How To Get Into Shape After The Christmas Holidays

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We are all aware that the Christmas holidays are coming up and so too are the New Year celebrations. This is a time of the year when we really do throw our hair back and enjoy ourselves. Overindulgence is the name of the game and many of us take part in it readily. It’s only fair that you get to enjoy yourself after working hard all year and suffering from the stress and anxiety that you had to put up with until now. This is your opportunity to blow off a little bit of steam at the staff parties and so you’re going to drink a lot more beer than you usually do, and a lot more cake. As a result of all of this overeating, you’re going to put on a fair amount of weight and then in the New Year, you’re going to have to try to get rid of it again.

Maybe it’s your New Year’s resolution to get fit and to lose those excess kilograms, or it might be because your clothes don’t fit you anymore, but whatever your reasons you need to find a physical activity that will allow you to get into shape again. You can do all the usual aerobic exercises and weight training, but if you want to remain flexible then yoga is for you. In order to begin yoga, you’re going to need yoga pants from Decathlon as well as a rubber mat. There are a few other ways to get into shape after the holidays and there are certain tips that can keep you going in the right direction.

  1. Be realistic – Don’t set yourself unachievable goals like getting up at sunrise and going to run 5 km’s. If you have a job to go to in the mornings, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to get up at least an hour early to fit in some exercise. It’s more likely that you will try to do an exercise routine when you come back from work in the evenings. The same goes for your diet as well. Don’t just try to cut out everything that you love immediately, set yourself small, achievable targets and then take it from there. Certain foods can affect your health, so you need to figure out which ones they are and stay away from them.
  • Find an exercise that you like to do – It’s pointless making yourself, do a particular kind of exercise that you hate and you find really difficult to do. Sticking to an exercise routine is all about motivating yourself to do it, and so pick a workout that you like and do that. It is important that you are excited to do your exercises, so try to find an exercise class that offers yoga or maybe some spinning. Team sports are especially good as your team members will motivate you to take part and you also make many new friends. To learn about additional guidelines about keeping healthy and eating right, please have a look here.

It’s all about motivating yourself and sticking to what you have committed yourself to do. Getting in shape is not easy, so stick to your plan and you will see steady progress.

5 Foods You Should Eat After a Workout

When working out, a lot of energy is being used. This can make it hard for your body to recover, subsequent to working out, if your energy levels are not restored within 15 minutes. Regardless of whether you eat something little, it is sufficient to help reestablish your energy. The following are the top 5 foods you ought to eat, after working out.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a protein-packed snack that will help restore your energy. It also offers other additional benefits. It is packed with probiotics, which can help boost your immune system and improve digestive health. Greek yogurt also has calcium, vitamin B12, potassium, and other important nutrients. It helps restore oxygen in the blood, by producing red blood cells. It also improves brain function, DNA synthesis, and much more. For a boost of protein and fiber, chia seeds or flax seeds can be added to your Greek yogurt.

Fruit Smoothie

A fruit smoothie offers a lot of health benefits. It contains plenty of nutrients and flavor, which provides a boost of energy that will keep you going all day long. Additionally, enzymes in a fruit smoothie, will dissolve body fat and improve your blood circulation. You will not be as hungry, due to it controlling your food cravings. You will also feel full for a long time. Enhancing immunity, aiding in digestion, and detoxifying the body, etc., are among other benefits fruit smoothies offer.

Lean Meats

Lean meats are an excellent source of protein with a low-fat content. They are rich in iron and a good source of B vitamins. The vitamin B3 and B6, in lean meat, converts carbohydrates into glucose. This gives you an increase in energy levels and burns the fat. Other benefits include improving the immune and nervous system. They also reduce stress levels as well as inflammation. Examples of lean meat include skinless turkey and chicken.


Quinoa is very high in protein, calcium, fiber, and many more nutrients. It contains quercetin and kaempferol, which have anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory effects. They are also known to combat depression. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free, controls blood sugar levels, and improves metabolic health. It also promotes weight loss, since it is high in protein. It increases your metabolism, improves your energy levels, and reduces your appetite. You can add a cup of quinoa, to two cups of water. Then, allow it to boil for 15 to 20 minutes. Finally, add a sprinkle of salt.


Eggs are a rich source of nutrients. They are actually considered one of the healthiest foods to eat for weight management. Eggs are rich in proteins, omega-3s, vitamin D, and much more. They improve both your heart and brain health. They also help control your appetite and provide you with more energy.

