Marissa Miller Diet Review Pros and Cons

Marissa Miller is yet another Victoria’s Secret model who has an incredible body figure. Of course, she did not get that look from throwing up in bathrooms before photo shoots and starving herself. Marissa is very active in the fitness scene and she has designed a diet that helps people achieve the type of body she has. The Marissa Miller diet revolves around eating all natural food products and working out – specifically, boxing. It is designed for free spirited people.

Pros: fun and interesting work out routines such as boxing. Marissa claims that the core of her fitness is her boxing classes. Learning how to box is not only great exercise but it is also a great form of self-defense. She also does spinning and paddle boarding. Working out does not always mean hitting a gym, there are plenty of activities that you can participate in that are fun and exhausting.

Cons: Marissa Miller likes to get out in nature or box for her exercise routines. If you live in a city it might be inconvenient for you to travel to beaches to paddle board. It might be easier for you to just hit your local gym. The Marissa Miller diet and exercise routine requires a lot of free time

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