Destin Florida is a very unique place that offers a wide variety of seafood, beautiful beaches, warm and friendly staff, an excellent atmosphere and first class shopping. Some of the best restaurants found in Destin include
Top Restaurents


  • This is among one of the best places to dine with the family during a vacation to Destin. This restaurant is located directly on the waters of the Gulf coast. The beach walk cafe has beautiful beaches that are very ideal for weddings and small family functions.
  • The food here is exquisite and professionally prepared. The cafe also offers indoor dining on the glimmering waters and the sugar white sands.
  • Other dining opportunities are the Sky View Deck dining and the Toes in the sand.
  • There are lot of different foods for different cultures, occasions and religions.
  • Some unique dishes found here include crab meat spring rolls, oven roasted pork, black bean sauce, roasted lamb and other major local and international dishes.


  • This restaurant shares quarters with a cozy wine bar which is known to many for the practice of blending out different wines to achieve a particular flavour. For every dish that a visitor takes, an appropriate wine is suggested for ease of digestion.
  • The menu is great with a wide variety of dishes to choose from. They also provide live entertainment from renowned musicians across the world.
  • This restaurant has large rooms that are used as conference rooms. They are also secure rooms that are fitted with up-to-date technology used to hold private meetings.
  • They have an offer they call the happy hour where visitors enjoy a large burger and other superb cuisine and other great services. The happy hour runs from 5pm-9pm Monday to Saturday.


  • This restaurant has scooped various awards for its excellent cuisine with impeccable services and the stunning view of the harbour. The menu here changes daily and consists of traditional foods from all around the world. Major traditional foods that can be found here include the Japanese barbequed salmon, rosemary rubbed lamb chops, grilled fillet medallions, craw fish barbeque, Dijon, gourmet pizzas and pastas.
  • Guests are welcomed with jazz music and a cocktail lounge. There is a wine list and a selection of cigars that heighten the pleasure and experience of visitors. From 5pm-6pm, the bar gives special offers and the main course dishes are 2-for-1.
  • The ambiance and decor are always relaxing and very romantic. The services are high class as the staff are very attentive to every visitors need. The restaurant also offers breath-taking views of Destin harbours. The restaurant is large enough to hold medium sized celebrations and anniversary parties.


  • Contrary to its name, the McGuire’s Irish pub offers breakfast, lunch, dinner reservations, takeaways, home deliveries and late night desserts. It is also an ideal place for a family with kids as there is an ample space for them to play.
  • They offer American, Irish and European cuisines. The menu offers a variety of dishes ranging from fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, burgers, stakes, pastas and sea foods.
  • One outstanding thing about the place is the 1.3 million dollar notes signed by patrons who have been satisfied and pleased by the services offered. Many visitors come back to this restaurant to see the green dollar bills that add a very cool and relaxing atmosphere.
  • The restaurant is made of dark wood and brass. Irish folk music is played here and beer is made within the premises.


  • This is another great restaurant that has good services and a large variety of dishes to choose from. This fine dining restaurant features roasted and grilled seafood, wood oven pizza, meat and poultry. The menu changes daily depending on the occasion, availability of ingredients and religious preferences.
  • Fine wines including cocktails, with a variety of best martinis in the area complete the meal.
  • The ambiance is classic, casual, open yet very sophisticated. There have a vaulted ceiling and upside down facing umbrellas, hand painted chairs and every place has adequate lighting.
  • They also have private dinning for around 25-80.

The easy jet phone number is provided as a helpline for those visitors that are planning to visit Destin for ease of navigation and finding best restaurants.

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