Avoid eating raw eggs, since it is a chance you could get Salmonella food poisoning. Also, your small intestines absorb the nutrients in eggs better, when they are cooked. You can prepare eggs in a variety of ways. You can either boil, fry, or scramble them. Another option is to prepare an egg omelet. Just add green peppers, onions, and other vegetables to it. It should take you only 10 minutes to prepare it.


In conclusion, following a few minutes of exercise, the first thing that may come to your mind is food. You may even find yourself consuming foods that are unhealthy for your body. However, it is essential to know the important foods that you should eat, to remain healthy. You can start by eating foods high in protein and low in fat content. This includes quinoa, lean meats, and fruit smoothies. By eating right, you will continue to burn calories and achieve your goal of losing weight.

8 Arthritis Therapies at Home

A group of conditions that cause joint pain and inflammation is called arthritis. There are several medical remedies available; however, it is possible to reduce symptoms with lifestyle changes and home remedies. 

Arthritis is a degenerative condition (the symptoms worsen over time). Over one hundred different types of arthritis and related diseases exist. The two most common are Osteoarthritis (OA) and Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). RA is a degenerative disease that wears away the joints’ cushioning, causing swelling, stiffness, and pain. 

RA causes uncontrolled inflammation because the body’s immune system attacks the joints and other parts of the body. 

Arthritis is painful and causes lasting damage to our joints. In this article, we’ll look at therapies at home, which will help combat arthritis without breaking the bank. 

  1. Light Therapy: It is a natural, drug-free, non-invasive therapy where safe amounts of concentrated wavelengths of light (for arthritis, red or near-infrared light) are delivered to the skin and cells. This reduces oxidative stress and stimulates the mitochondria to increase cellular energy production. This helps the body to regenerate and heal faster, which in turn reduces joint pain and inflammation. This is the reason why light therapy is an excellent solution to arthritis. It can cure both RA and OA. Light therapy is much more potent if it is combined with exercise. Light therapy directly affects the root cause of arthritis, making it the best treatment. 
  2. Hot and Cold Therapy: Arthritis pain and inflammation can be countered with hot and cold therapy. A warm, long shower or bath early in the morning can ease the stiffness in your joints. Consequently, a moist heating pad or electric blanket can reduce discomfort overnight. Cold treatments are amazing for relieving joint pains, inflammation, and swelling. A towel-wrapped pack of gel ice or a bag of vegetables can be applied to joints for a quick relief. Never directly apply ice to the skin.
  3. Food:  Capsaicin is a chili pepper, which is often a component of creams and topical components that can be bought over the counter. You can soothe joint pains with the warmth that these products provide. Turmeric is a yellow spice that has the capability to reduce arthritis pain and inflammation. It contains a chemical called curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Adding small amounts of turmeric to your food can help out. 
  4. Massage: Massages will give you an overall sense of well being and help manage discomfort and joint pain. Although there’s not enough evidence to support that massage can help with arthritis, It’s unlikely to pose any risk. Furthermore, it can provide indirect benefits like reducing stress. Your doctor can most likely refer to a massage therapist who has experience dealing with arthritis patients. 
  5. Meditation: Lowering stress can help reduce arthritis pain as it’ll enable you to cope with it better. Reducing stress will also lower inflammation and pain. The best way to reduce stress is meditation. Tai chi or yoga is recommended as they combine meditation, low impact exercise, breathing techniques, and relaxation. Depression, anxiety, and stress are all common complications of conditions which involve chronic pain like arthritis. 
  6. Acupuncture: It’s an ancient Chinese medical treatment that is still used today. The process involves putting needles into particular points in your body (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt!). It functions by rerouting energies and restoring balance in the body. Acupuncture may help with arthritis pain. People often recommend it. Although there isn’t much evidence to its benefits, the risk of harm is substantially low to warrant not to do it. If you’re planning on getting acupuncture, make sure to go to a licensed and certified professional acupuncturist. There are also many different acupuncture techniques you can do at home while getting the same results.
  7. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS): TENS is a pain-relieving method that utilizes sticky pads as electrodes that attach to the skin’s surface to deliver small electrical currents to the body. TENS isn’t recommended for OA, as there is no evidence it can help. 
  8. Vitamin D: It helps to build strong bones and maintain the function of the immune system. People with RA mostly have lower Vitamin D levels compared to people without the condition. People with the lowest levels of vitamin D tend to experience the highest level of disease activity. There is no clear proof however, whether vitamin D supplements reduce disease activity in arthritis patients. Vitamin D supplements are not recommended as a treatment for people with OA. It’s recommended to get vitamin D from exposure to the sun and certain food (mackerel, salmon, mushrooms). Supplements are also available, but we recommend going all-natural. 

