Are bread and other carbohydrates fattening? No. The problem isn’t the carbohydrates themselves, but the now-widespread super-sized portions that are often to blame when weight seems out-of-control. And it’s not just “junk foods” at fault here – even “healthy” foods in excessive portions spell trouble.

Experts are hotly debating whether bagels for example, should be considered healthful or horrible. As low-fat complex carbohydrate, they clearly offer good nutrition. When it comes to weight and blood sugar concerns, it’s the portion that we should consider.

These portion size issues relate to many carbohydrate foods – potatoes, crackers, tortillas and so on. It’s not that the foods themselves are fattening or bad for blood sugar. We’ve just gotten so used to “super-sizing” everything that we’re super-sizing ourselves without realizing it. Moderation is the key.

Source:Gourmet Connection

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