How To Increase Your Appetite Again After Being Sick

When you become ill it can be challenging to have an appetite.  Even just getting the slightest thing down seems to take tons of energy.  Some people lose a significant amount of weight when they are ill since they aren’t eating as much as usual.

When the illness finally subsides it can be hard to return to a normal appetite since our stomachs may be churning and quite sensitive after the upset cause on your stomach during your illness.  You will need food to get back to your former self, however, and provide your body with the fuel that it needs.  Here are some tips for making sure that you get your appetite back to where it needs to be.

Avoid Unpleasant Smells

Your stomach is going to be quite sensitive and your gag reflex will be on extreme sensitivity level.  Make sure that you avoid kicking it into gear by not being around unpleasant smells which could kickstart your urge to vomit.

Try to avoid things like litter boxes, rotten garbage, or even chemical sprays for cleaning or  moth prevention.  If you manage to avoid these things then you will be that much less likely to want to vomit.

Eat Meals Rather Than Snacks

When you snack throughout the day in small amounts you may find yourself eating less overall.  Try to build your appetite up throughout the day by avoiding snacking so that when you sit down to a full meal you have the urge to eat a lot in one sitting.

Try to make sure that they are foods which are easily digested and not too overly greasy or full of intense flavor and spice.  Your stomach will still be quite sensitive so it is best to start with foods which are easy on your system.

Work Up a Sweat

When you engage in exercise and work up a sweat you will be more likely to have a big appetite and will be more likely to be ready to eat a big meal.  If you aren’t necessarily ready to start jogging a 5k, you can do something light like walking or dancing in your living room.

Once you start getting a sweat going then you will find that you are much more ready to eat. Try doing this every day and watch your appetite increase.

Start With Easy Foods

Start with foods that are easy like rice, pasta, and fruit.  Instead of going for foods which are heavy or not your favorite, try going for comfort foods which you enjoy and can easily eat and feel comforted by.

Don’t risk being put off by a meal by making a complicated choice.  Start simple and work your way slowly back into a normal diet.

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