6 Party Food Ideas to Include at a Military Theme Party

6 Party Food Ideas to Include at a Military Theme Party

When you are putting on a military theme party, you want everything to go with the theme. You need to pick the right foods to go well with it and make the party fun. It doesn’t hurt to think beyond the food and give challenge coins as party favors or have everyone dress in military outfits or camouflage.

1. Serve Cookies Decorated For The Occasion

Sugar cookies are a great option for any themed party because you can decorate them in endless ways. Do the cookies yourself and make simple military hats or something like that, or have a bakery make more elevated cookies for you. No matter how they are decorated, if they fit with the theme, then everyone will love them.

2. Create Some MREs For The Party

MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat, are a part of the military. Those serving take these meals when they are on the go because everything is convenient and ready for them to consume. You can put a fun spin on this and have plates prepared with a tag labeling them as an “MRE.”

3. Put Together A Camo Veggie Tray

Many veggies are the perfect color to create a camo tray, and you can put them together in a fun way to go with the theme. Cut up broccoli, celery, and a variety of other green veggies to go on the tray. Throw in some pretzels and use a green dip to go with them so that everything will fit together nicely.

4. Make A Camo Popcorn Mix

Camo is a great way to bring the military theme to the table, and you can use it on all kinds of foods, including popcorn. You can use colored chocolate over plain popcorn and mix it up with some caramel corn. Add in some colored candies and peanuts and it will be a great camo popcorn mix.

5. Serve Foods With Fun Names

If you want to keep the theme going even for foods that don’t look special, then you can come up with some fun names for those foods. Think of various military terms and items and label all the foods with those names. It will make the food table more fun and keep the theme going even with your main dishes and random snack foods.

6. Have A Military-Themed Cake Made

A beautiful military-themed cake will bring everything together at the party. You can display it on the food table for everyone to see as they are getting their plates. You can have an elaborate cake made to fit your theme, or you can even just have some camo cupcakes or something simpler like them made so that they will look great and be there for everyone to eat at the end of the meal.

Your party will go well when you consider all the foods you can serve at it. With the right food options, it will have a great military theme and everyone will enjoy what they can eat. Choose some of these ideas for your military theme party for a fun time.

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