Papa John’s New CEO, Formerly Arby’s

Papa John's New CEO, Formerly Arby's

The head of a food corporation brings a lot to the table, especially when that person has an extensive record of achievement in the rear-view mirror. That is certainly the case when it comes to Papa Johns CEO. Since he took over the organization in 2019, Rob Lynch has attracted a lot of positive attention. Most of this has come through his willingness to embrace innovation. After only six weeks of Lynch being in charge, the company launched garlic Parmesan crust, which showed that he was willing to shake things up a bit in the pursuit of better pizza.

This did not mean that radical changes were needed. The pizza chain had long had a solid reputation for quality, so it was more about building on to this tradition. To get the best ideas out there, Lynch listened to his employees. The challenge was to keep what made customers happy and to add new products that added to the company’s brand image. Lynch’s actions did not go unnoticed: he soon earned a nomination for Restaurant Leader of the Year

Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO

The new CEO had an extensive background in the food industry and achieved success wherever he went. With a marketing background, Lynch served in various positions with the following companies:

  • Proctor and Gamble for seven years
  • Kraft Heinz Co. for five years
  • Taco Bell as vice president of marketing
  • Arby’s as chief marketing officer and brand president

Lynch helped these companies reverse declines in customers. He did this through innovation and the development of new products. His goal was to get customers excited about food choices being offered at these restaurants, and the results were very positive. This eventually led to Rob Lynch as Papa John’s CEO, a position he has embraced with several forward-looking enhancements.

While Lynch had many challenges at Papa John’s, he kept things positive and focused on the things customers loved: quality pizza with fresh ingredients. By opting to focus on quality rather than on a low price, Lynch positioned the pizza chain to create some of the best-tasting pizza around. 

What the New CEO Plans To Bring to the Table

Now with a focus on the important thing—excellent pizza—customers know where to go for scrumptious food. These include many of the established favorites, as well as a steady diet of innovations. Papa John’s CEO knows what pizza lovers want, making the future bright for this chain.  Lynch had to make a series of crucial decisions when he came on board. His biggest decision was to rely on the quality of his food products.

Better ingredients for flour, olives, tomatoes and other ingredients can be tasted in every bite. This leads to improved satisfaction and repeat customers. The company has also modified its marketing approach, relying less on celebrities and more on the quality of the food. Offerings such as new Papadia sandwiches, epic stuffed crust pizza and the Shaqaroni pizza have quickly become favorites for new and old customers alike. Now is the time to try out a pizza chain that emphasizes good food.

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