The Best Seattle Food To Eat At Pike Place Market

Seattle is known for its wide variety of eateries, but you haven’t really explored the city until you’ve visited Pike Place Market — and coincidentally, this is also the location of some of the best foods. It opened over a hundred years ago in 1907 and is known as one of the oldest farmers’ markets in the country. Well over ten million tourists and locals visit each year, making Pike Place Market the 33rd most popular attraction anywhere in the world. Here’s why it’s also one of the busiest!

  1. Check out Radiator Whiskey if you’ve wanted to experience smoked pig’s head. Think it sounds gross? Pig’s head is definitely a meal for the most adventurous of us, but don’t try to enjoy this meal alone: not only is it too much food for one person to consume in a night, but it also comes with all the staples you’ve always dreamed of (or not): roasted pork loin, braised pork tongue, fried pig ear, and hot peppers alongside aioli and mustard. Yum!
  2. If you want the best New England clam chowder, you’ll have to kill your intuition and venture to the west coast instead. Pike Place Chowder is home of a world-renowned bread bowl (if you want it) filled to the brim with clam chowder that is widely considered the best anywhere in the country — especially if you place any faith in the claim that it’s the number one U.S. Yelp dish. Isn’t Seattle amazing?
  3. Not that we recommend “Chinese” food when you’re gallivanting around a new city, but when in the mood you can do no better than Mee Sum Pastry. The establishment was originally a bubble tea shop and, although it still has hundreds to choose from, it’s grown into so much more. There are hundreds of meals and appetizer combinations inspired by Taiwanese cuisine — which hopefully you can tell apart from your Chinese favorites.
  4. Looking for something a little lighter? Check out Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt for Australian-style Greek yogurt. Whether you’re just trying to find a snack or seeking out a rich dessert, this establishment’s yogurt will make your mouth water.
  5. Steamed mussels are a staple of Maximilien and may rightly be the best you’ve ever tasted. Not only is the seafood divine, but so is the richness of the experience: if you’ve never visited the city, this is the type of atmosphere you expect when you do. When you visit, be sure to arrive in the midst of happy hour. Who doesn’t like their mussels soaked in white wine and garlic?

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