Enjoying the BBQ Season, Whatever the Weather

When summer creeps closer, there’s one thing that gets everybody excited, and that’s BBQ’s. Whether you love barbeques because of the excuse to indulge in a whole spread of incredibly tasty foods, or simply because it’s the perfect time for a good get-together, barbeques are just great. The only downside to a barbeque however, is the need to plan, prepare and pray. Planning is essential, especially if you’re wanting a larger turnout. You need to inform your guests, decide on food and drinks and then purchase everything you need. Then there’s the preparation, getting the food ready, making the garden suitable and wearing the right clothing to keep warm but not too warm! Then you need to pray, pray and hope that the weather will hold off and the sun will shine for you, just for one evening. The weather can however be very unpredictable, with a beautiful sunny afternoon suddenly switching to an aggressive thunderstorm out of nowhere! For this reason alone, here are some tips on how you can enjoy your barbeque, whatever the weather, whether you’re indoors or out!

Once you know who you want to invite, whether you’re wanting some family time, or a friendly get-together, you can then get started on deciding exactly what you want to feed your guests with. Barbeques are amazing for the simple fact that you can choose almost any cuisine, yet tie it in perfectly with the barbequed foods of your choice. A range of hot and cold food is always good when hosting something like this, as you’re giving your guests the choice and hopefully meeting everybody’s needs. There are however some specific foods that always go down very well at a barbeque, and are often expected when attending one. Burgers, Sausages and Steaks are always a good choice. Any type of meet that can be cooked to perfection on a barbeque will go down really well, accompanied with a soft bread bun or rice. You then need to consider smaller bowls of food, such as Potato Salads, Coleslaw, Mixed Leaf Salads, Jacket Potatoes and other bits of food that people can have on the side of their plate to nibble on. Cheese and Crackers, Breadsticks, Olives and Sun-Dried Tomatoes are also very good choices. Keep in mind that if your able to enjoy the glorious sunshine and have your barbeque outdoors, you may not want too many hot dishes, as the weather will already be warm and the food may become too much. There’s nothing more refreshing than a fresh salad or yoghurt based dish on a warm summers afternoon!

If the weather doesn’t go as planned and you find yourself faced with a heavy downpour just hours before your guests arrive, don’t panic. For many, the main attractions of a barbeque are the beautifully barbequed food, the hours of catching up and the general social atmosphere. The sunshine is often just a bonus! So, to ensure your indoor barbeque is just as good as you planned, make sure your foods are cooked the same. For example, remember to still grill your meats, and cook things the same way you would if you were outdoors. How you present the table is also key, as for a barbeque outdoors you tend to have your dishes spread out like a buffet for guests to pick their food as they choose. Keeping this relaxed feel to the indoor barbeque will ensure you keep things the same. Having your food spread out across a table gives people the chance to choose food as they please, and go back for more if needed. It’s also much easier to socialise when you can float around the room with your plate, instead of having to sit in a seating plan at the table! If you decide to make additional plates of food or even desserts, you can simply keep them fresh with Clingfilm and keep them neatly placed on your kitchen units, until you’re ready to bring them to the table.

How you present your outdoor or indoor areas is really important to creating that perfect barbeque atmosphere. Summer is a time for colour and fun, so purchasing some bunting or colourful napkins will help to brighten up the table and add to the summery feel. It doesn’t matter if your indoors or out, you can still incorporate your summery additions to your area and create a fun, welcoming atmosphere. Candles are another great feature to add to your barbeque, as they create a beautiful atmosphere and add a relaxing, calming touch. Music also very important when creating the perfect atmosphere. If you have your barbeque outdoors, a portable speaker is a great way to keep the music flowing whilst everyone enjoys the food and great company. Similarly, if you’re indoors, you can have your music playing softly in the background, as background music is always good for filling any silent moments and simply keeping the positive feeling strong.


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