How to Do Your Best as a Successful Restaurant Hostess

How to Do Your Best as a Successful Restaurant Hostess

In the hospitality business, the hostess is one key component that separates an establishment from just another restaurant in a strip mall. The hostess is responsible for serving customers and answering questions; this person’s professional skill set can make or break your restaurant. Some of the qualities of a successful restaurant hostess include:

Wearing Professionally Tailored Clothes

One of the top qualities of a successful restaurant hostess is her appearance. No matter how friendly the hostess is, she’ll be judged by the first impression she gives when customers walk in. When looking for a restaurant hosting job, make sure to wear clean clothes that look professionally tailored.

You don’t have to wear designer clothing, but you should at least wear well-fitting and pressed clothes. Don’t go overboard with makeup or jewelry, as it distracts your professionalism. While your clothing may not be the most important of the qualities needed to become an outstanding restaurant hostess, it is the first attribute that customers will notice about you.

Show Team Spirit

A great restaurant hostess must possess a positive and friendly attitude. You’ll have to work as a team with servers, customers, and the kitchen staff. If you’re not willing to work with others, your job as a hostess might be frustrating. Work on your communication skills and understand that you’ll be a part of a team at work, so you must work towards the same goals as everyone else.

Be Punctual

The job of a restaurant hostess is to help customers have a pleasant dining experience, so you have to be on time for their arrival. The last thing customers want is the hostess to waste time waiting for someone running late. Your punctuality also reduces stress for other staff members since they can start their shift without worrying about where you are or when you’ll arrive.

Be Charming

Having some semblance of a personality at work is essential when you’re a hostess. Your language and tone of voice should be friendly and warm, so people won’t feel stressed when speaking to you. You’ll communicate with the customers, so take the time to practice your conversation skills with others.

Work on Time Management

The restaurant business is fast-paced and often physically demanding for employees. A great restaurant hostess knows how to manage her time and work efficiently. Learn how to prioritize the tasks and avoid distractions when preparing for a shift, or you could struggle to stay on schedule.

Be Detail-Oriented

When customers are spending their hard-earned money, they expect nothing but the best service from the staff members. A great hostess knows she’s responsible for ensuring each customer’s positive experience at your restaurant. As a result, she’ll be meticulously attentive and personable to each guest. Your goal as a hostess should be to offer excellent service, which will keep customers coming back for more.

Think About Body Language

Being friendly but not overly aggressive or overly familiar with customers is also essential. When you’re presenting a cheerful attitude and maintaining a professional demeanor, your customers will feel comfortable and relaxed, which will keep them coming back for more. Your body language should reflect these qualities. Your hands and signals should always be open and inviting. The best way to do this is by keeping your hands at your sides or resting them on the table when standing at the counter or behind the bar.

A successful restaurant depends on the hostess’s skill set to accomplish her goals. If you’re looking for a job as a restaurant hostess, keep these qualities in mind.

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