These were eight different arthritis therapies you can do from home. We highly recommend going with our first option (light therapy) as it’s the most effective. 

human lungs, trachea and nasopharynx, medical poster with explanations

Early signs of lung cancer

Many people like to tell the doctor what is wrong with them, instead of letting the doctor do their job. I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past, when I was worried about a simple skin complaint that was sorted out with a prescription cream. I told the doctor there was nothing wrong with me and that I was being silly for wasting their time and that it’s probably nothing and if they could just tell me I’m fine I’ll be on my way. Luckily, that’s pretty much what happened, and a few days later my skin had cleared up. 

But the thing is that the medical professional can help in all situations (even providing outright cures) where even the most serious of ailments are caught early enough, even cancer. For example, see is lung cancer curable if caught early? But for now, let’s crack on with spotting the early signs of lung cancer, because raising the issue early could make all the difference. 

Chest pain

Depending on the stage to which the lung cancer has progressed, the lymph nodes may have enlarged or the lining of the lung walls may have grown agitated. This can result in both localised pain and in radiating pain that is felt across the chest, in the shoulders, and in the back and ribs. Unfortunately, due to the body responding to different stages of different cancers in different ways, there is no standard description of what the pain will feel like. The pain could be sharp, dull, constant, or intermittent. The important thing is to speak to your doctor as soon as possible. 

Wheezing and hoarseness

Just like you’d expect there to be a change in pitch if you were to blow through a straw and begin to squeeze it slightly, your breathing may begin to change sounds and even wheeze due to the presence of cancer in the lungs. There is also the chance that the tumour(s) could press on the nerves connected to the vocal cords, resulting in a slightly but noticeably deeper sounding voice.     

Weight loss

For most people, weight loss is generally a good thing. But where you notice an unexplained dip in weight of 10 pounds of more, this could be a sign of lung cancer. The reason for this is that cancerous cells require energy to grow, and sick people may experience a loss of appetite. 

Reasons to put your kids in swimming lessons

Whether going to the lake, pool, ocean, or waterpark, many people love to swim. Depending on the person, some people swim so they can stay in shape, others so they can stay cool on a hot summer day, and some people swim simply because they love water. If you have children, putting them in swimming lessons can be beneficial for many different reasons. Surprisingly, nearly 50% of Americans don’t know how to swim, or they can’t perform basic swimming skills. Many people would like to know how to swim, but they never had lessons when they were growing up and are now too busy to take them. While your children still have lots of free time, you should consider enrolling them in swimming lessons. Listed below are 9 different reasons to put your kids in swimming lessons.

 1. Lifelong Skill

 Learning to swim properly is similar to riding a bike. Even if a child takes swimming lessons and doesn’t swim for several years, they will still be able to do it quite easily when the time comes. 

 2. Developing Proper Technique

 Another reason to put your kids in swimming lessons is so they can learn the right way to swim. Many children and adults learn how to swim on their own, but do not know how to do it properly. If you are a grown adult and don’t have proper swimming technique, it can be embarrassing, and it can also cause it to be difficult for you to swim well.

 3. Develops Athleticism

 There are many health benefits of swimming for kids, one of which are improved athleticism. Even though swimming lessons are not a sport, it can help your child to develop athletically and may help in terms of coordination. Doing any type of physical activity as a child can help them to develop coordination, skills, and endurance that they wouldn’t have otherwise. Different types of swimming strokes all vary in difficulty and will help your child to be challenged. 

 4. Fun

 Children have lots of energy and swimming can be a great outlet for them to use that energy while still enjoying themselves. Swimming lessons are usually designed to be a mixture of actual lessons and free time. Children may use free time to jump off the diving board or to play swimming-related games with other kids.

 5. Make Friends

 Making friends at school can be difficult for kids sometimes. Taking swimming lessons may be a great opportunity for your kids to meet students outside of their classes, or to even meet students from another school. Who knows, maybe they will find their best friend at swimming lessons. 

 6. Gives You Free Time

 A slightly more selfish reason to put your kids in swimming lessons is to give yourself a break. All parents know how exhausting children can be, and sometimes a short break can be extremely revitalizing. Even though it’s for a short period, this will allow you to enjoy some free time doing things like reading a book, catching up with a friend, going on a date with your significant other, or even taking a much-needed nap.

