Tasty Treats: Tips to Promote Your Desserts Restaurant

Dessert-specific restaurants are a booming craze that is popping up all over the country. Whether it is a chain restaurant or a niche boutique, dessert restaurants offer people a way to succumb to a sweet tooth and indulge in fun desserts. However, as more dessert businesses enter the marketplace, it can be more difficult for companies to set themselves apart from others. Here are some tips to promote your dessert restaurant and keep customers coming back for more.


Dessert Tasting

If you are opening a new location in an area, it doesn’t hurt to invite people to come see what your desserts are all about. By offering a dessert tasting, people can come and try your products to see what they like and what you offer that is the most delicious. Once people know about your product and how great it is, they will be tempted to come back for more whenever they have a sweet craving. A dessert tasting is a great way to generate new business if you are just starting your company and are looking for a loyal customer base.


Themed Desserts

Having themed desserts will set you apart from other generic dessert restaurants and will also allow people to see your ingenuity and creativity. Themed desserts are good for school activities, birthdays, holidays, special occasions and more. When you offer themed desserts, customers will see how creative your desserts are, and they will visit your dessert restaurant when they hear that you are the person who made them.


Promotional Products

Promotional products are a good way of spreading your business name, no matter what industry you are in. These branded premiums can be imprinted with your logo and contact details, serving as constant reminders of your business. For dessert restaurants, you can offer shirts, mugs, stickers from StickerYou and much more to remind people of your company. You can look to Omaha promotional products and items for ideas and gifts that will be perfect to spread the word for your restaurant.


School Events

If you have the time to get out of your restaurant building, head over to the local school and see if you can work with them to set up promotional events. Art festivals, sporting events, bake sales and more are a great place to be seen and gain customer recognition. Also, being involved with schools is a great community effort and will allow you to give back to those around you.


Even with the increased competition of dessert restaurants, there are still plenty of ways to set yourself apart from your competition. It can be hard to gain a following when people are more reluctant to eat out, and according to Omaha World-Herald, mid-westerners in particular don’t eat out as much. Consider the tips on this list to gain customers and entice people to come check out your restaurant for delicious and sweet-tasting desserts.

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