How To Eat Healthy When Living In Dorms With No Kitchen

The life of a college student is hit with numerous roadblocks whenever thinking about healthy eating. Unfortunately, it is difficult to deal with everything that happens and the really long schedules. One of the common roadblocks is experienced by those college students that live in dorms since most of them do not have a kitchen that can be used and the money necessary for eating out is a lot.

Students that live in dorms that have no kitchen normally do one of the following things:

  • Buy meal plans
  • Eat out for every single meal
  • Only eat fast food or similar

Every single one of these options is bad as creating a great nutrition plan in such circumstances is close to impossible. You cannot think about advanced nutrition factors like moon phase role in weight loss when you want to follow a great diet and cannot cook most of the meals. Fortunately, there are different highly affordable things that you can consider, including the following ideas.

Cooking Someplace Else On Campus

The fact that there is no kitchen present in the dorm room does not mean that you do not have access to a kitchen. Ask around and see where you can cook on campus. Work out the schedule and take advantage of the kitchen by doing activities around that.

Residence Halls With Community Kitchens

A kitchen is normally present for every single hall or for a building with the purpose of sharing. In many cases these are going to be ill-stocked and will be a little dirty but you can definitely utilize them. Just check out all the options that are available so you choose the best possible kitchen.

A Sink And A Stove Is More Than Enough

You do not need a huge kitchen in order to do all the cooking you need. Buy utensils and pans to then store in the dorm room. Take these to the kitchen whenever you are interested in cooking. Alternatively, you can easily add a portable stove in your room. Just be sure the smell does not bother you and the colleague.

Take Advantage Of A Microwave Oven

It is always possible to buy food that is healthy and that can be made inside the microwave oven. Most people instantly think about mini pizzas and sandwiches when they consider microwave uses but this is definitely not the case. Much better options are including frozen chicken breast, frozen vegetable steamer bags, eggs and frozen fruits. Obviously, getting the nutrition you need from microwave options is not the best possible solution but you can easily make this work for you. Also, having a space-savvy instant pot might also work best for you.


At the end of the day, there are no excuses that are good enough when you want to eat healthy and you live in a dorm room without a kitchen. The options above are those that are very good but do be sure that you keep a close eye on the different possibilities that could arise. You can easily have a healthy nutrition plan as a college student.

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