Pain Management

Dr. Jordan Sudberg is one of the eminent names in the industry of pain management. He has a heck of using the techniques that can make the people forget if they ever had a pain. In the present article, we will discuss some of the pain management techniques that are used for the relieving pain.

While you complete the course of pain management, you should take the prescribed medicine, says Dr. Jordan Sudberg. Relying only on medicine is not at all the solution and should be avoided at all costs. The physical activities such a light exercises and cardio are necessary for the pain management. You should also try acrobatic exercises as suggested by Dr. Jordan Sudberg.

Why only pain killers are not recommended is due the side effects that can prove to be long lasting and dangerous for human health.

Side effects of pain killers:

 Some of the side effects are mentioned in the following lines:

  1. The most prescribed pain killer is the paracetamol. The side effects of this pain killer are almost very low or very rare. This dose is recommended for a shorter period of time and the possible side effects can be skin rash if taken in exceeding amount. Larger dosages over a long period of time can cause liver damage.
  2. The second pain killer that is usually given in the pain management system is aspirin. The effects of this pain killer range from the vomiting, nausea, stomach ulcers and indigestion. In extreme cases the tinnitus, asthma attacks. Bleeding and kidney damage is also reported.
  3. In NSAIDs, the side effects ranges from nausea, headache, heart burn, upset stomach, dizziness, skin rash, tiredness and from high blood pressure to ringing in the ears. Some cases have also reported the heart failure, increased cases of heart attacks, stroke, angina, bleeding and kidney failure. These medicines are always taken with extreme caution as well as for a very shorter time duration.
  4. The next category is of opioid pain killers. These drugs can possibly cause constipation, vomiting, nausea, confusion, falls and drowsiness. They can also cause lacking of balance and physical coordination. It is also important to mention here that this medicine can also cause the slow breathing and dependence which can results in accidents and many other serious issues.

The complete list of side effects is always mentioned in the leaflet that comes with the medicine. It is called as the consumer drug information leaflet. You can also talk to your chemist/ pharmacist before getting any kind of pain killer. Consultation from a health care practitioner is also suggested by Dr. Jordan Sudberg.

What are the precautions for taking the drugs into your diet:

The caution for taking over the counter medicine should be taken seriously just as other medicines. The pain killers are often underestimated and are taken as a self-treatment but this practice can be hazardous. If a medical professional has advised you some medicine for a recommended period of time, you should quit using it after that interval. You should not continue the required dose for longer period of time as a part of self-medication. According to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, the serious trouble is caused by the careless attitudes of people who do not bother to be conscious about their own health.

In the following lines, some general suggestions that are required before taking the oral medicine are mentioned. These suggestions are mentioned by Dr. Jordan Sudberg. Lets take a look at these suggestions:

  • The first thing is the important is to take good care of your health if you are old or elderly.  the ratio of side effects is usually greater in elderly people. Many elderly people who take aspirin for chronic pain for longer time period are more prone to the side effects.
  • You should never take medicine with consultation in pregnancy. Some pain killers have a hazardous side effect of foetus.
  • Before getting a larger quantity of pain killers, always talk to your pharmacist about the given medicine and the medicine you are already taking. Some medicines are not chemically compatible, this issue can also cause side effects in many people.
  • Over the counter medicine should be avoided at all cost without the consultation of the doctor. The unintentional usage of medicine can cause serious health damages. People self-treat themselves for flu and fever most of the time. Many medicines that cure the cold and flu contain paracetamol. The two medicine containing paracetamol can cause the side effects of overdose.
  • You should always visit your doctor and get a complete check-up in case of a sport injury.
  • Never use medicine for curing the mild symptoms you are not sure about.
  • In case of chronic issue, medical condition and serious trouble; always consult your doctors.

Pain management that cannot be relieved easily:

Some pain become consistent and are not relieved easily. People often fearful, sad or worried when you are in a consistent pain that cannot be relieved. Certain suggestions are mentioned for the chronic and the kinds of pain that are persistent as well as not easy to handle.

  • The first focus should be on the improvement of the function. For this purpose, you should adopt the routine that can improve your day-to-day functioning. Completing the exercises that stops the pain from the very roots should not be the target.
  • You should accept the fact that pain flares cannot be stopped abruptly. The pain episodes usually occur very often.
  • You can find the complete knowledge about your pain so that pain episodes may not causes panic and distress.
  • You should always list up the support that can be gained in case of any emergency.
  • You should also take the progressive steps that can ease as well as prevent you from depression.
  • You should never increase the pain medication if you haven’t consulted your health care practitioner.
  • Always remember that increasing the pain killer drug do not affectively treat your issue.
  • Over dose of pain killers may harm your immunity system.
  • You should always focus on the activities that aids your physical fitness. Doing mild exercises, acrobatics and selected forms of cardio can keep you physically fit and active.
  • Along with healthy activities, you should always rest your body so that the inflammation gets treated and you can get your journey towards the healing process.

The last but not the least thing to discuss is that you should never allow your pain to make you feel back and does not allow you to get back to normal life.

You should accept the hard phase of life with open arms and should never lose your heart. You should always keep your business and routine work in company with you so you would not feel depress and exhausted. In case of anything severe, you should seek the medical advice. You can always consult the psychologist if you feel that the pain and depression is overcoming you.

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