer that’s regularly featured on, she has a BA in Human Biology, works with Layne Norton on his team and is a renowned coach in her own right.

What really jumped out at me was not just the impressive results she gets for her clients but her unique perspective and mindset when it comes to health and fitness.

Her no B.S approach, in an industry filled with scams and misinformation, has been both helpful and refreshing.

Below she’s been kind enough to answer some of our questions.

Why did you decide to transform your body?

When I embarked on my first ever weight loss diet over ten years ago, it was because I wanted to be skinny. I didn’t like that I had an athletic frame; I thought that fitting into a smaller pants size would make me happier, more loved, and more popular.

Now, my reason is that I love my body – every little imperfection – and I think it deserves the best treatment I can give it. That means proper nourishment, adequate rest, and right amount of stress (in the form of strength training and conditioning).

It’s fun to see my body change over time in response to my behavior.

What is the diet plan or strategy you follow?

Everyday is different and really depends on how I feel. I’ve been eating intuitively for the past few months and my main guidelines are as follows:

  • Get at least 30g protein in each meal.
  • Drink a gallon of water a day.
  • Eat mostly whole foods.
  • Enjoy treats in small portions.
  • Try to get in some veggies in some way, shape, or form.
  • If it’s not absolutely delicious, don’t eat it.

With that said, I let my hunger levels guide my meal timing and that usually ends up being three or four meals a day.

I’m big on jasmine rice and russet potatoes as my go-to carb sources, and I vary my protein between beef, pork, chicken, and eggs. My fats tend to come from egg yolk, coconut oil (in cooking), olive oil, and animal fats.

What’s most important to me at this time is that I eat to fuel my body and I don’t stress out over food.

If I’m ever in a situation where I can’t control exactly what I’m eating, I don’t let it get to me. At the end of the day, I’m the one who controls how much I eat and I know that one meal isn’t going to make or break me.

I have no idea what my macros are because my goal right now is not to lose fat, but rather to roughly maintain my current shape and feel strong. If I were to eyeball it, though, I’d say I’m probably eating 120g protein, 200g carbs, and around 50g fats a day.

A typical day of eating might look like the following:

9:30 am 1 cup coffee with full-fat half&half, two eggs cooked over easy with three slices bacon, oatmeal or russet potatoes. 
1:30 pmSalsa chicken with broccoli and jasmine rice. 
4:00 pmShredded pork with salsa and cheese all wrapped in a tortilla.
6:00 pmSmall treat of some kind (lately it’s been a dozen chocolate-covered gummy bears, two mini Twix bars, or even a few bites of birthday cake.) 
8:00 pmHomemade meatballs with russet potatoes.

What does your current exercise program look like?

I’m in a bit of an odd situation right now as I just moved cross-country and am not quite done settling into my new home. And given that my garage gym has not been set up quite yet, I’ve been sticking mainly to kettlebell workouts. I’ll usually do a bit of strength work followed by 10-20 minutes of metabolic conditioning.

Once I have access to my dumbbells and bumper plates, though, I’ll be back to my regular workouts, which consist of the following:

  • Strength training 3-5 days a week – always begin with compound movements followed by some accessory movements. Maybe add a short metabolic finisher at the end.
  • Brisk walking on days I’m not training.
  • One or two days dedicated to longer conditioning sessions – utilizing battle ropes, airdyne bike, rower, kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells, or any combination thereof.

I always try to take two days off a week.

Sohee Lee

Sohee Lee

What aspect of your journey has challenged you the most?

Definitely the mental aspect, and I think this can be said for most people. I’ve found that the more I learn about fitness and work with clients, the more I realize just how important mindset is in this whole process.

You can know exactly what you need to do to get to your goal – no stone left unturned – but you will fail miserably if you don’t go into it with the right mindset. 

Namely, what kind of expectations you have? How you handle setbacks? Do you trust the process? How patient are you willing to be?

It’s too easy to discuss ad nauseam all the things that you plan on doing: eat this, this, and this; workout like this; drink this much water and get to bed by this time every evening. But executing all of that on a consistent basis is a whole ‘nother story.

Life happens. Mistakes happen. The question is, what are you going to do about it? 

It has taken me a long time to adopt this mindset of moderation and let go of my former black and white way of thinking, but doing so has saved me from the eating disordered thoughts that used to consume me.

I’m learning the moderation way does not, by any means seem appealing, but it’s the approach that I – and everyone – can sustain for life, which is what matters most. 

As a coach, what are your thoughts on Flexible Dieting? What mistakes do you see people make with it?

Love it. Wish more people would use this approach.

Most mistakes I see are not from flexible dieters themselves but rather from people on the outside looking in. They hear that flexible dieters can eat junk food and still get lean and their first reaction is, “That’s so unhealthy – surely you must be joking.”

