Ingredients For The Perfect Ladies Luncheon

How many times a year do we ladies wish for a day out with the girls? From the time we reach adulthood, life is inundated with responsibility. Some of us become wives. Some brave the open waters of motherhood.

Others pursue the life long dream of fulfilling a need in the world by navigating our chosen career paths and there are those of us that find the strength and time to accomplish all of the above, at the same time.

The dreams of tea parties and fancy outings we had as little girls are seldom a thought any more, much less a tangible choice. Below is a blueprint for making that dream, at least in some part, a reality in the form of a luncheon. Afterall, a lady can lose herself living in a man’s world.  

The Perfect Setting

As little girls, the majority of us grew up with visions of Prince Charming stealing us away into the night to attend a magical ball that would change our life forever. Afterwards, we would talk while taking enchanting walks through beautiful, ornate gardens under a clear, starry sky and a brightly lit full moon. Why not take the chance to reproduce this setting?

Maybe you or one of your friends is a landscaping wiz. Use their talent to create a small paradise to have your luncheon in, whatever that might consist of for you and your girlfriends. There are also several spots nature has already carved out that will supply you with the mythical setting perfect for forgetting the burdensome cares of this world, as well, even if only for a little while.

The Perfect Food

In the time that the famed girlhood story of Cinderella existed, on her best day with her beloved prince, she may have had lentil soup, bread, and tea or fine wine. When catering your perfect ladies luncheon, the same care should be taken to provide a menu that will make your guests feel like the princesses they are.

Aesthetically, it would be a great idea to decorate your tables with brightly colored, edible fruits and vegetables. Not only will they add a brightness that will communicate the warmth of a fairytale getaway, they are healthy. Next, make sure that the main course announces to your guests how much they are valued by providing choices that are healthy as well as filling, but contain all the daintiness of a lady in waiting.

Lastly, put your best foot, or the shoeless one, forward in the presentation of a desert that is as sweet as the hearts of the ladies involved. The perfect catering service will not only listen, but go out of their way to make the menu perfectly fit the occasion.

The Perfect Attire

Now, in order to live out our childhood dreams of living happily ever after with Prince Charming, we would have to don some gorgeous apparel. Unfortunately, a dress fit for a princess in Cinderella’s day was also quite uncomfortable. Corsets are still around, but not the go to pick when dressing to impress.

To add to the dilemma, most of don’t come equipped with a fairy godmother and it takes about two hours to get that dolled up. Besides, it’s 2017 and we value being able to breathe when we dress up. So, depending on the season, wearing something as simple as a sundress and a beautiful, matching floppy sun hat with a comfortable pair of sandals is all you need to transport you and your girls back to the days of fairy tales and jump ropes.  

You and your girlfriends deserve a chance to reminisce about the dreams of childhood. Here’s wishing you a fairy tale ending to your next ladies luncheon.

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