Foods That Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is something that can happen to absolutely everyone. You can even have a perfect oral hygiene and have some cavities. Many are actually shocked when they visit the dentist and figure out that they have dental caries. They will say that they take care of teeth properly and that cavities should not actually appear.

What you have to understand is that taking care of teeth is much more than how you clean them. You can have the perfect physical dental care and still end up with tooth decay. In many situations this happens because of diet problems. Tooth structure is hard but you can easily end up with cavities because of the structure being affected by what you eat. This is that one thing that many do not know much about.

What should you remember about the diet? Fortunately, not many things have to be said. You want to simply remember the following.


You mainly need vitamins A, C and D for your teeth. A will be necessary for bone and tooth formation. Vitamin C is necessary as it prevents dental infection and bleeding. We should also mention that fiber is a huge part of the mix in this case since it helps improve saliva production. You will want to consume more fruits and vegetables. Great examples include raspberry, beans, celery, garlic, apple, watercress, carrot, cranberry and papaya. Try to avoid high intake of citrus fruits. Although high vitamin C content appears, a high acidic content also appears. That is quite bad for enamel.

If we are to recommend a super food for vitamin intake if you want to take care of teeth, berries have to be highlighted. They have both vitamin A and C while also having high flavonoids content. In case you were not aware of this, flavonoids have strong antibacterial properties. Cavity formation is prevented.


If you take a look at most of the articles that talk about protecting teeth, you instantly notice that calcium is regarded to as being vital. This is because it is a mineral that does a great job at maintaining the strength of bones and teeth. Vitamin D helps with this since it will promote the absorption of calcium. Whenever you talk about calcium, you also want to add magnesium. It is vital in bone and teeth formation.

Calcium is present at around 70% inside bones. Due to this, you need to be sure that you eat more almond, oat and soybean. Alternatively, consider cod liver oil, fatty fish, milk and even butter, as long as intake is not too high. All of these include magnesium, vitamin D and calcium.

Extra Tip: Drink Tea!

As an extra tip that we should highlight, you will want to increase tea consumption. This is because tea is pretty good at preventing the decay of your teeth. At the same time, tea includes a good quantity of fluoride. That will help increase teeth strength. The only problem is that sweetened tea is not great because of the addition of sugar. You should seriously consider drinking unsweetened tea. Sugar is capable of causing caries so you do want to avoid this unwanted presence.

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