Best Meals to Eat in Melbourne for a Food Lover

It does not matter if one is visitor or native: Melbourne is at the top when someone goes to the first face and let his/her taste buds lead the way. 

No doubt café hopping is the one main reason that people love to visit Melbourne. One can find here from little hideouts to franchise store to upscale restaurants. This piece of writing will let you know why and for what you’re in Melbourne. 

It is common among people they research to get an idea about the city or country they want to travel. In this way, they come to know about the basic necessities, food restaurants, malls, and for many other things. 

When I travel to Melbourne for the very first time, I wish I had researched on some must eaten foods before stepping foot into Melbourne city. There are countless restaurants and food cafes that serve quality food. Every time I feel I become faint when it comes to figuring out food to eat in Melbourne.

So in this article, I decided to make your research easy and quick we pick a few most famous restaurants that provide good quality and serve their customers with tasty food. 

Let’s start brunch in Melbourne 

  • Top Paddock

You can not resist yourself from Melbourne’s most famous food: Hotcake with barriers, cream and seeds, Blueberry and Ricotta. This café is in Richmond out of the town. You can easily get it by taking a bus route. As I told you it is outside the town still people take this complicated route to enjoy the food of this restaurant. 

I bet you haven’t tried such hotcakes before. It is so dense and very very filling. It fills you up quickly, as quickly as when you reach one-fourth of the cake. 

Top Paddock is a spacious restaurant, with plenty of greenery and natural lights to cosy up in the café. They allow you to enjoy the indoor or outdoor sitting area and serve you with plenty of decent and delicious foods. 

  • Operator 25 

Operator 25 surprises its customers with Asian foods to classic foods. They blend their foods with Asian ingredients and let the people enjoy two different flavours. 

Their breakfast menu ranges from light breakfast tortillas filled with eggs, herb oils, bacon, salsa, and sweet corn to heavy breakfast like lamb belly and shoulder. 

  • Ying Thai 2 

It is a well-known Asian restaurant with its Thai flavours in Melbourne. Thai waiters will attend to you. Ying Thai restaurant’s environment gives you feel like you’re in Asia. It definitely comes up as the must-try restaurant in Melbourne. 

Their coconut rice is the one unforgettable dish I’ve ever tried in my life. The rice was incredibly sweet and tasty. 

Pad Thai, Green curry and chicken wrapped in pandan leaves are other more popular food choices of this restaurant. 

  • Hunky Dory 

It is well-known for its seafood dishes. I tried many restaurant’s seafood, but the quality and taste their foods have nowhere else I enjoyed such food. This is the best seafood restaurant in Melbourne you must try to treat your tastebuds. 

  • Spring Street Grocer 

They serve eat-in or take away sandwiches as well as vegetables and organic fruits. If you’re missing the taste gelato, you can have it here. 

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