Exploring How Instagram Can Be Beneficial For Your Hospital

We understand that social media platforms like Instagram have become ubiquitous. It is a well-known fact that consumers are expecting to communicate with top businesses or brands directly. As per Forbes.com, consumers are consistently utilizing hashtags for actively participating during TV shows or live sporting events from the privacy of their own homes. Many of you seem to wonder whether Instagram could prove to be a versatile platform for hospitals and healthcare professionals. We know that hospitals, doctors, and healthcare providers are in the habit of using social media for attracting new patients and educating users on health-associated issues even while ensuring complete compliance with strict regulatory requirements.

We know that Instagram boasts of more than 1 billion active monthly users across the globe. Instagram is too gigantic to ignore. Instagram could prove to be an amazing asset to a clinic or hospital hoping to boost its overall marketing reach. However, with 500 million daily active users across the globe, Instagram is too crucial and gigantic to ignore. Instagram is truly a valuable asset for your clinic or hospital if you aim to boost its overall marketing reach. There is enough evidence that customers are more responsive to visual content hence, there is no point in undermining the importance of Instagram. Here are some tips for your hospital to leverage this powerful platform for engaging more and more new patients and retaining the previous and existing ones.

Showcase Your Business to Attract the Best Talent

It is natural to assume that any activity on Instagram would be focused on attracting and converting new patients to drive revenues, however, many healthcare organizations have discovered that a vibrant Instagram account with relevant and current posts can help to showcase themselves to potential employees. Recruiting the best talent is always a big challenge for employers. They take much effort in checking out the credentials of applicants, including their activities on social media, however, it is well-known that talented people also check out the social media accounts of potential employers to reassure themselves that they are making the right career move.

Instagram is the ideal social media platform for showcasing the best in your business organization, your work culture, employee satisfaction, as well as, peeks into what goes on in the organization daily. Of course, you must be careful about maintaining patient confidentiality to avoid violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Being completely visual, your posts on Instagram can surely attract employees who are strongly motivated by the concept of social outreach and how they can play a role in doing good for society. A vibrant social media presence on Instagram will also go a long way in impressing potential patients with the display of your care and commitment to the organizational values. You may buy 50 likes Instagram by seeking professional assistance from a reputed digital marketing company.

Your hospital must be having the best team of doctors and health professionals. You must be having state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment. You should use a powerful social media platform like Instagram to flaunt them to your potential patients and a much broader audience. You may focus on creating posts that feature talented doctors, new services, and team events. Remember your Instagram posts that sound more intimate and personal would attract greater attention from your target audience. If you are attempting to boost your service lines, you may provide interesting footage of procedures. Most patients are brave and curious enough to appreciate watching a specific procedure before consulting with your medical team for getting the same procedure done. However, you should focus on adhering to Instagram regulations and guidelines relating to graphic content.

Focus on Patient Storytelling

Since Instagram is predominantly a visual and an emotional channel, it is the prime platform for patient storytelling. You can draw inspiration from the immensely popular Instagram account called Humans of New York. This Instagram account is known to feature portraits of various people on New York City’s streets. Their portraits came with their quotations on the caption for each picture.

We know that your hospital must be filled with people from different backgrounds and fascinating stories just like New York City’s people. You may consider featuring some of these individuals on your Instagram account. It is a good idea to post snippets of their post- illness healthcare journey. Patient stories could prove to be hugely motivating and may inspire faith or hope in several potential patients. Such posts would go a long way in humanizing your hospital and demonstrating the fact that the hospital cares about the physical and emotional needs of patients.


Run awareness & fundraising campaigns. Instagram’s hashtag system seems to be visually more attractive and far more organized, as compared to, other popular social media platforms. Your hospital account on Instagram should make the most of this feature in generating awareness for upcoming events and issues. Moreover, you could become a reliable health resource or authority in the healthcare industry. An ever-increasing number of people are looking for important information relating to health on Instagram. It could be your opportunity to effectively reach your patients by ensuring that vital health information is available to them readily.

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