Airport terminals are often known for providing first-class luxury supplies to flyers, but now thanks to the opening of Petrossian’s Champagne and caviar bar at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX, the world of airport service just got a whole lot classier.

The Petrossian Bar

The Petrossian Champagne and Caviar bar at LAX offers a range of luxuries, including more than 20 vodkas that are served in flutes and not shot glasses, including the $33 a glass ‘Beluga Gold Line’. LAX are also providing many of the finest champagnes, such as a 2002 Louis Roederer “Cristal” rose, which sells for $1,120. The lavish new menu also contains a ‘Tsar Imperial’ caviar range that consists of a caviar selection that comes complete with equally luxurious names: the Tsar Imperial Kaluga, Tsar Imperial Ossetra and Tsar Imperial Siberian. If a customer doesn’t want to indulge in an entire caviar meal, they also have the option of ordering smaller caviar delights, such as blini with caviar and trout, or a portion of deviled eggs or pike and salmon roe.

Other meals that are part of this new Petrossian selection include freshly hand-sliced smoked salmon, and smoked trout platter with caviar flatbread. The prices for smaller meals vary between $19 for the slighter blini with roe meals, to $725 for the larger Tsar Imperial dishes.

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Mid-Flight Caviar Meals

For those flyers travelling internationally over the Christmas holidays, there are also mid-flight caviar snacks available. Among the offerings is a ‘Caviar in the Air’ meal priced at $1,581.50 and guaranteed to make any flight a more refined experience. An ‘in the air’ serving is the most expensive meal available, containing 125 grams of first-class Tsar Imperial Kaluga caviar combined with crème fraiche, smoked salmon and toast points which is then served inside of an insulated bag to maintain the fresh taste and aroma. It’s safe to say this is a little different from the usual in-flight meals airlines serve.

The Caviar Cube Martini

The most glamorous meal of all though is the Caviar Cube Martini, which is, as the name suggests, a cube of compressed caviar that the Petrossian Company has created and have been making a major part of their servings for the past couple of years, having been included as a topping on various canapés and oyster dishes. Mixologist Ricardo Murcia is the man responsible for this recipe which is creating whole new culinary possibilities for caviar.

His Caviar Cube Martini, now a familiar part of the Petrossian menu, is a $39 mixture of Beluga Gold Line caviar and Russian Vodka that finds its recipe originating from a revered Siberian recipe. No wonder Murcia refers to his vodka and beluga caviar recipe as the ‘Mercedes of the kitchen’!

Will the Petrossian servings at LAX airport begin a new trend in caviar production? Would you want to eat a caviar dish during a flight? Comment and let us know.

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