Australian Cuisine with Asian Influence: A Unique Combination

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We are a very young nation that blended with the native people a couple of centuries ago and for many years, the cuisine was distinctly influenced by Europe, then along came the Chinese workers during the gold rush. This sudden injection of Asian cuisine formed the basis of the food we love today and as Australia became a melting pot of people, other flavours were added and our unique style of food evolved and is still evolving.

Thai Influence

There are many Thai people who have settled in Australia and aside from their enchanting culture, the Thais brought their cooking talents with them and introduced us to lemon grass and strong and spicy tastes. We all love to visit the exotic Thai restaurants, where you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine prepared by Thais and most Australians will eat Thai every month. The coconut cream curries are to die for; Masaman, Penang and Tom Yam, while the Isaan favourite fried chicken and sticky rice makes a nice surprise. Many people cook Thai at home and you can get all the ingredients online, along with authentic Thai recipes.

Unique Restaurants

There are some pioneering eateries in Australia that like to experiment with Asian fusion and whether looking for a great place for lunch in Launceston Tasmania or a Sydney Harbour waterside restaurant, you will encounter some amazing menus and dishes, especially when the management are Asian. Every Asian country has roots in the Australian international community and Vietnamese cuisine is extremely popular in the major cities. The entire west coast of Australia hosts some amazing eateries and when you are visiting Tasmania, their unique cuisine is a must-try.

Restaurant Apps

Many top restaurants have their own mobile app, which allows you to make a reservation and showcases their menu. A Google search will bring up eateries within a certain radius and you can explore their websites and select a suitable venue for lunch or dinner. Click here for supplement diet tips from the experts.

Online Solutions

If you are on the hunt for a special restaurant, Google is your best friend, plus your social media pages can reflect current reviews; simply post ‘looking for unique Asian-fused cuisine, recommendations please’ and check out the comments. When people recommend a restaurant, it goes a long way and you find out about the service in general, as well as the food, while looking for something new like a Mexican-Peruvian mix or maybe Indonesian or the Philippines.

Cooking at Home

The Internet has you sorted for recipes and ingredients that are delivered to your door, and with a lot of time at home during the lockdown, why not experiment with Asian fused food? The family will be more than impressed if you prepared a Thai dinner at the weekend, there are even online cooking classes, with a virtual connection to a professional chef.

You could plan a small diner party and introduce friends to some Indonesian and Malaysian dishes and someone else can host for next month and so on, with everyone participating.

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