Juicing Diet Review Pros and Cons

The Juicing Diet is based on the idea of blending up a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to create juice. Most people recommend juicing, it helps clean toxins from your body and provides you with a lot of nutritional value.

Pros: When you have a large blender the possibilities are endless. You can literally throw any type of food into the blender and create a drink out of it. Most people mix fruits and vegetables together a long with pieces of garlic for extra nutrition. Though Garlic might make your juice taste strange, it is great for your body. Stock up on delicious vegetables and fruits and make it a habit of making an all-natural juice several times a day. Many body builders and athletes recommend juicing.

Cons: You will need to work the blender on a regular basis which can be a nuisance, especially during the night, when other people in your home are trying to sleep. You will also need to stock up on fruits and vegetables. Consider buying a mini-fridge just for your juicing supplies because you will need a lot of fridge space.

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