Five Tips For Keeping Healthy Over The Winter

The cold winter months are traditionally known as cold and flu season. Despite this preconception, it is possible to keep healthy and get through the winter in good health. Taking the proper precautions and adhering to the following tips will help boost the immune system and ensure good health over the winter.


Increase Vegetable Intake

Increasing the amount of vegetable consumed daily plays a large role in boosting one’s health. Vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked, and should be eaten multiple times every day. Green, leafy vegetables contain the greatest amount of nutrients, so they should grace winter plates at least once a day.


Sleep at Least 8 Hours a Day

Most Americans are not getting the recommended amount of sleep needed. Lack of sleep leads to a weakened immune system and greater susceptibility to picking up a cold or flu virus. Making it a point to get enough sleep will do wonders as far as remaining healthy throughout the winter.


Take Natural Immune Boosters

One of the most potent, natural immune booster on the market is elderberry syrup. The concentrated syrup has been proven to be an anti-viral and it is incredibly effective at keeping the immune system strong and shortening the duration of any illness.


Keep Your Home Germ Free

Maintaining a germ free home is a great way to maintain your family’s health during the winter. The best way to keep germs out is to have family members and guests remove their shoes before entering the home. Everyone should also wash their hands as soon as they get home to eliminate any germs that they may have picked up at work, school or the store.


Stay Active

Physical activity is one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy during the winter months. Exercising outdoors has the added benefits of getting fresh air into the lungs and an emotional boost thanks to the sunshine exposure. Some of the best outdoor activities for winter exercise are skiing and snow boarding. Having the best quality Rossignol gear for your snow based sports will let you perform your best thanks to having the proper equipment.


Following these five tips will ensure that you and your family will remain healthy over the winter. Practicing these tips will over time become habit and you will enjoy good health throughout the year.

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