Feeding Tube Diet Review Pros and Cons

This diet is quite extreme. It revolves around the idea of dripping a mixture of nutrition into your nose via a tube. The idea is to force you to stop eating as much as you want and lose weight. The diet will help you lose weight but it is quite extreme. The diet was popularized by brides who want to lose weight for their weddings.

Pros: Forces you to stop eating. The tube drips 800 calories of protein, fat, and water, down your nose through a feeding tube. You will lose weight fast but it won’t be good for you.

Cons: Medical experts do not recommend diets that enable you to lose weight quickly. The reason for this is because quick weight loss can shock your heart and increase your blood pressure. It also does not allow your metabolism enough time to properly burn fat. Most of the weight you lose is body mass and water – not fat. And when you stop the diet, your body will be starved, and you will likely start devouring everything in sight, which will in turn make you put on more weight than what you started with. Extreme diets are never recommended. Fast weight loss and weight gain can damage your heart.

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