Adrianna Lima Diet Review, Pros and Cons

Adrianna Lima is a famous Victoria’s Secret model. It is no surprise that people want to know her secret to maintaining her excellent body figure. The diet is based on a low calorie intake mixed with regular exercise. The diet recommends salads and vegetables and discourages the consumption of processed meats and other processed food products.

Pros: If you follow the diet and don’t break it no matter what you might eventually have the same type of body physique as Adrianna Lima. The diet involves a lot of water and all natural food products but mainly vegetables and fruits. Sticking to the diet can be difficult – which in turn improves your level of self-control.

Cons: Obsession with this diet can create some negative effects. For instance, Adrianna Lima usually starves herself before a show. Once you begin to obsess with creating the perfect skinny body figure for fashion you might not know when to stop losing weight and you could become anorexic. Regardless, if you want to lose weight, Adrianna Lima’s diet is highly recommended. Just remember not to obsess about creating the perfect body figure and don’t continue to try and lose weight when you are already underweight.

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