 7. Safety

 Another one of the health benefits of swimming for babies and kids is the ability to survive. Even if your child or baby doesn’t like swimming or going near water, they may be forced in it at some point. It could be because they fall out of a boat, or during a flood, or any reason at all. Knowing how to swim during these situations could save their life.

 8. Overcoming Fear

 Children are fearful of many different things. Usually, there is a part of swimming that causes children to worry as well. From jumping off the high dive to holding their breath underwater, many children have an aspect of swimming that causes them to be nervous. Lessons will help them to overcome these nerves and to be more confident as they swim.

 9. Overall Health

 The health benefits of swimming for kids and health benefits of swimming for babies are not limited to helping them becoming more athletic and causing them to be safer. Swimming can also burn a significant number of calories which will help to burn fat while building muscle in your child. Another health benefit of swimming that many people don’t think about is mental health. As with many forms of exercise, swimming can help combat stress, anxiety, and even depression.


 There are many different benefits to putting your kids in swimming lessons. Not only will it help your child to be safer, but it also provides health benefits, fun, and many other benefits, all while you are able to enjoy some free time. 




Fun Fitness Classes in NYC to Help With Your New Year’s Resolution

Now that the second week of January is coming to a close, how are your new year’s resolutions coming along? Less than stellar? Well, you’re not alone. Statistics show that only 8 percent of people actually keep their new year’s resolutions. If you’re one of the millions of Americans that pledged to lose weight in 2018, week three typically tends to see a steep drop in motivation. If you’re in the New York City area, however, there are a lot of creative, unique, and fun fitness class options to help keep you motivated!


Learn Japanese & Korean Sword Fighting – Sword Class NYC  

Was your other resolution for 2018 to learn more about other cultures? Kill two birds with one stone and sign up for a Beginner Iaido – Siljun Dobup class. During these 55 minute classes, you’ll learn techniques and forms for using traditional Japanese & Korean swords as well as proper cutting directions. Certainly more interesting than feeling like a hamster on a treadmill.


Learn To Juggle (Or Get Better) – Juggle Fit NYC

Has learning to juggle always been a secret desire of yours? Or maybe a hidden talent? Juggle Fit NYC combines the technical skill, balance, and concentration involved in juggling with the activeness of an upper body workout. An hour of juggling can burn around 280 calories, the same as walking, and combining the two could make for a fun and entertaining workout!


AG6 – Asphalt Green

Located inside the Asphalt Green fitness center in the Upper East Side, AG6 is a workout that combines total body, high-intensity, circuit based training with interactive technology for a workout like no other. Basically, the system will give you visual cues in the form of lights to guide you through your workout; so it’s basically like an Avatar-inspired bootcamp. It’s a pretty intense and legitimate workout, burning around 1,000 calories in 45 min.


Bollywood-Inspired Interval Dancing – BollyX

With numerous locations held throughout the five boros, BollyX is Bollywood’s answer to Zumba; an intense, interval workout to your favorite Bollywood songs. Bollywood is known for its catchy, rhythmic music that typically features a series of dance numbers, perfect to get your body moving and shaking. It’s designed as a complete body workout, so be prepared to sweat while toning and slimming down.


Rock Out While Jump Roping – Punk Rope NYC

Jump rope was easily the best part of recess. This new cardio workout is sure to get your heart pumping by combining two exciting factors: jump rope and punk rock. Designed for groups and individuals, the workout is a fun and intense workout aiming for good vibes and sweat. The class is held at the Greenpoint YMCA every wednesday from 7:30 – 8:30.  

Sports Equipment To Buy When Food Is the Goal

You’ll often hear that people don’t have as much moral dismissal toward hunting if the end goal is to eat what you’ve killed or captured. But then a big part of that equation becomes what kind of equipment do you need in order to do that killing and capturing. Sometimes better equipment will make the process easier, cleaner, quicker, or more humane, for instance. And the costs associated with sporting equipment in this area of interest vary widely, along with the skill required to make them work.

Five quick examples of this type of goal-oriented sports equipment include fishing rods, hunting rifles, hunting bows, animal traps, and hunting knives. Check out how each of those are roughly valued.

Fishing Rods

Many people will say there’s nothing like the taste of freshly-caught fish, especially if you catch it personally. The effort that goes into the capture, kill, and preparation of fish essentially makes it taste better, along with the fact that you know there’s no additional chemical preservation and the like. But to get those fish, you’re probably going to have to buy a good fishing rod. There are countless styles and types, depending on what kind of fishing you’re doing, so depending on your level of personal experience, either researching or asking people at stores is your best bet.