The truth is, many of those who respond that way are of the belief that flexible dieters eat nothing but junk food, and that’s not at all true.

I don’t see anything wrong with eating primarily whole foods and fitting in small portions of your favorite treats in everyday. In fact, studies have shown that this is far, far healthier than eating “clean” for six days a week and then binging for one.

Time and time again, I’ve worked with clients who have gone from binging nonstop and feeling guilty over eating “bad” foods to incorporating some flexibility into their lifestyle and having their eating disordered mindset all but disappear. Like I said, literally a life-saver.

Sohee Lee fitness

Sohee Lee

You focus a lot on psychology and mindset. What beliefs do you see are holding most people back?

It’s this idea that everything needs to be absolutely perfect or else it’s not worth even trying. This gets people into so much trouble because ultimately, they end up taking one step forward and three steps back. 

A lot of times, people will try to eat “perfectly” when they decide that they want to get fit. Typically, this refers to whole foods and places sugar, junk food, and sometimes even fruit and dairy strictly off-limits. But this never works out in the long-term because it’s not a sustainable strategy.

There is always, always a point when they cave and have something like a cookie and then decide that everything’s already ruined because of that one small deviation, so they might as well just throw in the towel and indulge the rest of the day (or weekend, or month, or year).

It never crosses their minds that one cookie isn’t going to hurt them. But when they give up and eat the whole bag – yes, that’ll do a little hurtin’.

Closely tied with this perfectionist mentality is the thinking that we need to get to our goal yesterday. More is better; faster is better.. and so on.

This needs to stop! Slow is good. It’s not sexy, but sustainable.

What are your future plans with health and fitness?

Things are pretty up in the air as my fiancé is in the army, so we’re not even completely sure where we’ll be a year from now.

I do know, however, that I’d like to go back to school at some point to get my Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. It would be a dream to return to my alma mater, but I’ll be restricted geographically by where we’re stationed at the time.

In the more immediate future, now I’m working full-time on my own business, I’ll be continuing to grow my brand. I’ve got YouTube videos, more articles, and more products in the pipeline over the next few months, and I couldn’t be more excited about all of it.

It’s my mission to reach out to women (and men!) all over the world to spread the good word about the perpetual love affair with fitness, to reach people to love their bodies the way they are, to practice self-compassion as they work toward their goals.

What advice would you give to others aspiring to change their body?

You can’t hate your way to your ideal physique.

No amount of negative self-talk, guilt, and punishment is going to get you to where you want to be. Even if you end up a little bit leaner and a little bit stronger, you damn well won’t be any happier for it.

Learn to love yourself right now. Embrace every curve, every little imperfection that makes you uniquely you. Don’t compare yourself to other people – their bodies, their progress, their athleticism. They’re not you.

I promise you, the journey will be much, much more smooth sailing if you can learn to enjoy the ride. 

Sohee has recently published her first ebook, How to Count Macros, and I love it!
I personally think this guide is a great place to start for anyone wanting to take control of their diet. It’s also a really helpful primer for getting started with Flexible Dieting.

Do you have any questions for Sohee? Ask them below.

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Ryan Schroers of Shredded Fitness Discusses Flexible Dieting

I understand not everybody’s target would be to enter physique comps, but Ryan’s illustration shows us how Adaptable Dieting can be employed irrespective of what your targets are, even severe targets like his.

Why did you choose to change the body?

Adaptive dieting has permitted me to have entire control over how I appear, although I ‘ve consistently had problem with body-build and my body-image.

What does your present diet seem like?

I monitor my macro-nutrients and, as a result of that, I’m competent to eat an immense assortment of foods. e.g ice cream, veg, rice cakes, cereal, cake, essentially whatever I need or crave.

During competition homework though I plan to consume voluminous, dense foods that are less CALORIE so I remain total more.

What Blunders would you see folks make when getting started with Adaptable Dieting?

The greatest error I see new elastic dieters make is assuming that they’ll use other Elastic Dieters’ macros as their own to begin from, not recognizing everyone is distinct with regard to metabolic ability and targets.

Ryan Food

Protein Cake, pop tarts & Gatorade – Meals that routine attribute in Ryan’s diet

What does your present exercise plan seem like?

I train 6 times per week using Energy Block Periodization, which is a power-point power strategy. It’s assisted me enormously with regard to strength and size gains.

Support was a tremendous variable that I was missing from loved ones and my family /pals when I began this trip.

Once I began monitoring macros it was worse.

The only help I got was comprehended by me and thus desired was the help I gave to myself.

I thought to myself “everybody will chuckle, till I’m shredded to the bone” and that’s JUST what occurred.

What are your plans with fitness and wellness?

My Professional card will be won by me in Normal Body-Building and contend in Natural Bodybuilding businesses that are several.

Ryan can be adopted on Instagram here 

Ryan 2

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