Time is precious when it comes to cooking and the key aspect of an instant boiling water tap is that it is cost-effective and saves time for the budding chef.

The idea of this innovative appliance is that the taps are connected to insulated water tanks which lie below. As the tanks are insulated, it keeps the water warm and doesn’t cost a lot of money to boil. Owners are also able to switch it off easily when they’re not at home (and it can even ‘go to sleep’ when not used), making it very eco-friendly too.


The Zip HydroTap is perhaps the most renowned example of an instant boiling water tap, offering instant solutions to the early-morning tea/coffee cravings as well as acting as a suitable method of cooking. What’s more, it offers chilled, great-quality drinking water, saving you money on bottled water as well.

The Minerva Boiling Water Tap is another example, a model that is fitted with a safety button to prevent any accidental boiling water activation and can be fitted into a new kitchen as well retrospectively, without the owner having to make any drastic changes to their existing kitchen space.


It’s fantastic for those wishing to have their coffee fix in the morning as it saves the time it would take to boil the kettle but it also offers much more than just this. It’s ideal for soups as well along with anything else that would normally require you to turn on the kettle, benefiting those with little time on their hands such as parents and early-morning commuters.

Other cooking uses include boiling water for pasta and spaghetti, now made a lot more efficient and timely as well as using it to sterilise cooking equipment. The same applies for vegetables, giving you more space and time to deal with other foods that may require your attention as you’ll be able to mix the vegetables in right at the end, not having to worry about heating up the water first.


Energy Efficient

With everything done in mere seconds, it obviously saves a lot of time and money and instead of boiling an unnecessary amount of water, you’re only using the exact amount you need as it comes from the tap. Again, the tanks below are insulated, saving money on the cost of warming the water up.

Potential Recipes

Obviously anything with spaghetti, pasta and vegetables is now a lot easier to make and it’s good to focus on these as they’ll provide healthy, nutritious and timely meals. Tuna and Tomato Pasta is a great meal as the pasta is now cooked with the boiling water and you’re able to peel the skins off the tomatoes with ease thanks to the boiling water.

Another good recipe is Couscous Salad with the boiling water being used to instantly cook the couscous, meaning you only need to worry about preparing the other parts of the salad for the meal to practically be done.

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Author Graeme: I recently got inspired after we had a Zip tap installed at work and realised that there is more to them than just quick cups of coffee and tea! In fact there are now some more recipe ideas etc at http://www.nowzipit.co.uk/ which I will be trying very soon!

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