Hunting Rifles

For those of you who want fresh venison, you’ll have the option to invest in a hunting rifle. Understanding that there are licenses to obtain and seasonal rules to follow, the joy of the hunt and the possibility of fresh meat to cook and eat brings many thousands of hunters to the woods every year, and can be a great meditative or bonding experience for groups as well.

Hunting Bows

For hunters who still want venison or other fresh wild game, but who want a more natural alternative than gunpowder, you can always check out hunting bows that suit your needs. They aren’t going to be as accurate or have as much range, but the idea that your hunting weapon is people-powered is a draw for many people. After the kill, you can look up ways to prepare venison that will make your mouth water!

Animal Traps

For those with tastes that include wild rabbit, or even something like wild squirrel (tastes like chicken, right?), there are animal traps that you can buy to catch your prey. Some of these are live traps, while others are designed to kill.

Hunting Knives

And finally, the stage prior to eating this fresh meat will often involve some kind of cleaning, so purchasing a high-quality hunting knife that you can use to do cleaning and prep work is going to be necessary as well. Again, the pride that you take in the details work of this processing is going to make you appreciate the meal you get out of it more in the end.

Tips For Losing Weight After The Holidays

The holidays tend to be a time of gluttonous indulgence.  When the plate of cookies always seems near, and there’s never a glass of wine or slice of cake you can’t resist.  Parties, social meetings, and eating out are all common themes of the holidays.  It’s no wonder that on average people tend to gain 5-10 pounds during this season.

However, indulgence is a part of the tradition of this season and it’s meant to be enjoyed once a year.  Instead of holding yourself back and not allowing yourself to enjoy the tastes and customs of the holiday season, just prepare yourself for how to lose the weight efficiently once it’s over.

Here are the most effective ways to gradually and effectively get rid of those extra pounds.

Go On a Diet

Try going on a diet that offers a safe and sustainable calorie allowance that includes a diverse and healthy menu full of enough protein and raw foods.  Some of the most popular diets for extreme weight loss include the Paleo Diet and Atkins.  These diets can promise up to a 20 lb loss in one month.

If these are too restrictive for you, you should try a simpler and perhaps easier diet by simply reducing your calorie consumption by a few hundred per day.

Walk More

Studies show that walking for only 30 minutes a day can increase your daily burn by up to 200 calories. By doing this every day you can lose a significant amount of weight over a gradual amount of time.

By walking to work or simply taking the stairs to your office floor instead of the elevator you can increase your steps by a lot.  Making this small change can not only cause your extra holiday pounds to shed but it also improves cardiovascular health.

Set Goals

Setting goals for yourself such as limiting alcohol intake, sugar, or simply making it a point to fit into a certain dress or pants by a deadline.

Photos can be extremely helpful when setting a physical goal for yourself.  By taking a before photo of how you look and taking an after photo, you can see the results you’ve achieved that you may not even necessarily realize you’ve achieved.

Seeing your goals achieved gives you a certain satisfaction that carries you through to achieve more and more in your life.

Start a Workout Program

Starting a workout program that is in a group class or at home DVD is a great way to lose weight and have a goal oriented timeline which promises serious results at the end of the program.

Try looking at the different types that might appeal to you and decide which one you might like for your regime.

5 Ways to Prioritize Your Personal Health

When we’re caught up in our careers, our family, and our social life, it can be easy to forget how important personal health is. But the reality is that our health is just as important as all of these things, if not more.


Intellectually, we all know the benefitsof prioritizing personal health–but do we practice what we preach? It may be hard to find the time or energy to develop the habits that make a healthy lifestyle, but to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be, it’s a necessity. Just a few simple shifts in your daily routine can be enough to pull you in a healthier direction.


Find Your Favorite Exercise Activity


Getting fit by doing something you actually enjoy doing can make all the difference for your personal health. Finding time for regular exercise can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, so don’t make it harder by forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy doing.


Don’t feel bad if you’re not into running, lifting weights, or yoga. Keep trying new things and you’re sure to find the right activity for you. If you’re recovering from addiction or have a chronic condition, swimmingor aquatic therapy can be excellent options and there are likely classes at a local YMCA or health club to get you started. Whether it’s kickboxing, surfing, or dancing, try as many new activities as possible and you’re sure to find something that sticks.


Make Gradual Changes


Implementing a new exercise regime or making lasting changes to your diet can feel like a lot of work. Whether you’re trying to eat healthier or are getting into the groove of a fitness routine, making small, gradual changes will ensure that these new habits are here to stay.


