Why Are Your Teeth Yellow?

When referring to yellow teeth we do not talk about an urgent dental condition but having yellow teeth will easily have negative effects on you. The good news is that in many cases improving tooth color is not that complicated. However, it is really important to understand what causes yellow teeth in order to whiten them. Here is why teeth are yellow, highlighting the most common causes.


This is the reason nobody wants to hear about but tooth color is running in the family. When a parent has yellow teeth, children can end up with a similar hue. Teeth that are normally white can easily be reddish gray, gray, reddish yellow and reddish brown.


If tooth enamel is thin, underneath dentin will start to show. Dentin has a deep yellow towards brownish color. In many cases teeth appear to be yellow because of having thin enamel. When this is the case, the solution is looking online to see how to increase enamel thickness. Various articles on health blogs like Health Annotation can offer such information.

Tooth Wear

As you are aging teeth will become yellow because enamel is wearing away due to chewing and being exposed to acids coming from drinks and food. This is the most common cause of having yellow teeth. However, if the person is younger, tooth wear is usually not the case. A trip to the dentist is necessary.


The nicotine that comes from smoking will do a lot more than getting you addicted. It will leave surface stains on teeth of a brownish or yellowish color. This is just one of the many reasons why smoking should not be a habit for you.

Foods And Drinks

There are various different foods that are going to stain your teeth. The common examples include curry spices, berries and pasta sauce tomatoes. They include pigments that are going to cling to your tooth’s enamel, this staining surface. Even if you just eat a salad and add some balsamic vinegar you can end up with teeth of unsightly color.

When referring to drinks, the two common culprits causing yellow teeth are tea and coffee. You should also know that the same thing happens when you consume white or red wine. Sodas that are dark and sports drinks that include artificial flavoring have to be absolutely avoided.


Fluoride is really good for your teeth but if it is present in excess spots of a brownish yellow or yellow color will appear. This practically means that you want to be careful when using fluoridated water, prescribed fluoride tablets and fluoride toothpaste. The dentist should be contacted in order to discuss the appropriate dosage in order to avoid the appearance of yellow teeth caused by fluorosis.

Avoid Having Yellow Teeth

At the end of the day, what is very important is to go to the dentist for regular checkups. The conversation you have with him will help you to easily see what can be done and prevent the appearance of yellow teeth. Prevention is always more important than treatment in this case.

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