The PINK Method diet is designed for women who want to lose weight quickly. Of course, men can also follow the program but generally speaking it was designed for women. The diet revolves around the idea of consuming a low amount of calories, eating vegetables, and regular cardio work out sessions. The abbreviation PINK stands for power, intensity, nutrition, and cardio.

PROS: Great for women. It involves a lot of exercise and a strict low calorie diet plan. People who have followed this plan have lost an incredible amount of weight in a short period of time. Not only does the program help you lose weight but it also helps improve your mental outlook towards life and yourself.

CONS: The main target demographic seems to be women. But men can join this diet program as well – it is just not tweaked specifically for men. You can’t eat as much as you would like and what you like; only low calorie all natural food products, mainly vegetables. You will also be required to work out on a regular basis which may be difficult for busy people. Alcohol and refined sugars are strictly prohibited.

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