Making too many drastic changes at once can use up all your will power and leaving you feeling burnt out. Take it one step at a time to enjoy lasting change.


Get Enough Sleep


Did you know that almost half of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep? Even if you’re exercising and eating right, it’s all pointless if you don’t give your body the time it needs to rest and repair. Sleep should be a top priority for you if you’re concerned about your personal health.


Everything in Moderation


Does this mean you shouldn’t indulge in things like sweets or alcohol? Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, enjoying these indulgences less frequently will make them much more enjoyable.


Besides, we’ve all heard of the benefits of a glass of red wine with dinner. Similarly, did you know that chocolate can help boost your mood and sharpen your mind? Including these treats in your health routine can keep you on the right track and give you something to look forward to after a successful day of eating right and exercising.


Adopt a dog


Studies have shown that dog ownerstend to be more active and are more likely to meet federal criteria for regular moderate or vigorous exercise. It makes sense when you think about it: dog owners must be active in order to give proper walks and potty trips to their companion.


Owning a dog also gives you an automatic exercise buddy, and the best kind at that. He’ll never criticize you or put you down; instead, he’ll be right by your side cheering you on. You can get easy exercise just by going on daily walks together or playing a game of fetch in the backyard, and the best part is it won’t feel like an inconvenient burden. It’s something good for you that you’ll actually look forward to!


Your health comes first and that’s a fact. It’s not selfish and it’s not optional–it’s necessary. If you want to be the best you can be in all other areas of your life, make your personal health your number one priority.


Patricia Sarmiento has been dedicated to fitness her entire life. She swam and ran in high school and college and, along with her family, continues to live an active lifestyle today. In addition to staying fit, Patricia enjoys sharing her health and wellness knowledge on her blog. She lives with her husband, two children, and their shih tzu in Maryland.

Instant Food for Instant Energy

Whether you are simply in need of extra energy to see you through the day or didn’t get a good eight hour sleep, or you need do your full-nighter at an online writing job, there are healthy energy boosting foods that can get you back on track. This foods will not only boost your energy levels in a healthy way but also don’t come along with the excessive sugar levels as in the case of energy drinks. Below are some of the healthy energy boosters you can go for

  1. Water
  • With 60% of the human body weight being accounted for by water, it plays a major role in the proper functioning of all your vital systems. Even a little dehydration can have some significant negative impact on various bodily systems, causing feelings of fatigue, irritable, concentration difficulties and even forgetfulness. Since water is vital for metabolism to take place, a glass or two of water can instantly boost your energy levels and get you up and active.
  • Medically speaking, an average healthy adult should drink eight to nine cups of water daily. Your intake should increase if you are exercising, pregnant, breastfeeding or exposed to hot weather.
  • Fluid rich foods like soups, tomatoes, watermelons and oranges can also boost your energy since they consist of at least 85% water.
  1. Eggs
  • The B-vitamins which are naturally and richly present in egg yolks are responsible for converting food into energy. In addition, after intense physical training which results to muscle breakdown, the much protein found in eggs is important for repairing and generating muscle tissue.
  • To regulate your intake of saturated fats and surplus calories, you should consume only one whole egg and two or three egg whites for a healthy and energy filled meal.
  1. Coffee
  • Caffeine has been proven to potentially improve mental and physical performance.
  • To benefit more from a cup of coffee, add some milk for calcium and vitamin D essential for stronger bones. It also comes along with some carbohydrates to boost your energy further.
  • It is recommended that you consume about 8-ounce of hot or iced coffee daily.
  1. Soya Beans
  • B-vitamins, phosphorous and copper are richly found in soybeans. These are energizing nutrients.
  • B-complex vitamins are essential for breaking down carbohydrates into glucose which is our basic source of energy. These vitamins also aid in transporting oxygen all over the body which plays a central role in cellular metabolism.
  • Copper and phosphorous assist in transforming carbohydrates into energy while releasing it into cells.
  • A cup soy beans contains over 17grams of protein and 8 grams of filling fiber necessary for muscle building.
  1. Whole Grain Cereals
  • Whole grain cereals are rich in fiber which decelerates the release of glucose into bloodstream. This means more consistent energy levels during the entire day. A sudden rush of glucose into the after eating refined carbohydrates accelerates a rise in blood sugar, which in return raises insulin production by pancreas. Whole grain cereals also help in stabilizing insulin production to a healthy level.
  • Consume a cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber or more per serving.

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