6 key additions to make to your kitchen this spring

6 key additions to make to your kitchen this spring

The kitchen is a spot in the house where most people spend a significant amount of time each day. Over time, the space can become outdated and can lack the functionality it once had, making it necessary to make a few additions. If you want to transform your kitchen and make it more appealing this spring, there are a few key additions to consider.

1. Multifunctional Island

One of the most useful features you can add to your kitchen is a multifunctional island, which serves more than one purpose. The island will work as a spot where you can prep foo and can also offer more storage space for pots, pans, and kitchen tools you use throughout the week to ensure the items are easy to access.

2. Pot Filler

More people who are remodeling their kitchen or are in the process of building a new home add a pot filler, which is convenient and easy to use. The feature is mounted over a stovetop and works well for getting hot water when you make coffee, tea, or plan to cook food in boiling water. It allows you to have access to water where you need it instead of traveling back and forth to the kitchen sink to avoid spills.

3. Upgrade the Kitchen Sink

The sink is likely where you spend the most time in the kitchen as you wash produce, making it necessary to have something that is aesthetically pleasing and large enough to store a lot of dishes that can be hidden. There are a variety of different kitchen sinks available on allorausa.com, and they come with a variety of accessories that include strainers with baskets, roll-up drying mats, and cutting boards.

4. Statement Light Fixtures

The light fixtures that are installed in the kitchen determine the style of the space and can work as a statement piece that creates a space that looks professionally designed. They’re a decor focal point that can add more visual appeal to the interior setting and can dress up the kitchen. Consider adding the light fixtures over the kitchen island or sink to make the kitchen look attractive and trendy. Metallic light fixtures and small chandeliers are affordable, easy to install, and are easy to switch out when your style changes in the future.

5. Colorful Cabinets

Although stark white kitchens were once popular, more people are adding more color to the kitchen to create a warm and cozy setting. Consider choosing cabinets that are blue, green, or gray, which can set the color scheme in the room and work as a decor piece. Installing lights underneath the cabinets can also add extra illumination to the countertops and can create a cozier setting that feels warm and inviting. Consider adding brass or black hardware to the cabinets to make them look modern and upscale.

6. Built-in Refrigerator

A built-in refrigerator can allow the appliance to blend in well with the other cabinets in the room and can create a more cohesive look. The refrigerator will line up perfectly with lower cabinets and fully open with the articulating hinges that are included. The customized panels will make the fridge more attractive and can create a luxurious and upscale look in the kitchen.

By knowing a few of the different options that are available when it comes to enhancing the quality of your kitchen this spring, it can allow you to feel proud to show off the space. The increase in functionality will also make the kitchen easier to navigate and use for everyone in the home.

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