You’re in love with New York City for an endless number of reasons, but one of the highest on the list is its delectable selection of desserts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve spent the night out on the town or you’re just looking for a slice of heaven from the comfort of your home (grab and go), NYC is the place to be if you love tasty treats. Here is a bucket list of our favorites!

  1. Holey Cream’s donut ice cream sandwiches are something you desperately need to try. Not only can you build your own donut, but you can also opt to turn the thing into a tempting ice cream sandwich. This isn’t something you’ll find done the same way anywhere else.
  2. If you’ve never been to the Dominique Ansel Bakery, now’s the time. Their milk and cookie shot is shockingly unique, and it’s a combination everyone already loves. It’s a cookie-shaped shot glass with milk poured inside. Be careful how you eat/drink this dessert experience, otherwise, it might get a little bit messy! Be prepared to wait in a long, long line.
  3. If you can’t decide between cookie or cookie dough, then Schmackary’s is the place for you. You’ll find cookie dough cookies, which are exactly what they sound like: cookies with cookie dough slathered on top.
  4. The milkshakes at Black Tap are probably the best looking dessert you’ve ever seen, and you’ll probably feel the gastrointestinal distress before you take your first bite. The milkshake is topped with every sugary candy you can imagine, from M&Ms to cotton candy to whole cookies.
  5. Take a trip to the Levain Bakery for a wholesome chocolate chip cookie that you’ll dream about for years to come. These gargantuan treats are perfectly gooey on the inside, and crispy on the outside: or as we like to say, perfect.
  6. If you’re in the mood for something a little more on the adventurous side, then check out the banana bread pudding cups at Magnolia Bakery. This establishment is famous for its array of mouth-watering cupcakes, but the pudding is something else that really sets it apart from the common fare you’ll find everywhere else.
  7. It’s hard to find a good macaron in the states, but Laduree knows how to get the recipe just right. Better yet, you can grab a box of cookies for home.
  8. If you can’t choose between a proper taste of French cuisine or aromatic Japanese flavor, then why not combine the two? At Eight Turn Crepe, you can try the traditional French crepe accompanied with exotic Japanese flavors. Then again, you can also just go with the usual topping like chocolate or strawberry.

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